Indonesian Language in MotoGP

Just finished watching MotoGP Gran Premio bwin de España, Jerez.

A lot of riders crashed down…in the end, Lorenzo finished in 1st position.

I used to write about MotoGP, but I stopped doing it somewhere last year. Today, I want to write again because I have just noticed something that makes me proud as an Indonesian 🙂

I can see Indonesian language On Yamaha Fiat team and Honda Repsol team… yeaaa Keren!!

Semakin Di Depan means Ahead of Everyone Else (rough translation)

Satu Hati means One Heart

My brother told me that the reason why those words appear in MotoGP is because Yamaha and Honda sales in Indonesia is on top of other countries.

I don’t care what the reason is…all I care about is our language can now be seen by all MotoGP fans 🙂


    1. Hehehe keren kan!! Saya juga baru liat minggu kemaren karena minggu sebelumnya MotoGP tengah malam jadi ga liat deh.

      Yang Yamaha malah sampai baju support teamnya juga adatulisan semakin di depan

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