6 thoughts on “New Challenges: Once Upon of Time & Manga

  1. I’m so glad you are joining! This will be fun, I’m sure. I knew there must be some fantasy manga somewhere on your shelves or close by. I would love to hear something about Indonesian fairytales as well.

    1. Thank you for convincing me 🙂
      Fortunately manga has wide range, just like novel.

      I know a lot of Indonesian Folklores but those stories are something we share from generation to generation, I have never read it from any book. Hmmm…Now, I wonder if there is a book about Indonesian folklore somewhere out there.

    1. I am now postponing my current read, it’s a collection of short story therefore I can stop it anytime I want, to read the manga I have just borrowed. It is about a girl who come to a fantasy world.

      I hope you will enjoy the folklore I choose for the upcoming Indonesia Banget 🙂

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