Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

Curiouser and Curiouser, that is how I felt when reading Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. This super thin book really carried me to a different world called wonderland.

I have forgotten how many Alice’s animations have I watched since I was little but never once I wanted to read the book. When Mee of Bookie Mee reviewed it and also claimed it as the funniest book she read in 2010, I was so intrigued and started looking for it. I bought the book last month and I have finally finished it few days ago. Although I’m not going to start saying that Alice is the funniest book I read in 2011 (because 2011 is still far from ending), but I can safely say this is one book that I’m sure will read again one day.

I think everyone knows the summary of Alice in wonderland without having to read it…but it won’t be a book review without a summary of the story, right?

A little girl named Alice was feeling so bored sitting under a tree, but she was soon distracted by a little white rabbit who was speaking while looking at his watch. She started following him and fell to a bottomless hole…well, at least she taught it was bottomless.

Presently she began again. “I wonder if I shall fall right through the earth! How funny it’ll seem to come out among the people that walk with their heads downward!

But the hole had bottom after all. In the hole, she learnt how peculiar the world she had entered to. She could change the size of her body just by drinking a certain liquid and eating a piece of cake. From this point on, we can see Alice’s personality very well. She was a tough little girl who can carried herself quite well, however she had tendency to forget whom she was talking to. I was so amused reading the part where she talked about her cat, Dinah, who loved to chase mice to a mouse. When the mouse felt offended she started talking about a dog that was great in catching rats.

…and she is such a nice soft thing to nurse – and such a capital one for chasing mice —oh, I beg your pardon!

Are you fond of dogs? He says it kills all threats —oh dear!

On her adventure, Alice met the rabbit who thought she was his maid. She also met a wise caterpillar and a strange duchess. The duchess was the owner of one of the most famous cat in history of literature, the grinning blue Cheshire cat. She got totally annoyed with the tea party held by Mad hatter and March Hare. And finally, she met the Heart-Queen that was so easy in saying ‘off with his/her head’.

Alice was not only a tough girl, she was also a hardheaded and proud girl. She liked to cut someone’s story when she felt it as something unordinary. Simply said, Alice was an interesting character to read.

This is my favorite lines of all and I also think this is the funniest one:

“And how many hours a day do you do lesson?” Said Alice
“Ten hours the first day,” said the Mock Turtle: “nine the next, and soon.”
“What a curious plan!” exclaimed Alice.
“That’s the reason they’re called lessen,” the Gryphon remarked: “because they lessen from day today”

I’m glad I bought the book, I enjoy every words of it. I think everyone who had watched the movie/animations should read Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. It is much better and stronger than any animation/movie I can remember.

Alice made me want to read more Classics, of course the kind of classics I might enjoy. I don’t think I will start reading The Great Expectation because of its being a classic, it so not my type of book, but I have my eyes on Around The World in 80 Days and I have already had The Hunchback of Notre-Dame on my shelf.

Book Details:

Title  : Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland
Author  : Lewis Carroll
Language  : English
Page  : 86
Publisher  : Dover Publication, Inc
Rating  :
Challenge : New Author 2011, What’s In The Name? 4 (a book  with Travel/Movement in the title)

6 thoughts on “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

  1. Oh I’m glad you loved it! My edition has the second part called Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There and people say that it’s even better! (I’m saving it for now) Funny, the scene with the Mock Turtle was my least favorite. I loved the court scene at the end the most, gosh it’s hilarious!

    ps: I’ve been thinking to read Great Expectations too. Not sure if it’s gonna be this year though.

  2. @Stardust I have also put this in one of my favorite books

    @Mee I don’t have that second and third part yet 😦 Will look it up later. I am not saying all the part with the mock turtle is my favorite,it is only the part I quoted because it reminds me so much of Indonesian’s plesetan 😉
    Ah…I think you misunderstood my writing, I’m not going to read Great Expectation just because I want to read more classics…it is so not my kind of read.

    @Caroline Don’t worry…great expectation is still far from being read, I have seen the movie and it completely bored me. The Wind in the willows,what is it about?

    1. It is an adventure stoty but the main characters are animals. It’s lovely. And then there is the second Alice, Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass. I thought of it while reading Sputnik Sweetheart. The parallel worlds or that a person can be here and there… There is a similarity.

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