Monday Movies : The Storm Riders, Scott Pilgrim, Beowulf

Inspired by Ruth’s Weekend Viewings, I decided to make my own Monday Movies.

I usually wrote my collection of movies in different titles, such as British Invasion for all British movies, Random Hollywood for all Hollywood movies, Mesmerizing Nihon for all Japanese movies, Across The World for movies from different countries….too many titles, isn’t it?

Monday movies will be all those combine in one. It won’t be a weekly post or monthly post, it is something I will write whenever I have too many movies I want to review.

Here are the movies I watched recently:

  • The Storm Riders – 風雲雄霸天下 (1998)

Director: Andrew Lau
Staring: Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Sonny Chiba, Kristy Yang, And Michael Tse

I watched this movie few weeks ago because I haven’t watched any Hong Kong movies in a while, I think the last one I watched was a movie by Jackie Chan. When I saw The Storm Riders DVD and read the summary, I thought it would be a fun movie because it was based on Chinese Graphic novel.

The story was basically about revenge. A powerful lord named Conqueror (Sonny Chiba) had his life foretold by a monk that he would become unbeatable if he had 2 young boys named Cloud and Wind under his care. The monk didn’t tell him what would happen 10 years after he had Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaron Kwok). He searched for the boys everywhere. He killed their parents and trained them to be his successor.  When they grew up, both of them fell in love with Conqueror’s daughter, Charity (Kristin Yang). Charity loved Cloud more than Wind. When Charity was killed, the revenge against Conqueror began.

For me, the story was simple and predictable, but it was still enjoyable. I like seeing the two different characters of Wind and Cloud as I haven’t seen both actors n along time, Aaron Kwok was still as handsome as I remembered. Too bad the fighting scene was not as good as most Hong Kong movie, it used too many visual effect and somehow made it not real. The acting was also considered as okay, nothing special.  Overall, I enjoy watching it but wouldn’t say it was a great movie.


  • Scott Pilgrim Versus The World (2010)

Director: Edgar Wright (one of my few favorite directors)
Staring: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Ellen Wong, Alison Pill, Mark Webber, Johnny Simmons, Anna Kendrick

The story was basically about Love. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) was a rocker who fell in love with a girl named Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) To get the girl of his dream, he had to defeat her 7 evil exes. Those exes were summoned by her latest ex. A very simple story, right?

What makes me love this movie is not because of the story at all, I really like the comedy and the exaggerate fighting between Scott and Romona’s exes. The fighting scenes ware made like video games fighting scenes but in a funnier way. The conversations are also very funny and Scott’s flat tone gives extra funniness to the conversation. The fighting scene that makes me laugh so hard was when Scott was fighting the first ex.

Although I like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, but I am not going to claim this movie as Wright’s best because Shaun of The Dead is still his best for me…however, it is nice to know that my friend, Yana, started watching Shaun and Hot Fuzz after watching this, Scoot Pilgrim makes more people become Wright’s fans 🙂


  • Beowulf (2007)

Director : Robert Zemeckis
Starring : Ray Winstone,  Crispin Glover, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright Penn, John Malkovich, Brendan Gleeson, Alison Lohman

I saw this movie on TV few days ago with a lot of editing on naked body 😉 . When I first saw the trailer, I was indifferent…not too eager to see it or to avoid it, I was biding my time on seeing it. When the TV played it, I grab at the opportunity right away. The story was based on old poem. King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) was looking for anyone who could defeat a monster named Grendel. Beowulf (Ray Winstone) and his team came to the rescue. He easily defeated Grendel. When Grendel’s mom killed Beowulf’s men, the king told him about her. He went to kill her, but what he found was not a scary monster. Beowulf told the king that he had killed Grendel’s mom but the king knew better. Before he died, he said ‘it is no longer my curse, it is yours now’. Beowulf became King after King Hrothgar killed himself. Little did he know that his curse would haunt him for the rest of his life.

I really like the action and the animation on Beowulf, although sometime the animated character’s expression could not be shown as much as real human. It was full of thrill, I was very tired when I watched the movie but the action and the story could keep me glued. The actors that lent their voices are mostly my favorite (Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright Penn, John Malkovich, and Brendan Gleeson), I could easily guessed their voices, but I thought Beowulf was Russel Crow.

Beowulf is an annoyingly arrogant man who likes to talk big. Tho he is the main character in the story but he isn’t my favorite character in this movie. I like the loyal Wiglaf more. After watching Beowulf, I couldn’t help to come to this conclusion “men are so easy to be lured with sex”, their head is controlled by their d*ck. 😉


So…what have you watched recently?

21 thoughts on “Monday Movies : The Storm Riders, Scott Pilgrim, Beowulf

  1. I started to watch this Beowulf but didn’t get into it but I liked the one with Gerard Butler.
    I might have alook at Scott Pilgrim because I love Shaun of the Dead.

    1. Wahoo, you’re a woman of great taste Caroline. I was just going to suggest Novia to watch Beowulf & Grendel which was beautifully shot in Iceland. Nov, that’s the movie I saw at 2005 Toronto Int’l Film Festival where I met Gerry afterwards, so he watched the movie also a few rows behind me, but I didn’t realize it until after. He’s great as Beowulf… and soooo hunky as always 🙂

      1. Now that is something that could make quite a lot of girls envious. 🙂 There is an interesting interview with him on my DVD in which he points out that Grendel is a great symbol for anything that people do not understand and therefore fight.

        1. Yes, the special features on the dvd is great, I love that insightful interview with him during filming. He looks good even all disheveled with that long hair… and when they were by the lake during the interview, it looked sooo darn cold! He definitely suffered for his art.

    2. @Ruth There’s another version of Beowulf? With Gerry as Beowulf? Hmmm…that’s indeed a must watch! 😉
      I’ll try finding the movie tho I am not sure it would be easy. Btw Gerry isn’t naked right? This animated Beowulf loved taking his clothes off which is quite annoying.
      Aaaa… a memory of a life time 😉 …if I lived in London I might have that same memory too, too bad I am here in Indonesia 😦

      @Caroline Why didn’t you like this Beowulf? I admit it wasn’t great but still watchable.
      You must seen Scott Pilgrim!! It was hilarious. I want to see more Wright’s movies

      1. Yes Nov, you must watch it, it’s really good and gritty… no he’s not naked in this one (unfortunately :D) He might catch hypothermia if he takes his clothes off in Iceland!!

        Not sure if you’ve read this detailed encounter of me meeting GB, I wish I had my pic taken with him but at least I got my B&G photo autographed by him right in front of me 😀–-and-im-feelin-nostalgic/

        1. Unfortunately? hahaha haven’t you seen him enough in 300, he was almost naked there 😉

          The link you gave me has symbol in its url 😦 I can only read but can’t leave comment till I turn on my PC (currently using my mobile). Hehehehe I laugh reading your encounter with him…will make sure to leave my thought there tonight.

          1. Hmmm, that’s odd that you can’t view URL with a symbol, would this one work?

            Ha..ha.. yes I was such a dork when he was standing in front of me… my brain just switched off!! I still have my diary with my exact thoughts on it and I think all my brain could think of at the time was OMG! OMG! OMG! 😀 He’s so tall but not as ‘dark’ as I thought, his hair was more brown than black, but those eyes, wow! I like how he dressed too, he looked good in rugged leather jacket with faded jeans. Anyway, I hope one day you could meet Cillian too, Nov.

          2. I can view it but I can’t leave comment…I don’t know why all url with symbol always failed in letting me write a comment using my phone, there is no problem at all with PC. The symbol in your url is (-).

            Well…Ruth, at leat you didn’t start becoming a hysteric fan girl when meeting him…being a dork is better than being banshee 😉
            Small chance but I still keep the dream…I am sure I am going to be as dorky as you are if I meet him, especially when his eyes look straight at me.

      2. I can’t say I didn’t like it as I haven’t finished it but it was too much CGI for me. Even more than 300. And I watched the one with Gerad Butler first, that didn’t help.

        1. Ah…I see. I forgive this movie for its full CGI because it was meant to be full animated movie. In 300 case, the CGI used around real human and somehow I can’t finish it.

  2. Oh ya ampun, sori td mau bilang tengkyu for the link… so thanks Nov! 🙂 I haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim yet but I still want to see it as I like Edgar Wright’s work. Glad you enjoyed that one.

    1. No problem Ruth 🙂
      I bet you’d loved Scott Pilgrim too. It was a bit different to the kind of laugh in Shaun and Hot Fuzz but still as hilarious as any Wright’s movies I have watched.

  3. Scott Pilgrim is an absolutely brilliant film and I would rate it a 10+ !

    I hated Beowulf!

    I loved Leap Year in a very chick-flick way.

    Despicable Me is cute. 4 out of 5.

    1. Glad you love Scott Pilgrim Lee 🙂 … I couldn’t give it 10+ because that rating goes to Shaun of The Dead.

      Why do you hate Beowulf? I am just wondering…I am not going to claim it as my favorite movies but it wasn’t bad at all.

      Despicable Me and other digital animations are on my waiting list, will definitely watch it someday

  4. I’ve already seen all 3 of these movies. Scot Pilgrim i really liked(although i don’t consider it Cera’s best performance), and found both STorm Riders and Beowulf okay.

      1. I think his best performance was in Youth in Revolt. He plays 2 characters in it, Francois and Nick.His performance as Nick is ok, but he was totally awesome as Francois. I made a blog post about it a while back

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