Nice Souvenirs From The Zoo

After a long debate with my 2 turtles on where to put this post, we finally came up with a decision to put it here in my blog.

I have already shared a series of pictures on the big cat (he will appear once more in here) in Kame & Kroten’s blog…it is only fair to put the rest of the animals here, I couldn’t let too many animals roam around my turtles’ blog. Kame and Kroten will be furious if I did such a thing.

I visited the Ragunan Zoo 2 weeks ago. Although it was sad to see animals in cage but zoo is not to be blamed because it is the only way we can see those animals directly. I have several pictures with cute theme to lay upon them. The quality is not always good as I was using ordinary pocket camera.

Here are my favorite pictures:

It’s been a tiring day, I need to lay back a little

This big guy is featured in A Cute Big Cat

Somebody please turn off the sun, it’s too bright

We are waiting for someone to swim in our nice and cozy pond

Do you know what so special about our race? We can do an acrobatic sleep.

I love you but we can never be together

What? You don’t like my face? Go and take a hike!!

Is my pose already same with the background?
(PS: I am not the main attraction of this zoo 😉 )

We are wondering if you like to join our sunbathing moment

Can I have one of those?…pleaseeee!!

Feed Me!!! Feed Me!!!
(I love this moment A LOT! They are  so cute)

Is the water okay?

STOP!!! There are children here, you are not allowed to move forward!

========= The End ==========

I have a great time going there…but there is one thing that hit me the most when visiting the zoo. I was so sad seeing all the turtles looked so dirty and unwell kept. At that time I was thinking “I better write a will saying if I die before my turtles…PLEASE don’t put them in the zoo!!

Both Kame and Kroten will not survive in the zoo…they are so spoilt and behave not like most turtles.

12 thoughts on “Nice Souvenirs From The Zoo

  1. Some great pictures you’ve got. I still like the tiger best. It seems to be a big zoo. Is it outside of the city? Ours is inside, people who live close by smell it and hear the noise of some of the animals.

    1. I agree…that’s why the big cat appear is Kame’s blog instead of this blog.

      The Zoo is really big, one of the biggest recreation place in the city and it is in the middle of the city, tho not near my house. There are a lot of houses around the zoo, some people I know said they could listen to the animals too.

  2. Hmmm… it’s been a long time since i’ve been to the zoo. Last time was, i was just planning on doing my photo project but it canceled due to too much tasks at work, sigh~ I kinda miss some of the big animals and even more to teensy weensy animal but not insects definitely, no-nO! 😆

    1. If I could finally buy a better camera…I would love to come again to shoot those cute animals.
      Hehehe I don’t think insect is also part of the animals shown in the zoo.

  3. I always thought it would be fun to work in a zoo. I havent been to one in a very long time though. That last picture made me laugh with the caption you put. These are all nice pics. But the belly Tiger is the best. And the snakes was the worst.

    1. I thought so too…it would be nice treating those animals and talk to them to ease them a bit, tho people might think I am crazy for talking to them.

      Hear hear, the tiger was my priceless shot.

    1. you’re welcome, Ruth.
      The tiger was a lucky catch…I came to his cage at the right time.

      How is the zoo in US compare to our zoo? I bet they have a cleaner zoo.

      1. Yeah it is cleaner and much more organized, but that’s to be expected. There’s actually a free zoo here in town called the Como Zoo that I like to go to, can’t imagine there be a free zoo in Indo! Great shots, Nov, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing those photos! It’s wonderful to see you having so much fun. That “I love you but we will cannot be together” was both heartbreaking and hilarious.

    Hope you had fun!

    1. your welcome, JoV
      that I love you picture is really funny…those 2 birds stayed like that from the moment I came to them till I left them. It made me wonder what were they talking about.

      I did have a great time 🙂

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