The Nebula Monster

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When the scientist found the dying star that looked like a turtle, they were so happy. They named it NGC 6210 or Turtle Nebula. Little did they know that the dying star had sent something alien to the dark universe. To make matter worse, the thing was heading straight to earth. It took years for the thing to arrive on earth. By the time it arrived, people had forgotten about the finding of the turtle nebula.

Few years later, a mountain guide named Steve saw an unusual thing through his binocular. He couldn’t make out what he had seen. Against all everyone’s suggestion, Steve climbed the mountain alone, he needed to make sure what he had seen. Near the peak of the mountain, Steve found what he was looking for, it was a HUGE egg. When he tried to get close to it, the egg started to rattle. Steve hid himself behind a big rock.  Not long after that, the egg started crackling. The egg shells fell bit by bit to the ground. He was scared but he wanted to see what was in the egg.

Graaaarrrr!!!” a thunderous roar was heard from behind the rock. Steve dared himself to peak and saw a huge head peaking out of the egg. It looked like turtle but turtle don’t make sound, thought Steve.

The monster got itself out of the egg and started walking down the mountain. Steve called the police, the army, the National Guard, and all other government defense department.

The monster reached the city and shattered a lot of building, but not because she wanted to, she had no choice for her body was too big. Every television channels covered the story of the raging monster. Everyone thought that she was really a terrible monster. The media called her as the Giant Alien Turtle, GAT for short.

GAT hated the city, she couldn’t walk freely. She always bummed onto something hard, she didn’t know that she was hitting buildings after buildings. GAT also hated the things that those little creatures (she didn’t know that the creatures was called as human) thrown at her body. Those things blew up when they hit her body (the things were missiles) but they didn’t hurt her much.

GAT didn’t understand why those little creatures were trying to hurt her. GAT ran away from the city, she headed to the jungle. She felt save there, at least for a while. GAT was just an innocent alien. While hiding in the jungle, GAT remembered who she was. Her name was not GAT, it was Kame and her place was dying, the star she lived in was about to disappear. All the turtle in that star left to find new place to live. She was accidentally left behind and took the last shuttle. The next thing she remembered was getting out of the shuttle in the middle of Snow Mountain.

Somehow, the human found Kame’s hiding place in the jungle, they tried to drive her out of its hiding place. She really hated the earth and those cruel little creatures. She needed a much saver hiding place till her people came to pick her up.

She looked up to the sky and knew where she must go. “I’ll wait for them up there!” thought Kame.

She remembered that she came from the race that could warp out to another place in seconds, not a far away warp but she at least could still make it to warp to the sky. She saw the thickest cloud hung above her head. She warped up to the cloud and changed her body structure to be as light as feather.

The cloud felt so peaceful. She decided to stay there and contact her people. All she needed to do now is waiting.

The End

This is by far the silliest story I have ever wrote 😉

19 thoughts on “The Nebula Monster

  1. Know how turtles will pile up on top of eachother? That must be why some clouds are fluffy round and tall. It’s really a turtle pile in the sky.
    Wouldnt it be interesting if all people were turtles who shed their shells and then forgot about their ancestors and forgot about their shells? Now I am talking silly.
    Very creative. 🙂 🙂

    1. Huahaha *rofl* now I know why I made this silly story…it’s because of you 😉

      Ever heard of bunny in the moon? Well no one knows that there are turtles in the clouds. Kame told me this fact and that’s why I turned it into a story 😉

  2. Funny but also a little sad. It did remind me of the fact that humans always vilify what they do not understand. I love the photo of Kame in the “jungle”.

    1. Thanks 🙂 well that human fact is what’s inspired half the story.
      The ‘jungle’ picture is priceless as we don’t live in that area anymore…I can’t take picture of her surrounded by leaves anymore.

    1. I’m glad it put a smile on you 🙂

      Thank you for the link. That is a super cute dog-turtle breed 😉
      There are so many costumes for dog out there. I hardly seen a dog with suit in my country. Have you ever dressed your dog?

      Ah…teenage mutant ninja turtle…I didn’t know it has another name, they changed Ninja into Hero. I once wanted to name my turtles after them but changed my mind as their names are so commonly used here.

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