Black Swan – A Truly Captivating Movie

Finally … an amazing movie in April!

My April movies have been a boring one till I have time to see Black Swan. From the beginning of April I have seen 5 movies in DVD (hoping to start watching movies in Cinema again anytime soon), excluding Black Swan, and the only one that interests me was Waterboys which happen to be a movie I have watched for the 3rd time. The other 4 are not interesting. They were not bad movies, they were just NOT MY KIND OF MOVIES.

I want to share a little thought on my previous viewings. I watched The Town, good story but nothing special and I now have already forgotten the details of the movie.  The Interceptor, a Russian movie based on book, the movie has so many holes that needed to be filled. X Game, a suspense movie from Japan, it was said to be Ring Movie Successor…yeah right!! It was pointless and made me bored. Restrepo, a war movie made in documentary style, I fell asleep even before the movie reached half through. I am not too fond of this style of movie, the only movie in documentary style that I truly enjoy was Blairwitch Project. I thought no movie can make me excited this month…I am glad I was wrong!

Black Swan tells the story of Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) who wanted to play her role as both White Swan and Black Swan perfectly. Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), the director, thought that Nina was perfect as the White Swan but she needed to let herself go if she wanted to be the perfect Black Swan. She had to seduce the audience, something she found it hard to do. It made her depressed, and to make matter worse she had a tendency to hurt herself when she was feeling depressed. The burden made her started having vivid hallucination. A new rival, Lily (Mila Kunis), turned her depression into paranoia.

How do I feel about this movie?

It was captivating! It kept me glued for 108 minutes. I didn’t even want to turn my head to my right or left side. I wanted to see the whole movie from the beginning to the end without even missing anything. Now, I can totally understand why some people mentioned this movie as the best movie in 2010. It made wonder all the time, was she really doing it or was it just a hallucination?

How about the ending? I tend to judge all movies based on how great the ending was…well, the ending was BRILLIANT!! I stayed staring on my TV set minutes after it was over…what an ending!! So ambiguous and yet so powerful.

I borrowed this from Anomalous Material

Does Natalie Portman deserve her Oscar?

Yes … yes … and YES!! She was incredible! Her acting was perfect! I can feel her confusion, her pressure, her hatred…everything can transparently seen in her expression. The issue with her double was really not a big deal, I don’t think people are paying to see the dance, they paid to see her act and her amazing expression. Mila Kunis was also good…but I find myself staring only at Natalie Portman and seemed to forget that there were other actors in the movie.

Simply said, Black Swan is a captivating movie with incredible acting performance.

Movie Details:

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Producer: Ari Handel, Scott Franklin, Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer, Brian Oliver
Scriptwriter: Mark Heyman, Andres Heinz, John McLaughlin
Starring: Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey
Music : Clint Mansell, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (uncredited)
Cinematography: Matthew Libatique
Release: 2010

35 thoughts on “Black Swan – A Truly Captivating Movie

  1. Oh I am so glad you got to watch it.

    I truly loved this film too. Brilliantly and shockingly done. My only regret was not seeing it at the cinema, and therefore going in a bit more blind than I was. I would have loved to have seen this without knowing it was a psychological film, and that I just thought it was a film about the ballet.

    Nice review my friend.


    1. I am glad I have watched 🙂

      I couldn’t see it in cinema even if I want to, the movie didn’t make it into my country’s cinema 😦
      I knew it was a psychological thriller, I don’t think I would watch it if it was just a drama about ballet…but I am glad I haven’t read any reviews that would spoil the fun.

      Thank you C.

  2. I’m a huge Aronofsky fan and really look forward to watch this. I’m glad you say she deserved the Oscar. I read such mean comments.
    It’s been in cinema here for a while but there are some movies that I want to watch at home. Maybe I think it will move me too much and I don’t want to share that with too many people, if you know what I mean.

    1. there are mean comments on her performances? I think she was brilliant. The year Sandra Bullock won the oscar was the one need to be questioned, Sandra was in her best performance but a performance better than other actress…but I admit I was happy for her, I have been her fan since 96.

      After reading some reviews telling about a few sex scenes in it…I decided not to watch this in cinema (tho it didnt make it to the cinema after all). I love to know how you feel about this movie after you watched it.

      1. Yeah, the sex scenes also kept me from seeing this at the cinema, but I’m still curious to rent this one for the performances, and I also have a fascination about the world of ballet. I think it’s silly that people are making a big fuss about how much ballet she was doing, I mean ultimately she won her Oscar for her acting, NOT her dancing!

        Great review, Nov!

        1. I think you are going to like this movie, the performances were great. I want to watch it again one day. We can also enjoy the music, it was beautiful.

          yeah, that double issue is really not necessary, the ballet was great but it was not the main attraction.

          Thank you, Ruth 🙂

    1. It was indeed unique and interesting. The delusion was the best part of the movie. I really love Portman’s character, so complicated and disturbing.

    1. Y’know, I was kinda skeptical when I saw her cast in Book of Eli, but after seeing it I agree she’s actually pretty good in it. She’s come a long way since That 70s Show!

      1. 2 good comments on her performance in the book of Eli…now I am curious.
        When I saw the trailer, I wasnt really interested. I should give it a try one of this day

  3. ah.. finally you watched it. and glad you like it.
    It’s the best performance of Natalie Portman since Closer.

    By the way… it’s been a while, eh, Nov? 😀
    I really miss talking about movies and music and novels and jobs with you.
    Hopefully we could meet on some time in May. See you later 🙂

    1. I haven’t seen closer yet…but so far, it is the best performance I have seen.
      Hehe gw nontonnya pas nyokap n bokap lagi pergi…supaya aman 😉

      I miss you too!!! I want to know about your new job. When you finally have free time,please let me know…let’s watch movie together (tho I am not sure if there is good movie in the cinema at that time)

  4. “I tend to judge all movies based on how great the ending was” << same with me 🙂 and somehow, i think the ending is predictable. i could guess it correctly hehe..

    the movie is great and portman is incredibly stunning 🙂 still, i think the best one is inception hehe

    1. Aha! I didn’t say the ending is unpredictable 😉 I said the ending is powerful.

      I agree on that one…The Oscar for best female performance should go to Portman but best movie should go to Inception.

  5. I still have the feeling that Nina and her mother are out there, somewhere . . . and I saw it at the cinema before the Oscars!

    On another note, have you seen The Fighter? I saw it not so long ago on a flight – tiny screen, headphones etc etc but I was captivated from beginning to end. Now I am disappointed that it didn’t do better at the big O’s. But then, how many of the so many wonderful films that we enjoy over and over again through the years have anything to do with Oscar awards?

    1. I really want to watch The Fighter as it has Bale in it. But I still haven’t bought the DVD yet.

      I know, I often disagree with some of decision made by Oscar…but so far, I totally agree on Colin Firth and Natalie Portman.

    1. thank you, T.
      I did enjoy both watching and writing it. The movie gave such strong impression on me. I write my review right away because I want my feeling toward the movie transfers completely into my writing.
      I am glad you also like the movie, T.

  6. …………………………..Black Swan……a film by Darren Aronofsky……………………….One could and many have make a case for Darren Aronofskys Black Swan being The Red Shoes on acid – and to a certain extent and with eyes asquint one would be correct in such a critical classification as this – but then again though the similarities – chief among them the underlying themes of an artistic desire to dance that takes precedence over everything including ones own life – abound to one-off this film with such an acerbic one-liner frivolity as the aforementioned acerbic one-liner frivolity that many have made a case for does not do justice to the fascinating modern monster movie Grand Guignol that Black Swan despite its toehold in the usually at least outwardly non-threatening world of ballet most certainly is…..Being as batshitcrazy as it wants to be Aronofskys fifth film a sort of femme version of his fourth film The Wrestler – but there we go again with acerbic one-liner frivolities is ostensibly the story of Nina Sayers a ballerina Natalie Portman in her most dangerous and volatile role yet who has the opportunity to play the dual lead the virtuous white swan and the wicked and lithesome black swan in a new version of Swan Lake if only she can free her inhibitions and allow herself to become one with the dark side of the ballet. Perhaps to play at yet another acerbic one-liner frivolity this monster that Aronofsky has built and a monster movie is just what Black Swan ends up being no matter the haughty pretentions of its New York dance world setting may otherwise hint at is what The Red Shoes would have been if Polanski had gotten his grubby little hands on it – but then again perhaps we could make a case for Aronofsky being the new millenniums American Polanski sans the tabloid issues of the French-Pole auteur .

  7. I was put off by the whole mention of “thriller”, “gory scenes” etc etc… movie that I knew would give me nightmares, and stay in my mind and scar me for life! … What do you think? Should I watch it? 🙂

    1. tho it is a thriller movie but it is psychological thriller. It deals more with the mind rather than bloody scenes.

      I am not sure whether you would be haunt by it or not, but I think it worths a try. the emotion in this movie is very strong…a bit vulgar but still understandable.

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