Happy 35th Birthday Cillian Murphy

Yeaaa….we finally reached the last post on Mr. Cillian Murphy for this month 🙂

As I have said earlier this month, I have 3 posts prepared for Cillian as a celebration for his birthday which is in May 25, 1976. Lots of gratitude will be given to some of my most outstanding movie blogger’s friends.

But first, This my photoshop edited picture of Cillian Murphy 🙂

My first post was my selection of his top-5 movies. I made 2 kind of top-5 list, one for the story line of the movie and the other one for his outstanding performance.

Earlier this morning, I have written a letter to him…I know he will never read it but nevertheless I really enjoyed writing it 🙂

Dear Mr. Murphy

First of all, I would like to say Happy 35th Birthday.

I know that this letter of mine most likely never going to be read by you, but I think writing a letter to you on your birthday is the best way to celebrate your birthday. It has been such great journey to have known you for several years.

In my eyes, you are the most gorgeous man on earth and one of the most (few) dedicated actors I have ever known.

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I have asked around, although not as many as most people who usually held a blogathon event because I was too lazy and not sure whether they would participate or not. Not many people know Cillian Murphy and not many people have time to write on his behalf. I am forever grateful to these fantastic people:

Julian who happens to be the youngest movie blogger I know, has a great blog called Dirty With Class. He wrote about his favorite performance by Cillian Murphy.

My favorite performance of his is in Peacock,which is also one of his least known films. And it wasn’t just because he played 2 different characters(Although i do generally respect actors who play more than 1 role in a movie or tv show). There was just something wonderfully nuanced about his performance of both characters, yet they were still clearly defined (Read his full post)

Michael Alatorre (or mostly known as Leopard13) who owns a wonderful blog called It Rains … You Get Wet. I really Enjoy the variety of Michael’s blog, not only movie but also music and book.

He has written hAppy B-day, Cillian!

I think this actor is one of the more interesting and talented of today’s younger performers. Criminy… he was born in 1976!!! Damn, that makes me… 76 minus… feeling way too old. While I’ve not seen all of his work, what I have, I like. Anyway, the following is my list of his roles that have grabbed my attention and kept me coming back for more. (Read his full post)

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this :hug:

Ruth Maramis (or mostly known as Ruth) who owns one of the most popular movie blogger I have ever known, Flixchatter. Ruth’s blog is the first chain I have to a whole bunch of other great movie blogger.  Her blog covers all around movie news and reviews.

1.  I love that his name is unique… there’s no other actor w/ his name in Hollywood. Btw, his first name pronounced “Kill-ian” not “Sil-ian”

35. And last but not least, I made new friends because of him… Novia found my blog through my top 10 Irish actor post and we’ve become friends ever since. Oh, did you know she’s from my hometown Jakarta? :D

(Read her full post)

Scott Lawlor (or mostly known as Custard) who owns a very informative blog called Front Room Cinema. Scott has a very fun way to share his enthusiasm on movie and home theater. I live his special post for British actor/actress.

C has major accident with his blog, something to do with his being in IMDB. His blog’s host rejected him for having too many traffic (silly isn’t it?).  So, he sent me his wonderful post through mail. Here it is:

As part of the celebrations of the brilliant Cillian Murphy, I ask, whats in a name?

But a little light hearted look at some interesting facts from his career using the letters from his name to inspire us. Got it? I hope so, here we go….

C is for Cameo

Cillian is famous for his Cameo roles. In The Dark Knight he came back in for only a couple of minutes as Dr Crane/Scarecrow and more recently he had an uncredited Cameo in Tron Legacy. Does this lead the way to the villain in the next Tron film?

I is for Irish

Yea I know this is a bit obvious. With a name like Cillian Murphy you can’t really be born and bred anywhere else can you? The Irish do have a great tradition in exporting great film actors, and Cillian is definitely up there with them. Which leads us nicely on to the next letter.. (Read hisFull Post)

I really love your writing,  C 🙂 hope to see that in your blog but unfortunate event always occurred unpredictably.

Terrence Faulkner (or mostly known as T) who owns an all around movie news blog  called ScarletSp1der. Because May 25 is also his blogoversary, he couldn’t post this in his blog, Thank you for sending the email T:

Upon receiving request from Nov to contribute to her tribute to Cillian Murphy I immediately knew what to talk about: His role as The Scarecrow in Batman Begins!

As one of the better “non-mainstream” villains of the recent decade in film, Cillian Murphy excelled in his portrayal of Dr. Crane a.k.a. The Scarecrow! While Liam Neeson was great as Ra’s Al Ghul, one of the most memorable performances of Batman Begins will always be Murphy’s.

He truly was sinister and insane, yet likeable and methodical all at the same time. Prior to Batman Begins, Murphy barely even was a bleep on my cinematic radar, but after his stint as the hallucinogenic and fear inducing bad guy of caped crusader lore, I now both recognize and anticipate movies that he involves himself with.

A quick “thank you” must go out to director Christopher Nolan for 1- using him in Batman Begins, 2- RE-using him for the same role in The Dark Knight, and 3- giving him an even greater part in Inception (one of my absolute favorite movies).

Murphy has proven that he dedicates himself to any role he takes and can make it great, no matter how big or small the part. Take a moment to consider his minimal parts in Cold Mountain and Tron: Legacy, and compare it to his involvement in Inception or Batman Begins! Just looking at the dynamic differences in those excellently performed 4 roles alone proves how effective he is on the screen.

Movies I hope to see Murphy in soon: The Dark Knight Rises, Sequel for Tron: Legacy, and practically anything else he may choose to work on!

I look forward to more from Cillian and wish him the Happiest of Birthdays.


Thank you so much for participating, guys…you’re the best 🙂

Although this last link is not related to his birthday, but I totally envy Olive of Movie News First for being in his interview  🙂 … she is from Cork and the interview in on Cork…and to top it all, she once shared the same class in college with Cillian.


  1. I feel like an utter jerk that I havent written anything for this, though I was really touched that you were thinking of me. Anyhow, this is a great collection, and last but not least, Happy Birthday to this fine young man who I’m absolutely hooked on.<3

    1. Don’t feel like that…not everyone has extra time on their hand.

      Thank you and happy birthday to the man we both love 🙂

  2. Looks like a wonderful assortment of reading ahead from some great bloggers, Novroz. Thank you very much for inviting me to contribute something to this extraordinary actor. You’ve done an excellent tribute, my friend.

    1. You are more than welcome, Michael. I am the one who should be thanking you for agreeing to do a tribute to him without any hesitation.

      Thank you and I am glad everyone makes such great post.

  3. Thanks for letting me be a part of the b’day festivities, Nov, sorry my post is a bit late, too exhausted to finish ’em last night but hey, it’s still 3pm in London on his b’day by the time my post went up 😀 Looking forward to reading the rest of these posts later this afternoon!

    1. Thank you for agreeing the second I asked you, Ruth :hug:

      Glad to know you still try to write it eventhough you are exhausted…and your post is awesome.

  4. HI Novia,

    Thanks for featuring my post even though I was having a nightmare with my website.

    I am back now!!! its been a long couple of days.

    Take care my friend!!

    1. I am really happy to see your blog up and running again 🙂 hope nothing like that ever happen again.

      thank you for writing a nice tribute to my gorgeour Irishman, C
      I will edit this post later when I have chance to open my blog.

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