Happy 3rd Birthday My Sweet Kroten-Chan

Today is my sweet Kroten’s birthday…well, it is not actually her birthday, it’s more like her arrival day…but i consider it as the day she was being ‘born’ inside my heart.

To know her full story when we met, please go to her blog Kame & Kroten’s Blog, she wrote her story as her birthday post.

It didn’t matter how many turtles she was looking at because what matter was which one was looking  back at her. (excerpt from her post)

To continue the tradition I have done since last year with Kame’s birthday, I am going to share you my top-5 pictures of Kroten that I like so much.

#5 Sniffing

I took this picture on August 15, 2009. I put her on a  glass table and teased her with a pellet. I love that serious expression on her face, it is as  if she was judging whether the pellet is okay to eat or not. Her reflection on the table makes it look more dramatic.

#4 Sleep Peacefully

On May 28, 2009 , the most forgettable thing happened between me and Kroten…for the first time in her life, she slept on my leg! I was so deeply touched by her act. Even when I put a ‘blanket’ on top of her she still sleep soundly. I let her sleep as long as I could keep my leg from feeling sore. I felt bad when I had to move her because I couldn’t feel my leg anymore. Sorry, sweetheart.

#3 Curious

I love this picture, I took it on May 23, 2010. When I aimed my camera at her, she immediately put her cutest  curious face. Look ate the way she looks at me, that is the same look when she looked at me for the first time  (read this story), it was impossible not to fall in love with that expression.

#4 Shy

She was the shyest turtle I have ever had (at least on her 1st year). These series of pictures were taken somewhere in 2008 (there was no record on the pictures). Although she looks so shy, she still looks so cute under that towel 😉

#1 Picture Perfect

I adore this picture!! I was so lucky when I took this picture, the light was perfect and it brought all her beauty out. In my eyes, this picture looks like a  painting. She is so beautiful!! don’t you agree? I took this picture on January 17, 2010.


  1. picture #1 looks she is at a photagraphy studio posing for a picture. and I like the one about her falling asleep on your leg till your leg went numb. I have done that sort of thing with my cats.

    1. Because when they look back at me, I can see its eyes looking into my heart and soul and at that moment, I knew she/he would be the one for me 🙂
      It isn’t only for turtle but for all to-be-pet animals. I tried finding a new turtle for months but none stole my heart till this little girl looked straight at me…despite her deficiencies, I bought her and brought her home.
      last year, I knew the reason why I picked her, I read it from Chicken Soul for Cat & Dog’s lover…I picked her because she was looking back at me.

  2. How adorable! Happy belated birthday Kroten!

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my pic…you are so sweet!!! You made my day!

    Hope you have a really great weekend!!


    1. I used to write a lot about my turtles in this blog as I love them so much…but since i have made a personal blog for them, I rarely talked about them here…but birthday is a special occasion 😉

    1. Thank you Roisin 🙂
      She is more photogenic now, she used to be very shy…but living with a photo-maniac like me forced her to be photogenic 😉
      She will be thrill to have a wish from your famous dog, she is her idol.

    1. Kroten said thank you 🙂
      She is now busy strolling around my room.
      This type of turtle, in the wild can live up to 20 years, but in captivity it can live up to 30-40 years. If they don’t get sick, they (I have 2) will be my pets for as long as I live 🙂

      1. WOW, I didn’t know they live that long! They’re a great pet to have then as you can have ’em as long as you live, like you said. I was so said when my dog died when I was a kid, we buried Floppy in our backyard. He was barely 10 years old!

        1. I am planning to buy a tortoise one day…and tort lives much longer, more than 100years. I love long lived animals.

          I know how sad it is to loss a pet 😦 when Kame was struggling to get her eggs out, I was so sad and afraid I might loss her. Thank God, she finally laid her eggs.
          Yeah, Dogs and cats have shorter life 😦

          Turtle is indeed a good pet to have coz they can live long, but not all turtle can have interaction with the owner. Sometime, they are just like fish. Fortunately mine aren’t like that.

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