Desert Island CD

On Monday, March 14, I received this interesting mail by Castor of Anomalous Material

Hello folks,

I’m only going to take a minute of your time. I’m organizing a blogathon inspired from last year’s hugely popular “Desert Island DVD” (by Andy of Fandango Groover). This time, it will be a “Desert Island CD“. The concept is very simple, you are stranded on a desert island with only one CD (and a CD player etc…). What are 12 tracks that you would want to have with you? While those can be pop song, instrumentals etc… We are all movie bloggers so there is one requirement that each track comes from a movie soundtrack. Of course, you should give a little blurb for each to explain why as well as try to post YouTubes if possible/necessary.

Best, Castor

I really enjoy Desert Island DVD, that blogathon had given me chance to meet a lot of nice and fun movie bloggers…so, without any hesitation, I jump into this special occasion.

Here are my Tracks:

1. Finale by L’Arc~en~Ciel

This song is from Ring O. My reason for picking this song is very simple, I LOVE L’Arc~en~Ciel and this song is the song that made me fall deeply in love with the band. L’Arc~en~Ciel has become my number 1 band above ALL bands in the world for the past 10 years. It will be impossible not to have this song included in the CD

I find this interesting video in youtube. I was going to post its music video but changed my mind after seeing this.

2. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

This song is taken from Twilight. I hate twilight but I really love Muse and this song is one of my favorite muse songs. I never get tired of this song.

3. So New by Cillian Murphy

This song is from Disco Pigs. Well…ehm..anyone who knows me knows why I pick this song … it is because .. ehm *blushing* Cillian Murphy. There is nothing special about this song and the movie is also not my favorite Cillian’s movie, but his voice can easily calm me down when I feel lonely in my desert island 😉

The song stars on 0:53 (I was planning to share this on my Monthly Murphy one day )

4. I’ve Just Seen A Face by Jim Sturgess (originally by The Beatles)

This song is from Across The Universe. I love The Beatles and I love the way they cover the song with new tune. I’ve Just seen a Face is my favorite in the album. I often repeat this song every time I played the soundtrack album.

5. Manatsu No Yoru No Yume by Suga Shikao

This song is taken from Death Note (the animation series). Although I used poster from the movie,but this song is not from the movie, it is from the anime. I really like this song, it feels so sad but addictive.

6. Paint It Black by Rolling Stone

This song appears in Devil’s Advocate, Full metal Jacket, Salem’s Lot (Cover version) and Tour of Duty (TV Series). well, it’s Rolling Stone’s song!! That explained it all 🙂

I’ve liked this song since I first watched Tour of Duty and this song also introduced me to the amazing Rolling  Stone.

7. Bari Improve by Kaki King

This is my favorite song from August Rush. As I have already said in one of Anomalous Material post, I really like August rush, both movie and soundtrack. My favorite of all is this song. I rarely listen to instrumental but this song has been in my play list for long.

8. Breakfast on Pluto by Don Partridge.

This song is from a movie with the same title, Breakfast on Pluto. Yes! it is Cillian Murphy’s movie and  this is also  one of my all time favorite movies … but if any of you are thinking that Cillian is the reason I chose this song, then I have to say ‘You are SO wrong!

Ever since I saw the movie, I fell in love with the soundtrack instantly…all the songs are beautiful. even the soundtrack for the trailer is beautiful. Out of all the songs in the album, this one is my most favorite song.

9. A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

A  song from a black and white movie under the same title, Hard Day’s Night. I saw the movie when I was still in elementary…I wish I could see it again. I love The Beatles since I was that young.

10. You’re The One That I Want by Olivia Newton John & John Travolta

Taken from Grease. This is actually not my kind of movie,but the soundtrack makes me enjoy the movie a lot.I really like all the  songs in this movie, but if I have to choose just 1,then this is it.


11. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This song is from Wayne’s World. It’s Queen!! Enough said!


12. Shinsoku (Lost Control) by L’Arc~en~Ciel

The song was used for “GODZILLA” and was included in the soundtrack “Godzilla the Album (Japanese edition)…so, you won’t find this song in US soundtrack  version…but it is still considered as movie soundtrack, right?

Reason for  choosing this is the same with number 1, because of  L’Arc~en~Ciel.

You can see that most of the songs are taken from my favorite bands: L’Arc~en~Ciel, Muse, The Beatles, Queen, and Rolling Stone (I am a sucker for British Bands). When it comes to music, it’s not a problem whether the movie is good or not…it all comedown to the music itself.

You can see other people’s tracks in here


  1. Good mix of songs and styles. Nice to see L-Arc:) My favorite soundtrack song by them is for Final Fantasy with the song Spirit Dreams Inside.

    Nice call on Supermassive Black hole. Twitlight is the first I’ve ever heard of Muse but I like it a lot!

    1. Yeaaa… nice to know you know L’arc, I thought I was gonna be the only movie blogger who know them. Spirit Dream Inside is nice but tends to be boring after 10times repeating (I have done this once)

      Twillight sort of introduce Muse to alot of people, that’s why even though I don’t like that movie using Muse’s song but at least it brought new fan.

      Thank you for visiting Marc

      1. Well it’s not from a movie but the L-Arc song I also just love is Driver’s High from GTO (great teacher Onizuka). It’s just awesome. Not wild about the show itself but the theme is fast and fun:)

        1. *dancing* it always brighten my heart when someone told me that a certain Laruku song is fun 🙂
          I haven’t watched the anime yet, I have seen the TV drama of GTO…but I know ALL Laruku’s songs

          1. Ok, last L-Arc song. Stay Away is by far my favorite song they have…can you believe the choreography at the end of the video? Wow!

            You don’t happen to like TM Revolution do you? Don’t know a whole lot of songs but I do like the ones I know:)

  2. Paint it Black was my favorite Stones song for quite a while, so hell yeah for giving that some love! Great list, Novroz. Big fan of any list that simultaneously mentions Queen and The Beatles.

  3. Glad to finally see a song from Across the Universe, they really had some great songs in the movie. Love Bohemian Rhapsody although my favorite part is the first section not used in Wayne’s World

    1. They are indeed! I love all the new arrangement in Across The Universe, and I should say that I am not easily pleased with any new arrangement on my favorite bands. That say something on how i respect the music for that movie.

  4. Quite the mix of music! Def will keep you entertained on a desert island. Nice choices! from Beatles to Bohemian Rhapsody! From Paint It Black to Black Hole! Nice!

  5. Two Cillian picks, that makes sense. I’m digging So New. New to me! I think you’re the only one to put Wayne’s World. How that slipped my mind I’ll never know.

    1. If there is no Cillian Murphy in my list, somebody better start calling a doctor 😉
      There is someone else who also put Wayne’s world soundtrack on his/her list,but I forgot who

  6. My wife loves Muse, they are her favourite band and Paint it Black by the Stones was my favourite song at University those these are my favs on your list. Plus I love that scene from Waynes World. I would have some Classical music on my list, maybe some Metallica and definitely some Beatles so I like your choice of Hard Day’s Night. Check out the video for Teardrop by Massive Attack, it is memorable.

    1. The problem with making this list is when it comes to my favorite bands, I tend to forget whether their songs ever played as soundtrack. I would love to put Metallica in my list but I don’t know have their songs ever been played in a movie.

      Thanks for the recommendation Ronan, will check it after work.

  7. Ahah, somehow I knew you’d include Cillian on the list… I also put GB on mine, Nov 🙂

    Oh I love the music of August Rush… the movie itself is just ok. And Bohemian Rhapsody is awesome… though I prefer the original rendition (not in Wayne’s World). Just like movies, I love a lot of British bands as well.

    1. Haha not putting Cillian in any of my movie related list would be impossible 😉
      We are so predictable aren’t we…you with GB and me with CM.

      I love all the songs in Augush Rush…I also like the movie, it has special meaning for me…a memory of a lifetime with my students. I would put the original too, not the one from Wayne’s World.

      Hmmm…you live in US but you are more into Brit stuffs, maybe you should move to England Ruth 😉

      1. Have you heard GB sing, Nov? I posted the one from Phantom as I loooove the emotion he conveyed as he sang it.

        Yeah, August Rush’ music is cool indeed. That kid is amazing.

        Ha..ha.. I wish I could move to London! I do love all things British, Nov, I guess it could be because my first ESL teachers were from England and I had such great memories of them. Plus they’re just much better actors than Americans in general.

        1. No, I haven’t heard him sing before. I only heard the one you posted, he sounds really good. Has he sang a lot of song?

          Amazing Kid…indeed! I have high hope that he’ll be a great actor once he grow up (I already consider him great even at his young age)…let’s just hope he doesn’t fall to the ‘dark side’ like that Culkin kid.

          Hehehe I have to agree with you, British has more great musicians and actors than America. No discrimination intended but that is how I see it

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