The Best of あなた (Anata) & News Flash on 20th L’Anniversary

I have been planning to write this kind of post since last year but I have to postpone the idea due to my tribute to the band. Last year, I dedicate my blog for a series of tribute for my all time number 1 band in the world, L’Arc~en~Ciel (Laruku)…now that the tribute is over, I’m going to start writing this Best Live Series 🙂 いまから 一生懸命 頑張ります

What is Best Live Series?

Laruku has been around for 20 years now; it means they have been doing a lot of live performances over those years. Just like most bands in this world, they were singing the same songs over and over again. However, Even though the songs were the same, the performances were never the same, there was always something different. This Best Live Series is about choosing the best performance for the same song.

The first song I want to talk about in this Best Live Series is あなた( Read: Anata – Meaning:  You)

Excerpt from my review of Heart (Anata is the closing song in Laruku’s 5th album, Heart)

I want this song to be included in my wedding song!! The lyric is so lovely. Anata is a very beautiful song and the most perfect song to end a concert. Whenever they used this song as a closing song, we can feel how the air in stadium changes when Hyde lets the audience sings the chorus…I haven’t watched them LIVE yet, I only see them singing this song through DVD and even so, I can fell the changes in the atmosphere…I know I will definitely cry if I ever watched them LIVE singing this song. Listening to this song always gives me an awed chill.

Laruku always did excellent performance whenever they sang あなた , the song always reached the deepest part of my heart.  This beautiful song is always accompanied with great stage atmosphere. It is really hard to pick just 1 best performance of this song.

I could finally narrow it to 3 performances for different reasons….but still I have to choose just 1 performance.

I really like their performance in Paris (2008)…it was not the best performance but the way the audience reacted toward the song was priceless.  It amazed me and gave me chill when I heard all those European remembered the lyric and sang along with the band, and it touched me when some of the audience cried over the song (I would have reacted the same way if I ever had a chance to see them Live in front of me).

There are 2 videos of Anata from  Paris,one is for the DVD and the other fis or documentary in NHK. What I can find in youtube is only for the DVD, I couldn’t find the one for NHK. The video for NHK has better view on the crying audience. In the video above, you can see someone cried in minute 3.11.

I also like their ‘come-back’ performance in Shibuya 7 Days (2003) . All the audiences were given blue fluorescence light. When they started singing あなた , the light in the dome was turned off and the audiences used their fluorescence light to lighten the dome. It looked AMAZING!! It was like seeing thousands of star covering the band while they sang あなた . It was such a brilliant idea. However, Hyde’s voice was not as his best…then again, what can you expect from someone who had been singing for 7 days?

Finally, here is my number 1 performance of あなた :

*drum sound*

Their best performance of あなた is from Heart ni Hi wo Tsukero! (ハートに火をつけろ!) (1998). I really love this performance because they used real orchestra and Hyde’s voice was at his best. The audience sang gracefully. It was really beautiful! I love every second of this performance.

If you are also Laruku’s fans,  please share your favorite あなた – Anata Live Performances 🙂

News Flash on L’Arc~en~Ciel 20th L’ Anniversary

L’Arc-en-Ciel 20th Anniversary Live

This special 2 day show will trace the history of the band.
First day will be composed of the songs from the albums “DUNE” to “HEART”,
and the second day will be composed of the songs from the albums “ark” and “ray” to “KISS”.
This < > shows take a look back over the past 20 years!
New legend of L’Arc-en-Ciel, who is standing on top for 20 years, will start from Ajinomoto Stadium!!

L’Arc~en~Ciel Official Facebook account is here

How I wish I can be there!!! Great concept for the 20th anniversary, I know the stage will also be amazing.



  1. I never heard of Laruko before. The third one is my favorite. Im gonna check on ebay, I hope I can find them. The second: the lights are like a swaying ocean, and the drum is like a fluttering heartbeat.

    • Yeaaa…I’m glad you like it 🙂
      The second one is visually amazing, isn’t it? I love that stars-like blue oceon. But the third is my favorite by far. Great voice and great performance in whole.

      If you want to search them in Ebay, don’t search by their short name, search under L’Arc~en~Ciel (Japanese read it Laruku an shieru, laruku for short).

      They have performed in US in 2003 or 2004, I forgot the exact year.

      • I found lot of them. Some say released in Korea, others say Japan. I dont know if there is a difference. But I am gonna get some and it will take a month for the mail.

        I am glad you made this post. Since I am trying to learn Japanese I have always wanted to start listening to songs in the native tounge. I figure that would be the ultimate best way to learn. But I didnt know who to look for.

        • I think yo should buy the ones released in Korea or hongkong (we usualy called it overseas edition), they are much cheaper than Japanese Edition.

          I didn’t know you’re learning Japanese too 🙂 Gambare ne!

          Laruku has released 11 albums so far, if you have time, I have all the albums reviewed in my tribute to them. Youu can check them one by one to hear some songs from each album. But if you don’t have time. My recommendation are True, Heart, Awake and Kiss. Or You can buy Twenity (will be released this March), it is an album consist of all their best songs over 2 decades.

          I really sound like a saleswoman, don’t I? lol

  2. I like Laruku so much but never have times to watch their performances, sorry *plaak*
    Ehm,. I started to like them when I was still iat 2nd Junior high school (I am at college now). Even I am only reading your writing without watching the videos because of my bad internet connection here t_t btw, I’ve heard some issues (again) that they’ll come to Indonesia, is that true? 😀

    • Hi Alin 🙂 Nice to meet another Laruku Fan.
      Too bad you rarely see their Live performances…you’re missing great stuffs. I watched the live performances every week or ebery 2 weeks. I couldn’t stand NOT watching their live for more than 1 month. It’s like I am addicted to them.

      Ah that rumour! I stopped believing in any rumours about their plan to do a concert here since long time ago.

  3. owh, agree with u~ ANATA is their most beautiful song~ even i feel ‘dokidoki’, sometimes if i hear it… Laruku ga, hontou ni suki desu!

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