Teaser Tuesday – Night Shift


Teaser Tuesday is a fun bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Everyone can play along, all you have to do is simply take the book you are currently reading. And then share 2 ‘teaser’ sentences from any page in the book. I often share more than 2 sentences ;)

Please avoid SPOILER!!

It’s time for another round of Stephen King 🙂

my teaser is from page 8,this is from  the foreword (not one of  the stories). I choose this teaser because I find it very interesting 😉

Why do people read that stuff?

This question carries a hidden assumption with it, and the assumption is that the story about fear, the story about horror, is an unhealthy taste. People who write me often begin by saying, ‘I supposed you will think I’m morbid, but I enjoy every page of The Shining...’

If I wrote a letter to him, it will be like this: ‘I supposed you think I’m a psycho, but I enjoy every bloody scenes in The Cell ‘ 😉


  1. @Bookish Snob I know you’re a romance junkie 😉

    @Eternalised Yeaaa, nice to hear that. I always feel excited when someone told me she liked King’s books too.

    @Grace I am rather late in discovering Stephen King. But I’m planning all his books

    @Jules Horay…I meet another fan 🙂
    Many people thinks Cell is bad but I really like it, nice to know you like it too.

  2. @Marg Everytime I read SK books, I always read his foreword because he always share something interesting. Like this one.

    @Cat lol , we are 2 special people then 😉

    @Lori It’s King’s book…I know I will enjoy it 😉

    @Alice Well, since the author is King…it is understandable. Some of his books are very gruesome.

    @Mary Ann Thanks.

  3. @Priya He is indeed amazing. I haven’t found bad book by him yet.

    @Gautamy lol … that’s why I’m planning NOT to buy any book till my TBR has significant decline.

    @Sunshine you should try one. If you are not into horror you can always read his non horror books like The Green Mile.

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