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Musing on Movie : Bye Bye Imported Movies

I’ve been wanting to write this new section in my blog for months, but something always delayed it. Recent news makes me want to start this post-series.

I have just heard, 2 days ago, a new tax policy had been established by the tax and custom department.

They are raising the tax for imported movies under a reason to protect Indonesian movies, which I consider as a total bullshit.

I don’t know how much the tax is, but I do know that Motion Picture Association (MPA) refused to send their movies to Indonesia. They said that no other country applied that kind of tax on their movies. Their refusal is their way of protest toward Indonesian government.

I don’t know whether what MPA said  is true or not because Kompas.com said that Thailand used per meter tax for each movie, the tax is $1/meter…that means each movie will have to pay $3000, 30 times more expensive than what they have to pay for Indonesia  which is only $100

If what Kompas  said is true, then I don’t know why MPA refuse to send their movies.

I don’t want to talk about which one is right and which one is wrong because i honestly don’t know and I don’t want to act as  if I know better than the rest of people in Indonesia. What I want to talk in here are how sucks my life will be from now on  and how intolerant our government is.

One of  the reason to apply this tax is to save Indonesian movies…if they want to save Indonesian Movies…PLEASE MAKE THE MOVIES BETTER THAN SEMI-PORN HORROR FLICKS!!

Check out the coming soon movies on the right>>
All 4 movies are Indonesian,out of those 4, only 2 movies are okay to watch (but still, SO NOT MY KIND OF MOVIES). Tebus (Redeem) and Rumah Tanpa Jendela (House Without Window) can be a good watch…but the other 2 are horrible!!

Pocong Ngesot (Crawling Zombie)…what the hell??? I love horror flicks but not that kind of stupid horror flick! Pocong Ngesot is one of hundreds stupid horror flicks in Indonesia. Do the government really want us to watch this silly movies all the time?

Silly semi-porn horror flicks: Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan (Mentruation Puncak ghost), Tali pocong Perawan (Virgin Pocong Rope), Suster Ngesot (crawling nurse)…and many stupid titles with stupid storyline.

Cewek Saweran (a girl  who sing and dance  and then men will give her money). I don’t want to watch this one even though I was being paid by someone.

I admit that there are SOME great Indonesian movies that show up once in a while…but that’s really not enough!!

Why is it not enough? Because I  am a big fan of sci-fi and action movies…none of the Indonesian Movies nowadays can fulfill my hunger for good sci-fi & action movies.

I don’t know what the government was thinking when they made the tax-policy but they sure aren’t thinking about their people! I’m not talking about movie lovers like me because I can still find a way to watch movies from both legal and illegal ways (I’ll talk about this later in the end of this post),I’m talking about the people who work in Cinema.

The Cinema across the country (or more likely across the big cities) will lose at least 80% of their regular visitors, me and a lot of my friends are amongst the one who will never visit cinema anymore if this matter continues. And losing costumer will lead to one thing,one crucial thing! The bankruptcy of those cinemas, and that will lead to a devastating result where a lot of people will lose their job. and let me tell you that IT’S SO HARD TO FIND A JOB HERE!

This man has the same thought as mine, I quote this comment from Edi S Sidartha in that Kompas article

This is the stupidest tax u have ever heard. It is more like a typical dutch colonial tax that we used to have long time ago. we ain’t surprise though with this new gayus tax as the Indonesian tax office had always been misclassifying luxurious tax on imported goods that we need to provide jobs and building our industry. Movie theaters and film importers provide 20,000 jobs but sadly and inevitably soon these people are gonna be jobless and may not be able to feed their family members. This will add also to our unemployment figure that has reached 40% already. Moreover, the government will also incur losses on their revenue from the existing corporate tax from movie theaters, imported taxes from film importer and value added taxes on Indian, Chinese, European and Hollywood movies. It will also create illegal DVD which will reduce our bargaining power to negotiate our trade strategy and getting access for our goods in foreign market. This is the stupidest movie tax on earth and this stupidest Indonesian tax on foreign films should be revoked rite now.

As that man already said…foreign movie lovers, such as me, will turn mostly to illegal way of watching movies. I’m not going to say that I’m 100% clear from watching pirate DVDs but at least I still go to cinema to watch movies in legal way…but now, illegal way is the only solution, either buying pirate DVDs or download some movie files. Buying an original DVD is very expensive, for someone with only $200 for salary…buying $10 DVD is really heavy. That’s why I only bought original DVDs when I know I will watch that movie over and over  and over again (Such as The Matrix, The Lord of The Rings, Sunshine,etc).

Even though pirate DVDs are way cheaper than cinema  ticket but it could never replace the fun of watching movies in cinema, especially when the movies are like Inception, The Lord of The Rings, District 9,etc.


I am going to watch The King’s Speech tomorrow 🙂

I hope this issue is not going on for long, I hope my government can come up with something that make a lot of people happy, both movie lovers and the cinema workers. For now, I have to say bye-bye to Paul, Battle Los Angeles, The Retreat, Tintin and if it continues till 2012…bye bye The Hobbits 😦


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17 comments on “Musing on Movie : Bye Bye Imported Movies

  1. wulaaaaan.....
    February 21, 2011

    This tax thing is the stupidest, most absurd thing the government has done, and that’s saying something!!!! To encourage people to see local movies?? That’s a huge pile of bullsh*ts if I ever heard one!!! I mean, who are they freaking kidding??? Don’t they know that Indonesia is one of the largest markets when it comes to movie distributions?? We didn’t charge a lot for foreign movies, yet we have hundreds, millions, BILLIONS of movie goers who’d be willing to pay MORE for the cinema experience! I mean, come on! You don’t see them complaining about the rate of the XXI Premiere or Blitz Megaplex, do you?? We (and I’m saying this a LOYAL movie goer for 15 years!) don’t mind paying more because it’s God damn worth it! It’s a friggin win-win situation!!!

    So why, WHY, would the government create such a ludicrous tax law?!?!?! Don’t they know the saying: If it’s not broken, DON’T fix the god damn thing !!!!

    They want to improve the local movie industry? Stop allowing such crap to be produced!!!! It’s THAT simple!!! They’ve completely tainted their image in the international movie market!!! They are out of the effin mind!!!

    Seriously, I’m surprised all those cinema giants, the people who own XXI/Blitz/21 haven’t done a single action of protest!!! I mean, surely they are experiencing giant losses, right??????

    I am BEYOND FURIOUS about this!!!!

    • Novroz
      February 21, 2011

      I know you would be furious like this…I am also feeling the same the first time I heard it…that’s why I waited for one or two days to really write this post so that I can keep my head together while writing it.

      Today, Mery and I will watch TKS and I am sure that we will have a lot of discussion about our government’s stupid tax. I think the reason to protect Indonesia is a total bullshit…in truth they only want to have more money into their corrupted pocket. I really don’t understand why DPR let this kind of tax policy. Are they only thinking about income from that tax?
      As you’ve said it…they’ve forgotten the tax we paid to watch the movies.

      I’m also wondering about that! how come no one from XXI/Blitz complaint about this silly tax? Are they that confidence that people are still going to come to watch annoying semi-porn flicks?
      I think they are forgetting 1 simple thing, there were many cinemas that had to be closed when pirate DVDs were booming and people started choosing to watch DVD instead of going to cinema…fortunately the market slowly rise again as more and more people enjoy cinema more than DVD…but if this matter continues, pirate DVD will be more than booming.

      Seeing the coming soon movies in 21cineplex.com is such a heartbreaking moment…there aren’t a single Hollywood/Brit/Asian Movies anymore 😦

      Could today be the last day I paid for my cinema ticket? I sure hope not. I hope people in government start changing their mind.

  2. rtm
    February 21, 2011

    OMG!! This is so freakin’ ridiculous!! Seriously, I’m not surprised MPAA is ticked off w/ Indonesian government, I mean no other countries is dumb enough to do this to their people. I mean, entertainment aside, think about the loss of jobs if all the movie theaters closed down because of this. I doubt that enforcing this law will make a dent in the state of Indonesian film industry one bit, it’s all about the bottom line for them and they’ll just make movies for the lowest common denominators, hence the semi-porn horror flicks for those who prefer to switch off their brains while watching movies. I mean just looking at the titles you posted above you can just tell what kind of quality those are, I’m with you Nov, I won’t even touch those movies even if someone paid me!!

    Man oh man, my heart goes out to you Nov, and other movie lovers in my home country. I hope they realize how stupid this law is soon enough.

    • Novroz
      February 21, 2011

      It’s crazy isn’t it?
      When I first heard the news, the only words that came out my mouth was “what were they thinking?”

      Despite the fact that I may not be able to see movies with great sound anymore, I am more sorry to the people who work in the cinema bussiness. Those people will loss their job….and I honestly like those people (I’ve been to one cinema too often I sort of know their faces by now).

      Saying to protect Indonesian movies is so lame! Indonesian people can tell the difference between good movies and trash movies, good Indonesian movies are still full with people. I remember when I watched Transformer 2, the line of people watching Transformer 2 was same with the line of people who wanted to watch Ketika Cinta Bertasbih…it proved that people still watch Indonesian movies IF THE MOVIES ARE GOOD.

      Thank you Ruth, I sure hope so too….I hope within 2 months they realize how stupid their decision is.

  3. mee
    February 21, 2011

    Well that’s very odd. I don’t imagine it going for very long though. I’ll be curious to see who’s going to back down first. There’s no way both parties can keep this up for long.

    • Novroz
      February 21, 2011

      I think the cinema people will start protesting a month from now.
      Today, I saw the cinema was very empty, most people thought that there aren’t any foreign movies anymore. I don’t much care who will lose this battle, the tax department or MPA, either way I hope it won’t be more than 2 months.

  4. Caroline
    February 21, 2011

    This does sound outrageous. Do they maybe want to boycott foreign movies?

    • Novroz
      February 21, 2011

      Well…the one who is doing a boycott is MPA, they are refusing to pay the tax and therefore no Hollywood movies will come to Indonesia.

      I’m still not sure about foreign movies from other than Hollywood…will they willing to pay or not.

      It is more like a battle of nerve now…the tax department insist on giving high tax while MPA insist on not paying it. I wish they could resolve the problem soon

  5. Gnoe
    February 21, 2011

    Oh nooos, poor you! Hope you’ll at least enjoy The King’s Speech tomorrow. I’ll be seeing it next Saturday, when I’m on an all-Oscar-nominees day in Amsterdam. Will get to watch 5 films nominated for the Academy Awards. Looking forward to it!

    Here’s a link to the schedule (pdf) — as you can see I have to pick & choose each time… Any recommendations? PLS don’t suggest Inception ’cause I’ve already seen that one. 😉 Same goes for The Kids Are Alright, Alice in Wonderland and Another Year.

    Next to The King’s Speech (Colin Firth!) I’m thinking of Biutiful, Winter’s Bone and The Illusionist. Don’t know much about these films yet though and even less of the others… PLS help? 😉

    • Novroz
      February 21, 2011

      I have just got home from watching TKS…and I love it 🙂
      It’s beautiful, inspiring and funny. I will write my review on Wednesday (I’m going to be very busy on Tuesday). Apart from the brilliant act by Firth, of course.

      When I open the file using my mobile (now is too late to turn on my PC), some part of the file is corrupted. But I know some Oscar movies. My recommendation are The Fighter, I’m planning to watch it next week (if it’s still played in cinema), Bale will win his 1st Oscar this year (I’m so sure about this). A lot of people think that Black Swan is the best movie in 2010, I have it on DVD but still haven’t watched it due to my broken DVD player.

      And…you can always see Inception again just to see my handsome Cillian Murphy 😉 lol just kidding.

      • rtm
        February 23, 2011

        Glad you enjoy TKS Nov, check out my full review up today that’s also part of Ross vs Ross Best Picture Oscar Battle. I’m rooting for that come Oscar night.

  6. Castor
    February 22, 2011

    What? Does this mean you won’t be able to watch Hollywood movies anymore?

    • Novroz
      February 22, 2011

      Not in cinema 😦
      I still could manage to watch it in DVD or TV. However, it will be a sad thing not able to see Battle Los Angeles in big screen.

      I sure hope things will settle up soon, either the tax department lower the tax or MPA decides just to pay the tax.

  7. dhitzunako
    February 24, 2011

    Ahem, if I were you, I’d change the sentence, “One of the reason to apply this tax is to save Indonesian movies…if they want to save Indonesian Movies… BAN SEMI-PORN HORROR FLICKS!!”

    Ha! Well, for PORN thing, I kinda strict. LOL.

    *yah, ga jadi nonton Kung-fu Panda 2, dah. :((
    *Let’s hope Blitz will get more Japanese movie on screen then. Onegaaaiii….

    • dhitzunako
      February 24, 2011

      Oh, wait, film-film yang ga mau dikirim MPA itu temasuk film Asia juga? Yaaa T.T

      • Novroz
        February 25, 2011

        Hahaha bener bgt, mending tuh duit yg dipake buat bikin film porno dipake buat bayar pajak film2 luar. Atau kl emang mau nyelamatin juga, yah ga usah dipajakkin aja film Indonesianya.

        MPA cuma untuk film2 Hollywood sih…film Asia kayaknya beda distributor. Tapi kenapa ga pernah ada film Jepang ya? Korea & China mulu 😦

        Gw rasa sih, masalah ini ga akan lama deh…ntar juga pada mikir pas liat bioskop pada sepi

  8. crs
    February 27, 2011

    you know indonesians… a good businessman will try to compete and join the winning team when he fails… but NOOO we are indonesian!! if we cant compete with hollywood, KILL THE MOTHERFUCKING WINNING TEAM!!! and scream allah huakbar!! IM RIGHT AND I WIN!!! that would be much easier rather than raising up the production cost OR YET ask the government to reduce all those bullshit taxes that makes our movies “so expensive” to produce!

    dammit dude!! other countries gives leniency and huge support for big movie projects! but right here we simply got loads of tax from the stupid down to the idiot versions and when enough people felt its too expensive the tax guy only says “oh i know.. ill tax the other guy too!!!!” (and fuck yeah i’ll get my self a god damn big ass luxury house in gading!)

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