Pray For Japan

My sympathy goes to all the people of Japan. I wish I can do something more than just praying, but I can’t…but NEVER say pray gives them nothing.


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“Pray for Japan” Art by MatthewPolandy

“Those who keep saying prayers do nothing, think about those who cannot do anything other than pray. Prayer is just as strong as anything and Japan needs all it can get. This country is beautiful and deserves to be up and back in running condition soon!!”



  1. It is so sad that the only thing we can do is pray but much better to pray than not do anything.
    I’m thinking of these poor people constantly.

    1. Yes…it is much better than do nothing or make fun of it like 50cent (I have just read the news from yahoo when I was trying to check my mail), he was making joke out of people misery *urrrgh!!*

      I really hope their reactor problem can be solved as soon as possible. Japan doen’t need to taste the effect of nuclear for the 2nd time 😦

        1. I forgot the exact word…but 50 cent (a rapper) said “I must evacuate my girls from Hawaii and Japan lol” and “look at that wave, white men would love to ride on it” << this is the most heartless things someone can joke about!!!

          1. some people didn’t think about the sake of all Japanese people !! .. what if they country will going to in-counter that kind of disaster i think they cannot even make a joke like that IT WASN’T funny anymore, many life’s waste because of that and they only make it fun? !! how arrogant..

          2. I was furious when I read the news. He apologized afterward but for me, what said in the beginnin was his true self and I loath that

  2. let’s pray for all the victims of tsunami in japan.. i hope it will not going to happen again not just in japan but for all countries in earth..
    i also prayed that in will not happened here in our country, Philippines..
    gosh!!! i hope everything gonna be fine ..

    1. Amien!
      Tho we are bound to have another quake in the future as the earth is in her shifting process, but let’s hope it won’t as devastating as one we had in Japan.

      But now, the problem expands to nuclear 😦 that is scarier than the quake and the tsunami.

  3. You know what, praying for the sake of people lives means you’re mature enough to know that, life is worth than everything.
    Ganbare Japan! May God always bless you. Amin.

  4. Japanese are very talented and hard-working. I’ve immense respect for them. My prayers with the people of Japan in this difficult time. May life return to normalcy soon.

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