Watchmen & The Water – Cillian Murphy’s Short Films

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3 Days before the new month starts and I haven’t written my Monthly Murphy yet…what a shame!!

My monthly Murphy usually posted early each month, but due to some mechanical problems this post got delayed till this date. Better late than never, right?

I have spotlighted Cillian’s Cameo performances last month and I think it is only fair if I write about his Short Films now.  Have already posted a short film by Cillian on October 2010 called The Silent City which I consider as his best short film. Now, I will talk about his pot his short films.

So far, Cillian has done 8 Short movies;  Quando (1997), Eviction (1998), At Death’s Door (1999), Filleann an Feall (2000), A Man of Few Words (2000), Watchmen (2001), The Silent City (2006), and The Water (2009). I will write about all his shorts in their own time. For now, I will write about Watchmen and The Water

Watchmen (2001)

Watchmen is a short film written by Cillian Murphy and Paloma Baeza, Paloma also acted as the director of the movie. When I first read about it in Wikipedia, I was so curious with the film, wondering what kind of story is it. After watching it, I can say that this is my second favorite Cillian’s short film (The 1st is of course the Silent City). Watchmen is a nice comedy that really cracks you up in the end of the story.

Watchmen is about 2 men, Phil (Cillian Murphy) and Ray (Billy Ward) who were watching an interesting activity from their window. Grey was the kind of man who liked to take a chance on everything while Phil was the type who was more concern with everything. When they were watching everything that was happening below, they came to a conclusion to do something.

The story is as simple as that…but I bet anyone who’d seen it will like it (I’m not saying you’ll love it, but you sure will like it). It’s a very funny irony, the dumbstruck expression of those men really makes me laugh.

Okay…enough talking, just watch the film 🙂

Don’t you think it’s a funny film?

The Water (2009)

The Water is directed by Kevin Drew and staring only 3 actors, David Fox as the father, Leslie Feist as the mother and Cillian Murphy as the son.

Writing about The Water is more difficult than writing about Watchmen. I think The Water has beautiful story, even though it doesn’t make sense at all. It left me with so many questions such as how it begins and why does it end like that. The film is awfully quiet. There are only 2 sentences spoken by the actors:

Son: “You look good , Dad”
Dad: “I think it’s time”

Although it has no dialogue, but because the actors & actress are really good, you can feel like there were dialogues through their faces. You can see doubt and confusion in the son’s face, you can see longing in both father & mother’s faces. The film is like a visual poem.

For me, The Water is the kind of movie which is very likeable at the first viewing but not the kind that I will watch over and over again. However, due to my love for Cillian, I have seen this film more than 5 times because he was freaking gorgeous in this film.

This is something you need to know about The Water (taken from Cilliansite):

Inspired by and featuring Feist’s song of the same name, The Water is the first short film from rock musician/director Kevin Drew of Canadian band Broken Social Scene. The collaborative nature of this piece is due in part to the mutual admiration society of Cillian and Drew; Cillian is a big fan of Broken Social Scene, and he and Drew hit it off when Drew interviewed him for Under the Radar in 2007. After the making of The Water, Dazed and Confused interviewed Drew and captured Cillian and Feist in conversation.

The story is about Father and Son who resurrected their female member of the family (the father’s wife/the son’s mother). I couldn’t tell anything more than that. You just have to see it by yourself.

In honor of the Water,I choose this picture as my  February favorite picture 🙂 I really like the way he blank-stares at nothing.


  1. Oh I had no idea Cillian has been in so many short films, but I guess I’m not too familiar with this genre in general. Both of these look interesting, man Cillian doesn’t seem to age, does he? I think he’s one of those actors who retain his boyish look probably until he’s 50 years old!

    1. I am also not familiar with this genre…I didn’t even care about it before I knew Cillian. Now, thanks to him, I want to see more short films even though he is not in the film.

      Hahaha…you got that right! He doesn’t age, he will become just like Keanu 😉

      1. Y’know what’s funny Nov, I’ve been kinda smitten by Keanu again after seeing his old movies lately. I’ve always liked him but I thought he’s so darn hunky, and he also ages really well. I guess being part Asian helps as he’s got great skin 😀

        1. Well…I ever leave him out of my sight eventhou Cillian comes in between me and Keanu. He is just too darn handsome. Thank God for that Asian blood, he indeed has great skin 😉

  2. I only managed to watch the first one so far and it s funny, yes. i absoluetely want to watch the second one too. I like the idea of a visual poem.

  3. I stumbled upon this when browsing through Twitter. I can see that you adore Cillian. He is a great actor, I could see why you like him. I like him too. I didn’t know he has that many shorts.Thank you for sharing this, I like them both. as always,he is great in any film/movie

    1. Hi Josh, I couldn’t believe I have missed your comment all this time.

      And yes…I adore Cillian so much, he is so darn talented and gorgeous. You’re right, he acts great in all his movies eventhough the movie sometimes not that good (example: In Time)

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