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For this month’s The Amazing World of Onepiece I am not going to talk about the world of Onepiece, I am going to talk about things I have received because of my love toward OnePiece…and it is nice to know that my love for Onepiece has made someone remember about me when she saw something Onepiece-related.

One of my favorite Challenges is Hello Japan, where Tanabata of In Spring It Is The Dawn challenges us to write things related to Japan. In June 2010, she challenged us to write about Manga. I was ecstatic about that challenge because I LOVE MANGA. The prize for that month’s challenge was one volume of the manga of your choice. I wrote 3 posts for this challenge. My first encounter with Manga in Hello Manga!, Most Often Cosplayed based on Manga’s Characters, and my top-5 manga in Subarashii Manga.

My joining the challenge is never about winning the prize, it is simply because I love things Japanese…but somehow, I really wanted to win the prize. I want to have Onepiece volume 55, it hadn’t been published in my country yet. And miraculously, I won!! 🙂

The prize was supposed to be a manga of my choice, however Nat is very kind and added few things as an extra prize 🙂 she gave me Onepiece volume 55, 2 highlighters, and a memo-book. I still haven’t used more than 10 sheets of that memo because the pictures are too cute.

This prize came at the most perfect time of the year, it came during my Annual Onepiece Reread Event. I always reread Onepiece each year because I love the world and the characters Oda-sensei had beautifully created.

To my surprise, I really wasn’t expecting this AT ALL!, In the November round-up post, Nat announced this:

I also have an unannounced extra prize this month. After looking at the previous mini-challenges over the last year and a bit, I discovered that Novroz has participated in 11 out of 13 of them. That’s impressive and also makes me very happy! So Novroz will be getting a small prize too.

What is the prize, you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait and see because it’s going to be a surprise but it’s something I picked up last month especially for her and I’m pretty sure she’ll love it!

I was wondering what that could be. And the prize came last month 🙂

It was a mini puzzle of Luffy’s wanted poster and key-chains (or something like that) of Luffy and Luffy’s Pirate-ship Symbol. The puzzle consist of 150 small pieces, they are smaller than my nail. I was so eager to finish it right away.  I’m not sure how many hours I finished it, somewhere between 2-4 hours, I think. I really like how it turned out 🙂 I will put it into a frame soon.

As for the key-chain, I use it for my bookmark. I made few bookmarks last month and I added the key-chain to one of them.

Nat wrote to me that she thought of me when seeing those things…isn’t it nice to be remembered? even though it is just for a small thing like this 🙂 I was touched with this gifts. 本当 に どもう ありがとう たなばた-さん、 貴方 は  本当 に 優し 人だ (Hontou ni domou arigatou Tanabata-san, Anata wa hontou ni yasashi hito da).

I know that some of you probably thinking ‘wow, she is over  30 years old and still enjoy this stuffs! That’s just weird!‘ … well,what can I say Onepiece knows no age boundary…this manga is loved  by people in every age 🙂

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