Red Eye

I have been delaying my review on this movie because of 1 single important thing, the story SUCKS!!

Now that I have said the ‘S’ word, I can write my review freely 🙂

I think it was last year when I first saw Red Eye. I was so excited because I got to see Cillian Murphy for a whole 1, 5 hours as a psychotic villain. He has become a villain before in Batman Begins but his part was so small.  In Red Eye, he was the main actor alongside the beautiful Rachel McAdams.

Before I continue, I must warn you that this review is full of spoiler, so … if you haven’t watched it you may ignore this review…if you have seen it, I wonder whether you have the same thought as I am or not?
I love to hear (or read) your thoughts on this movie.

I could finally write this review because one of Indonesian TV-channel reran the movie last night…and that was the 2nd time I saw the movie. To think that last night was my second time watching a movie with a full coverage on Cillian Murphy was beyond believes, I usually love watching his movies again and again and again. The reason for this is very simple, Red Eye has terrible ending.

I can only watch Red Eye in TV even though I have the film on my computer, it is because the only thing that can make me finish the movie for the second is because I have nothing else to watch. When I missed Cillian as Jack Rippner , I turned on  my computer and played the file, saw the movie in parts where Cillian showed up for about 10 minutes and then I turned it off.  Never from beginning to end.

So…what makes this movie unbearable to watch more than once?

Red Eye is about a woman named Lisa (Rachel McAdams) who was terrorized by a man sitting next to her in the last flight of the day, which often called as Red Eye. The man was Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy), he was from some kind of organization that deals with assassination. His newest job was to kill a politician along with his family. Lisa was the manager of the hotel where the Politician planned to stay for several days. Jack told Lisa that she had to move Keefe (the politician) to another rooms so that his associates could kill him. In return for Lisa’s cooperation, he won’t kill her father.

For the next one hour, we could see brilliant acting by both actors. Rachel McAdams played brilliantly as a woman who had to defend herself from the terror sitting next to her. Her expressions was great, it was fun to see how her expectation over a cute guy changed into a terror. Cillian Murphy was so convincing as a man who can terrorize someone just by talking to that person. He has the perfect eyes to scared people. As a proof of how convincing he was in this movie, a student of mine called him creepy. She was surprise when she knew how much I like Cillian, she said “how could you like him Miss? He is creepy” and her assumption was based on Jackson Rippner.

I honestly enjoyed the movie while they were still on the plane. The mental game between these two actors was really interesting, they really have a great chemistry there. It made me want to see them play together again. In fact, I can easily said that Cillian-Rachel in on my top-5 best duo performance in all Cillian’s movies (This gave me idea for my next Monthly Murphy). Up to this point I really like the movie.


The movie became so bad when the plane landed. Red Eye was supposed to be a thriller movie, but near the end it turned into a happy ending fairy tale. Lisa managed to escape from Jack and saved the politician. She also saved her father and together with her father, killed Jack. Seriously, the ending ruined the whole movie!!  And the way Jack died is so not cool! I lost my words when I first watched it.

How could a thriller ended with everyone safe and sound but the bad guys? It was just TOO SILLY!! It would be much better if at least the politician was killed or the father was killed. Remember Scream? Same movie by Wes Craven, almost everyone died but the main character. That is how a thriller supposed to be!

Because of that ridiculous ending, I couldn’t watch Red Eye as much as I wanted to. If the actor was not Cillian Murphy, I won’t even watch it for the second time, once is more than enough. Fortunately Cillian looks extremely hot in red eye, I could finish the second viewing due to that fact 😉

Despite the fact that I hate the story…but I still love the 2actors, so it saved the movie from 1 star movie to 2 star movie.

Movie Details

Director : Wes Craven
Producer : Chris Bender, Marianne Maddalena
Screenplay : Carl Ellsworth
Starring : Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox,  Jayma Mays
Music : Marco Beltrami
Cinematography : Robert D. Yeoman
Distributor : DreamWorks Pictures
Release : August 19, 2005

Cillian Murphy’s special

Quote by Cillian Murphy on his role: “I don’t know if anyone will ever sit beside me on a plane again.” << Hehe don’t worry Cill, I’ll sit next to you ANYTIME 😉

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Directed by Wes Craven
Produced by Chris Bender
Marianne Maddalena
Screenplay by Carl Ellsworth
Story by Carl Ellsworth
Dan Foos
Starring Rachel McAdams
Cillian Murphy
Brian Cox
Jayma Mays
Music by Marco Beltrami
Cinematography Robert D. Yeoman
Editing by Patrick Lussier
Stuart Levy
Distributed by DreamWorks Pictures
Release date(s) August 19, 2005 (2005-08-19)
Running time 85 minutes
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $26,000,000
Gross revenue $95,577,774


  1. What? Are you kidding me? He is NOT dead in the end! You can be pretty sure of that either by watching his last scene (he is very much alive and BLINKING), and we know a few pictures of cut scenes from the ending where he can be seen carried away on a stretcher by the EMT guys. Actually this fact was the reason I started to write RE fanfictions. If Craven had killed him, I”d never started it:D

    But yeah, it doesnt change the fact that the end sucks. From the moment Lisa stabs him, it is just your avergae slasher movie. But before that.. hell, it’s almost perfect! The tension, the dialogues, expressions, chemistry, everything. Actually, it is so great that I almost fogive for the ending.
    But the only thing i would not agree with your comment with is that it cant be seen twice. In fact, i think i have seen it 4 times just because there are expressions and sentences that are funnier when you have seen it at least once before. Like Rippner’s face whe nshe orders the baybreeze: I always laugh because you can tell how pissed he is. Then him asking whether she doesn t want a seabreeze instead:D And later asking her if she was stalking him. You know, all these little things that are funnier when you already know who he really is, and when you already know what had happened gto her in the past.
    So really, teh interaction and superb converstaion between the two (geez, how condescending Rippner is, how male-chauvinist pr*ck, overconfident and sitll on a very low level totally obsessed about her) it saves the movie for me.

    1. RE fanfic? hehe I better check your gallery later.
      I didn’t know there was an uncut version of this movie…but the fact Rippner died or not doesn’t change the fact that the ending is far from good.

      So agree on everything you say about Rippner & Lisa’s expression and conversation…that was the part I often re-watched for several minutes.

      I admit that I am the kind of person that like the ending part better than the beginning, be it in book or movie. When I read Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, I was so annoyed with her writing style and on the brink of putting it down without finishing it…but I was curious with the ending…and WHOA the ending was awesome, the ending turned the book from ‘I don’t like it’ rating to ‘I really like it’. That’s why no matter how good the beginning of the story, the ending totally ruins it for me.

      Thank you for sharing your thought Miraxterrik 🙂 I really need to check your gallery more.

      1. I dont know that book but yeah, you are right, in a way sometimes teh ending can make a book better, though I gotta tell you, if the writing style is sh*t, then usually nothing can save it for me.

        I dont post my fanfics on DevArt, only on under the name son-of-puji. I dont know if you would like them XD

        1. Well the writing is not sh*ty but it was not up to my liking..the story is great so I can still read it.

          I never been to that site, would check it out one say. Why not posting it in DA?

    1. A lot of people didn’t have problem with the ending as the movie got 74% in Rotten Tomatoes, but I like a bit of sad ending in my dose of thriller movie.

        1. That would be fun 😉 but no, I know from the beginning that Rachel with triumph over him (as most terorist movie)…but I wish it won’t end so happy like that.
          They can at least kill the politician 😉

    1. Yup…that’s the idea 😉
      I like the name part a lot, there is an interesting conversation on that part:
      Rippner: “Jackson.”
      Lisa : “Is that Jack for short?”
      Rippner: “No, no one called me Jack since …. (I forgot since when), my last name is Rippner”
      Lisa : “Jack Rippner…ah, how considerate your parents were (or something like this)”
      Rippner : “Nah, it was okay till I killed them”
      Nice joke isn’t it 😉

  2. Well you can’t expect too much from Wes Craven ahaha. The two leads are really much better than the material here and elevated a simplistic B-movie concept into a relatively solid feature film. Now, I can’t believe you have seen it only twice!! I wonder, do you watch those movies in English or dubbed-Indonesian?

    1. Hahaha…poor Craven. But I think Scream 1 was great, couldn’t stand the sequels tho.
      So true! The two leads really save the movie.

      Trust me Castor, I CAN’T believe it my self…I didn’t realize this fact till I watched Red Eye on Sunday night.
      Ow NO….I don’t like dubbed movies even the ones dubbed into English (such as Ghibli animation), let along the ones in Indonesian…I like listening to their original language with their original voice. And if they ever dubbed any movie with Cillian in it, I rather turned it off….God, his voice is too sexy to be dubbed!!

  3. ha! just reading your introduction statement made me laugh! yeah, Red Eye wasn’t that great of a flick. But I still like the fact that you mention it as part of your monthly murphy tributes!

  4. This is the second movie I saw Cillian in after Batman Begins. I was so impressed by him, that’s why I picked him as one of my top ten Irish actors. I thought it was decent, not exactly my cup of tea but there was quite a bit of suspense and terror, and both Cillian and Rachel were both very good.

    So are you saying you’d still sit next to him even though he’s a psycho?? 😉

    1. I was also impressed by him, in fact I was so impressed because I have just seen Breakfast on Pluto before this movie and he was a total different person in these 2 movies. But Red Eye is far from being a good thriller for me,tho I enjoy the performance of both leads.

      Hehe the one who said the quote was Cillian Murphy NOT Jackson Rippner…so as we all know, Cillian is not a psycho 😉 . In fact, he is the one that should be afraid of me if we ever sit together.

      1. Ahah, I can’t disagree with your last statement 🙂 I wonder how you’d react if you finally meet him in real life. I mean, I don’t think I’m as huge a fan of GB compared to you w/ Cillian but yet my brain practically switched off when I met him!

        1. I was wondering about that myself 😉 I am quite sure I will forget that I can speak English and look at him like a stupid person hehe.

          There was a woman, I read this from twitter, who met Cillian while he was strolling in a park (I read many articles saying how Cillian never hesitate to walk around the park to either jog or play with his kids), she talked to him, she said he was so nice and them she asked for his autograph…hehe the funny thing was, when Cillian signed it and asked who it is for, she said I don’t know…she totally forgot her own name! 😀

  5. Nah, iya, ini nih pilem yang saya cari2 karena dulu Mbak Nov sering banget ngomongin Cillian Murphy di sini…. 😀 😀
    Tapiiii susah nyari DVD bajakannya, kualitasnya pada jelak semua!! 😦

    *sebenrnya daya tarik pilem ini ada di Rachel McAdams… * :mrgreen:

    1. Iya emang adanya bajakan kualitas jelek mulu…sy dpt donwloadan bgs tapi hehehe ga pernah dimainkan.

      Aha…Rachel daya tarik untuk anda, tapi untuk sy adalah Cillian dan mata birunya yg mempesona

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