Hollywood Fantasy Draft II -Movie Pitch: In The Jungle

Logline: We have seen Tom Hanks trying to survive in a remote island, we have seen Ryan Reynolds trying to be unburied, and we have also seen James Franco trying to escape from the mountain…now, prepare yourself to see the survival of an odd pair of Father and Son hilariously trying to make their way inside the jungle

Director: Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright is the perfect man to direct my movie because he can deliver simple theme into hilarious movie. We have seen his comedic hand in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, both movies are a great parody to each genre (Zombie and Cop), the kind of parody that doesn’t push things too much and make it as a dumb movie (such as scary movie and the likes of them).

Scriptwriters: Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.
This pair had proven that they can efficiently hurt our stomach due to too much laughing. They can write silly conversation that forced us to put a smile on our face or laughing our guts out. Since I, as the producer, couldn’t write funny conversation, I have to hire these two to do it.


Cillian Murphy will play as Michael McKinley, a very metro-sexual kind of man who thinks that he is a God-gift for women in this world. He acts as if he is the most handsome man in this world, he does in fact has several women. He tends to look down at people he considered as ‘ugly’ or at least not attractive. Cillian has to get all his charm out for this role, a handsome but too narcissist and annoying kind of man.

Danny Devito will play as Robert Flank, Michael’s long lost father. Robert is a famous Biology professor that specialized in primate. 30years ago, he spent 2 years in an African jungle with Michael’s mom, but they had to separate from each other because of family matter. Robert never knew that he had a son.

Note: You might think that Cillian’s face has no resemblance to Danny and it would be odd to pair them as father and son…but even in real life I often see this kind of father and son, my older brother and his son don’t look like father and son AT ALL.

Hiroshi Abe will play as Colt Kawagata. He changes his name into Colt when he landed on Africa, he thinks that’s a cool name for a pilot. He is banned to fly anything in Japan after getting his plane stuck in Tokyo Tower. He goes to Africa to try his luck and of course after forging his flying license.


England, 2011. Michael was just saying good bye to a woman and met another woman a few minutes later. Then, he hung out in a club with his friends. They were laughing at people who they considered as poor ugly men and flirting with women. In the middle of that excitement, Michael received a phone call telling him that his mother died in an accident

Act 1: He was at the funeral talking to everyone his mother had ever know in her life. He spotted a short chubby man coming toward him. He whispered to his friend “look at that man, I bet no woman want to get close to him…unless she is a midget”. He held back his smile while shaking the man’s hand and accepted the man’s condolence. He told Michael that his name was Robert Flank and he used to be his mother’s professor.

After the funeral was over, the lawyer of McKinley’s family, John (a cameo played by the scriptwriter, Simon Pegg), told Michael that he has to come to his office tomorrow.

Act 2: In John’s office, Michael was again introduced to Robert, but not just as his mother’s professor but as his biological father. He looked like a man who had just been told that the world is about to end in 24 hours. In shocked, he said “Haha you got me there for a minute John, now let’s get serious!” But John was serious and that made Michael said “You must have made a mistake John…just look at him, how could this short man can be my father. Just look at him and then look at me, John!” Robert was also surprised because he never thought he has another son in England. An argument between these three men filled act 2.

In the end, John read Michael’s mother’s will and explained that she wanted her ash to be scattered in the place where she once had the happiest years of her life. It was the time when she joined Robert’s research team observing a group of Gorillas in Africa. She asked Michael and Robert to go together to scattered her ash in that jungle. Her actual purpose was to bring them together as she regretted the years she spent without telling Robert about the existence of their only child.

Act 3: After the cremation, both of them went to Africa. Michael refused to do a lot of talking to Robert, even though Robert kept asking him many things because he is really curious about his ‘new’ son (this conversation is going to be a funny conversation). When they arrived in Africa, they hired a small plan to take them as close as possible to the Gorilla site…But, they chose the wrong pilot, Colt Kawagata. Colt always acted as a cool pilot even at the moment he was second from crashing his plane.

Act 4: Colt died in the accident. Robert and Michael tried to get to the Gorilla site by foot. (Their journey is filled with hilarious incidents and crazy conversation).

This is a conversation I can think of by myself:

Michael: “The fact that she never talked about you proved that she was shy of you!”
Robert: “Look, son!”
Michael: “I’m NOT your son!”
Robert: “Fine! I might not be as attractive as you are, but back then I have proven to you that I have something bigger than yours!” *wink* “and that, my friend, can attract more women that your expensive clothes and body treatments”

However, the journey brought them closer and closer and Michael started seeing how alike they were, not in physique but in behaviour…and that made Michael started to open his heart for Robert.

Act 5: They finally found the site. Seeing those Gorillas touched Michael’s heart deeply. He listened to every explanation from Robert. They scattered Michael’s mom’s ash and headed back to civilization. It wasn’t along journey back because they found a group of scientists near the site. Michael apologized to Robert and said he was happy to have him as his father and this journey had been an unforgettable moment for him. Robert who had shown how much he loved Michael since John announced the will hugged him and asked him to come to US once in a while.

Epilogue: Michael arrived in Boston and smiling toward a gentle looking short man.

So…would you like to see this movie?

Read this pitch in Anomalous Material.


This is part of my participation in Hollywood Fantasy Draft II, my picks is here, you can also check my highlight on other participants’ pitches in Saturday Movie pitches 1 and Saturday Movie pitches 2.

13 thoughts on “Hollywood Fantasy Draft II -Movie Pitch: In The Jungle

  1. I like the actors and the story. Maybe it is a bit like Sideways, a very funny movie that is also thoughtful. It is difficult to just imagine a funny dialogue but I can see how Cillian’s and Danny’s characters would quibble. The cool pilot is funny. He looks so serious but would act very clumsy.

    1. I know it’s really hard to imagine funny conversation but you have seen Shaun, right? at least you can imagine how the conversation would become.
      I am trying to pick actors that can be funny. Abe is very funny in his own way. I really want to see Cillian and Danny together, it will be fun to see them.
      Thank you for giving your thought on this pitch Caroline 🙂

  2. Ohhh, w/ Wright and Pegg penning this, this is a must-see! I laughed at how you describe Cillian’s character “…a very metro-sexual kind of man who thinks that he is a God-gift for women in this world. He acts as if he is the most handsome man in this world…” He..he.. well good thing the actor himself doesn’t seem to be that way at all, though he certainly IS very handsome.

    Y’know, our country also have some of the scariest jungles in the world (in Kalimantan, Irian, etc.) It’s even too scary for SURVIVOR to be filmed there. It’d be cool if there’s a sequel that it’ll be set in one of those 😀

    1. Hehe to tell you the truth I wonder how funny will it become if they really are pinning this movie. I have just twitted Edgar Wright, maybe (small chance) he has time to read this.

      Yes, Thank God he is not like that at all…althought I do think he is a God-gift but he is not narcicist at all. I have never seen him acting like a very handsome man (eventhough HE IS) before. It would be fun to see him looking at the mirror all the time.

      I was thinking about Kalimantan Forest at first, but I didn’t know whether Orang Utan is a group primate or solitary, were they observe by scientist since 30years ago or not…so I finally chose Africa. If there is a sequel, it’s possible to go to Kalimantan. Robert asks Michael to have another adventure in Kalimantan to look at Orang Utan.

  3. “He is banned to fly anything in Japan after getting his plane stuck in Tokyo Tower.” >> HI.LA.RI.OUS!!! mwahahahahahaha!

    I saw Abe in Dragon Sakura, and he can totally play this role of serious yet funny dude! Nice pick!

    Somehow I get that Due Date-ish feeling from this pitch. Is that where you got the inspiration?
    I would totally watch this movie. Can’t imagine Cillian being all narcissistic! That’d be a priceless performance, indeed!

    1. hehehe thanks 🙂
      I know!! he has this straight serious face and somehow he can do silly things with that serious face which makes it more even more hilarious. You should see him in TRICK, a coward professor that always taken credit over someone else’s job. I can even imagine how he seriously said “don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen” but something bad did happen.

      Ah…unfortunately, I still haven’t seen Due date. This might sound odd,but the inspiration came from Buried.
      He never plays as narcissist person before (as far as I know), I would love to see him complaining how the jungle ruins his complexion and his $100 hair work or even nail work. As you’ve said,it would be priceless 😉

  4. WAKS! sorry I just read this.

    So…my initial reaction is.. you pick a perfect director for this movie! Long live Edgar Wright! 😀
    Your story is rather simple, but again… for this kind of story you need someone as great as Edgar Wright to make it really awesome.

    The cast is great, as well, specially Mr. CM *duh!* hehe..

    Well done, Novi. Even though I thought you’re gonna write some thriller-drama theme like Stephen King’s type of story :p

    1. Thank you Yan 🙂

      I know how simple the story is that’s why I need great director to make simple story laughable. And the best in this genre is him.

      The cast are great, of course, Cillian and DeVito…2 amazing actors 😉

      I’ve made mystery movie (pitch) on the first Fantasy Draft, I am not the kind of producer who is stucked in one genre 😉

  5. You know, you’re kind of brilliant in how you’ve set this up, @Novroz! It keeps making me giggle: DeVito as the father of Cillian Murphy! 😀 Not to mention how great it would be to have Hiroshi Abe & Murphy in the same film! AWESOME!
    Wright & Pegg are a smart choice for the screenplay. However, Danny DeVito’s work usually ends up having a very dark kind of humor. The screenplay might turn into a “black” comedy, esp. with Abe’s body out there…
    Overall, I really love it! The concept & casting is wonderful. You might need to write in a minor role for a female character, or maybe just have a few flashbacks of Michael’s mother, etc. I think there still needs to be more of a hook (a catch) in how it ends, something funny, clever, unexpected. But altogether, really awesome! I would definitely make this comedy or pay to see it!!

    1. Thank you Bunnymellon 🙂
      I think it is going to be a bit dark…you know, kinda like Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. I try to picture it as a funny but sometimes cruel kind of comedy. That’s why I choose the same writer as those 2 movies.

      Thanks for the input 🙂 I was also thinking about flashback but couldn’t find the perfect actress to be Michael’s mom. I try searching actress that looks like Cillian (the father doesn’t look like him, so the mother has to look like him)…since I couldn’t find her, I let that matter behind.

      Thank you so much Bunnymellon for finding time to read this and giving comment, I really appreciate it

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