L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Second Break

Before I write my thought on Kiss, L’Arc~en~Ciel’s 11th album, I need to step back a little to note down the second break taken by all the member of Laruku. The break took place in between Awake (released in June 22 2005) and Kiss (released in November 21 2007, but the first single for this album was released in 31 May 2007)

Their solo project on their first break can be read here.

Hyde ( His profile)

In This second break, Hyde produced a solo album called Faith. The album was released in April 26, 2006. It was preceded by the released of 2 singles, Countdown (October 5, 2005) and Season’s Call (February 22, 2006). I really like Season’s Call and the PV is also interesting because Hyde looks extremely young for a man aged 38. I’m not too fond with Countdown.

I have reviewed the album when it first released in overseas version, it is an old post I wrote 5 years ago. This is the worst solo album by Hyde as he often shouts rather than sings. I could still enjoy the album, but when I saw its concert…I was terrified!! I could he ruined his beautiful voice like that!! I was scared that he will never get his beautiful voice again once Laruku joined together again.

After watching that horrible live performance…I stopped listening to Hyde’s solo projects. Most people I know are buzzing about his new band called Vamps (he created this on the third break), but I am completely indifferent about it.

Hyde also composes a song called Glamorous Sky to be the soundtrack of a movie called Nana. The song was sung by the leading actress, Mika Nakashima.

Hyde was the only member that had a chance to hold a concert in US.

Tetsu (His profile)

Testu didn’t release an album but still released one single called Can’t Stop Believing in March 14, 2007. However he did join up with a band called Creature-Creature and released an album called Light & Lust. I didn’t really like that band and ended up often forgetting that he once joined that band.

Couldn’t find his PV so I just posted his performance in a TV-show

The most interesting part in his break (I’m considering that the break lasted till KISS was released) was his wedding with Ayana Sakai in November 17, 2007

Ken (His Profile)

Ken released a single under his own name (no longer under SOAP) called Speed in August 23, 2006. I really like Speed, it is still  in top list most played songs

Yukihiro ( His Profile )

I couldn’t get any full info on Yukihiro’s solo project. I read some where that he stayed with his band Acid Android.


That’s all I can share on Laruku’s individual’s project. You might find some missing information there because I didn’t really follow their solo projects…feel free to correct me and add the information. I will be very grateful 🙂

I will talk about KISS by the end of this month 🙂

This is also part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (Click the picture to see more posts)


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