Best Performance of Farewell

I am  doing another Best Live Series for this month’s post on my number one band,  L’Arc~en~Ciel.

This time,I will share my favorite live performance of Farewell.

Unlike last month, when I was sharing Anata best live performance I had difficulty to choose amongst 3. Farewell is a piece of cake…There is only 1 contender.

Farewell is the first song in L”Arc~en~Ciel’s 4th Album, TRUE. This is what I think of the song:

This is a very beautiful song. They use this song as an opening in Shibuya 7 days, at that time they were playing behind a semi transparent curtain…the scene is so unforgettable. This song touches my heart so deeply. Love and nothing but love for this song. I love how Hyde raises his voice in this song and ken’s solo is also beautiful. The piano intro is so well-known (for Larc’s fans). Tetsu’s bass also felt dominant in this song.

My favorite line:

この 風 の よう に 優しかった なら
果てない 切なさ に 凍えた 貴方 を
守って 上げられた の に

And my favorite live performance of this song is in Shibuya 7 Days (2003). Hyde’s voice was not in his best performance (he had been singing for 7 days, it bounds to sound bad)…but the set up was so deep.

I love the way they cover the stage with thin fabric and the played behind it. The blue color makes it more beautiful. The song sipped in tomy heart deeper than in their other live performances.

If you are also Laruku’s fan like me…do share you version of Farewell best performance.

Other Best Live Series: Anata.


    1. aha .. you got it wrong, Dez 😉

      The band is called L’Arc~en~Ciel or Laruku for short. They are Japanese rock band that has stayed as my number one band for the past 10years.

      Farewel is one of their song. the video shows their best performance singing that song.

  1. I love when it fades in the middle to drums and guitar. Having the blue cloth resembles a big ocean jellyfish swiming in a sea of stars (the audience)

    I now own a whole buch of thier music, But it doesnt help me to learn the language because most of thier songs speak too fastfor me. My favorites so far are the really long instumentals in which he sings in a high voice. I love that. (there is one song I really like that has an erie sound, but my cat Pooh gets upset over the song.) So I have to skip it.

    1. Isn’t it lovely, I really feel the deepness of the song because of the stage set.

      Of course you can’t learn from their songs…the lyric is too poetical. I can’t understand it either if only based on listening, I have to see the text to understand it and even so I find it too difficult to grab the meaning.
      Hmmm…I wonder which songs you are talking about, you make me curious.

    1. Well, I have almost all their performances and have watched each performances at least 5 times, being a fan of this band for 10 years never made me bored no matter how often I watch their performance. My only wish is to be able to see them live in my country.

  2. Iya, ini lagu benar-bner keren bgt.. Pas juga di bawain di Shibuya 7 days, apalgi dengan ditutup kain dengan pencahayaan yg bgus….
    Cocok bgt jg pas masuk lagu ke2, trus dibuka tirainya..
    Luar biasa!!!

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