ラルク の ため に

ラルク の ため に (Laruku no tame ni) means For Laruku

Last year, 2010, I have started a series of tribute for the band that has stolen my heart since 2001. That tribute was for my pre-celebration year. The real celebration is this year. 2011 is L’Arc~en~Ciel’s 20th anniversary and my 10th anniversary as a dedicated Cieler.

Click on the icon to see my tribute post

I have been listening to their music for the past 10 years and I haven’t seen any sign that I will stop listening to them anytime soon. During those years, I practically listen to their songs everyday and watch their concert almost every week. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to bands or music beside Laruku, I still listen to other bands but I always managed to squeeze one or two songs by Laruku in between those other bands. I admit that I am addicted to their music, an addiction that I called as LarcHolic.

I now declare that the series of tribute has officially ended 🙂 it was such a great year. I have spent 12 months reviewing each album that Laruku has released in their 20 years career. It wasn’t an easy task because I am so used to their songs. I have been listening to songs from Dune, Tierra, Heavenly, True, Heart, Ark, Ray, and Real for 9 to 10 years, Smile for 7 years, Awake for 5 years and Kiss for 3 years. I know I love their songs but at some points, I sort of already forgotten the reason that makes me love them in the first place. I have to dig deep into my memory and try to recollect the memory when I first heard each song.

As I said before, I won’t do a monthly tribute anymore BUT that doesn’t mean I stop writing about them each month…my dear, that would never happen!! They are the first reason I start writing a blog (books, movies, music, and everything else are things that come out later). The first post I have ever written was about my love for L’Arc~en~Ciel. The blog itself used to be called as LarcHolic.

Starting from this month, the tribute is changed into monthly post called Laruku no tame ni. Unlike other monthly post with only 1 icon. This monthly post has 3 icons for 3 different purposes.

They are:


I’ll be using this icon whenever I talk about their live performances. I am planning to write all their live performances, but I won’t be doing it each month…all in its good time. I have more than 20 Live Performances from 1993 to 2008.

The concert I have reviewed before this post:

I am often wondering how big will my love grow if I ever got a chance to see them Live in front on my eyes, not just from DVD or downloaded file. I like Muse but I love them after I saw them Live in Jakarta, meanwhile I haven’t seen Laruku and yet I love them more than any band ever created in this world.




This icon is for any news I want to share about them. It can be about their newest single or album or even their personal life. Basically, all news about them.





This last icon is for everything else beside the two mentioned earlier.



ラルク が 本当 に 大好き だから、 この ラルク の ため に ポスト を 書きます。 ハイド-さん、 ゆきひろ-にちゃん、 けんちゃん、 てっちゃん、 いつまでも すてき な歌 を 作る お願いします。

解散しないで よ!!!

How I wish I can be there!

Stadium Live 2 Days

『20th L’Anniversary Live』
at Ajinomoto Stadium
2011.05.28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun)



  1. it has been 14 years since I started becoming their fans and still be my no.1 band in the whole world. L’Arc~en~Ciel for me isn’t just a music anymore. It’s half of my life 🙂

    love them forever ❤

    • Didn’t know you’ve been a fan for 14 years Chiel!! wow…more than me.

      Hear hear!! they are also half of my life, not listening to their music is like not eating.

      Love them then now and forever…I hope they will never break up even though they are already old and full of wrinkle.

  2. *bow*
    Oh! senengnya ketemu novroz, another larcholic, tambah tembah temen seperjuangan.
    wow, 10years, aku baru menginjak 6, dan semakin hari semakin bertambah rasa cintanya.

    umm.. aku tertarik banget sama tribute yang dilakukan novroz, may i stole the idea and do the same for my blog? mereview album dari dune, atau bahkan dari jaman indies, i just love the way you do it.

    Oh, satu lagi. can we be friends? i wont bite 🙂

    • Hajimemashite Futsu 🙂
      Iya, sy juga makin lama makin cinta…malah tiap nntn konsernya cintanya lgsg bertambah beberapa derajat (kyk suhu aja).
      Selamat memasuki tahun ke 6…sy sekarang memasuki tahun ke11, kecanduan yg dah ga bisa diobati lagi hehe.

      Go ahead 🙂 do your own tribute, let the whole world know about them. I give you full premission to copy my idea (not my content tho)

      All Cielers are my friends 🙂 I will add your link in Nihon-suki.

      • Wuah.. makasih novroz 😀
        aku masih beberes widget ini, abis hiatus lama jadi agak kagok ngeblog lagi, link bokunosekai akan segera kutambahkan *nods*
        ah, jadi semangat lagi ni ^^

  3. i can’t remember when the first time but …. Larc is the one who show me the magic of Jmusic …. i juts love them, …. and about the review … i don’t think i can do that, because i have a lot of things in my mind and that’s kind a make me like a dyslexia child who got and assignment from his sensei to tell a story …. he had a lot of things on his mind but he just can say it …..

    Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya and Yukihiro is no one on my Jmusician …. so if you ask to me who is your number one vocalist : i’ll answer Hyde, then Yasu …. who is your fave bassist ? : i’ll answer Tetsuya and then Ikuo from The Juicy Banana, Shishe from Larycma Christie, …. Who is the best guitarist : i’ll answer ken Kitamura, because nobody beat Ken_san with his guitar, nd last but not least who is the best drummer : i’ll answer Yukihiro … all of them is numero uno

    i waited so long for their coming back and thanks to Kami_sama, they already back now … on my matsu wa time i also follow them on their solo activities ….

    – Hyde with VAMPS, … i hate to say this one but for me VAMPS is my guilty pleasure, i love Hyde but when he is with KAZ on VAMPS … i ca’t enjoy him … i only able to enjoy him on VAMPS first album but after that i just feel something missing on Hyde …. i miss my old Hyde on L’arc …

    -Ken with his solo, about this one i only can say one thing, … for Ken, just ignore his voice but enjoy his guitar playin …. his voice is not good ahahah gomen ne ken_san but i think you better just play guitar ….. and i dunno what connection him and lion, …. he keeps posting a Lion doll on his ameblo ….. and that Lion doll is his icon now but after i look at it again … i relize i see him there or i see lion on his face …. *believe me, try that go to his ameblo and do that*

    -Tetsuya maybe is the one and only member of L’arc who i enjoy his solo …. his lattest album Come On is so great andit is really2 Tetsuya the same leader_sama with all his summer and happy song …. and he also add a little bit Rock on that with Are You ready to Ride? …. when i heard that song i just say … ahahaha this is a rock version of Tetsuya, even there’s also something on my mind keep saying that would be better if Hyde is the one who sing that song ….
    and i really enjoy watch Tetsuya live dvd that VAPMS live dvd ….. wekekeke sorry Hyde … but this one i choose Tetsuya’s that yours

    – Yukihiro , just like ken_san i think he better back as a drummer …. i never able to listen him and his Acid Android , …. why, well because i am already listen to another acid , Acid Black Cherry ….. wekekekekeke …..

    ah i think i wrote to much …. gomen ne

    • Whuaa… konna ni nagai posuto ne 😉

      Just like you, L’Arc is the one who shows me the magic of JMusic. I like a lot of Dorama/Anime soundtrack before I met Laruku…but even though I like those music, I was still not too eager to listen to more JMusic….and then I found Laruku, I was awed by them and started listening to more JMusic (but, no matter how much I heard….Laruku is still on top of the others).

      I don’t much like their solo performances too…they are strong as Laruku than as individual musician. For Hyde, only Rontgen is his best album…I don’t even listen to VAMPS. Tetsuya, I listen to some of his songs but not all of them. I also like some of Kenchan’s song. Ah for Yuki-Nichan, gomen ne aniki…industrial music wa boku no music jyanai.

  4. Hello,

    I am writing to you because some friends of mine and I are trying to create a tumblr for L’Arc~en~Ciel.

    We have the plan not to include that much original content or post whole articles or translations but rather to use it in order to link (and only link, maybe post a little part of it as a teaser but never ever the whole thing!) to posted content that has to do with the band and could be of interest. This way, we hope to compile one place where you can easily find links to all the other noteworthy and interesting entries that have been made in other blogs, be it livejournal, tumblr, wordpress or whatever.

    The thing is that being a fan for years and years, I find myself looking through a whole array of bookmarks in my browser in order to make sure I’ve visited all the blogs and places with interesting information – your livejournal is, of course one of those places. I really love what you post and the way you post it, too 🙂

    This is why, to cut a long story short, I wanted to ask you if it as okay with you if we, once in a while, linked to your journal or hinted at interesting posts you’ve made or if you could let me know if there are any blogs and so on that you consider to be of interest for this project.

    I’d love to hear of your thoughts about this – the idea has grown for quite a while now and so many people told me that it would be neat to have that we’re finally at the point of really getting it done.


    • Hi Mel,sorry for moving your comment to this post…because I feel like this is where the comment belongs to.

      First,Thank you so much for book marking my site and loving my post on L’Arc~en~Ciel.
      The idea of making tumblr page is great…tho I am wondering why you choose Tumblr? because tumblr is like a playing ground for me, hehehe I have a tumblr account too but only for pictures. Isn’t tumblr a bit difficult to comment?

      I really don’t mind if you put my link, I am only against stealing content…but linking is more than welcome…In fact, I feel honored if anyone linked my site to their site.

      I hope your plan can really start soon, it’ll be great to read many posts on Laruku and the time is also perfect because they are about to release a new album somewhere this year

      • Hello!

        Just to quickly let you know – our tumblr ist progressing and developing. You can see it here: http://larclopedia.tumblr.com/

        If you want to let anyone know about it, feel free to spread the link 🙂 An official opening and promotion will follow soon 🙂

        Thanks again for your help so far and letting us link to your entries,


        • I love the theme you’ve created. Nice looking blog 🙂
          I’ve follow you through my tumblr.
          You are more than welcome tho I don’t think I have much to give

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