NBA All-Star 2011

I have been looking forward for this game since January…I have even re-scheduled my teaching schedule from 8.30am to 12.20am.

The only local TV-station that aired this event is JakTV…I have no cable because I have no use for it…so far! But…Today,I really wish I have cable TV.

I didn’t know what’s wrong, JakTV was unable to show the game 😦 they said it was because of the satellite link. I waited impatiently for the game to start showing up…but nothing happened till 9am.

I missed the grand opening of All-Star 😦

I always love the opening event of All-Star…they were always awesome and memorable.

Thank God…the game finally showed up in the 2nd quarter, 9minutes to go.

In this 2nd Quarter, I was so impressed with LeBron’s dunk when he turned the east score into 43. In the end of the quarter, Kobe did another great dunk to increase East’s score into 68. Within seconds, Durant did another spectacular dunk from a difficult assist by Paul. Paul closed the 2d quarter with an buzzer beater shot and ensured West victory over East, 76 to 64

Will see what happened next after the break 🙂

Now,let’s talk about team I am supporting for this year. It is a bit difficult to support one of them because each has a favorite of mine. In West Team,they have my current favorite athlete, Dirk Nowitzky. I love Dallas Mavericks due to the fact Dirk is their starter. Meanwhile in East Team..Derrick Rose is in it,I have been Bulls fan since 1992…through their ups and downs,I am still loyal to this team (unlike with Dallas, if Dirk is no longer there I am no longer their fan).

3rd Quarter

In this quarter,we could see clearly that the West team totally dominated the East. The West played with contant speed and calculated movement.

My favorite performance from this quarter was definitely when LeBron penetrated the West’s court and closed it with a dunk to rise East’s score to 79. Another interesting moment was when LeBron brilliantly blocked Bryan’s dunk (Tho he clearly touched Bryan’s hand) but unable to hold the ball, it arrived back in Bryan’s hand and he closed it with a 3 points shot. Paul also constantly making great assist to other shooters, my fav in this quarter is when he help Bryan increasing West’s score to 100.

The final score for this quarter was 100-117, West maintained their winning points.

4th Quarter

Coming  soon 🙂

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