Cillian Murphy’s Cameo Performances

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Tron: Legacy was released last month. The moment I saw that movie, I knew what I’m going to write for this month’s Monthly Murphy. I was planning to review On The Edge but that review has to be delayed again. Tron is the perfect excuse to write about Cillian Murphy’s Cameo performances.

Even though Cillian has played as leading role in many movies, but he still finds it okay to play as cameo…and I am still going to drag my self to the cinema to watch him even for only 2minutes appearance. When watching Tron, my friend said “ow, Cillian is in this movie, no wonder you are so eager to watch this movie.” Then she put up a big understanding smile.

As far as I know, I could be wrong (please correct me if you know better than me), there are 3 movies where we can find Cillian Murphy playing as cameo. I have seen two of them and still looking for the third one.

My feeling toward his appearance as cameo is somehow in between hate and love…I hate seeing him playing as cameo because I think it was SUCH A WASTE OF TALENT!! but even so, I love seeing him in every movie (tho I don’t always love his movies). But I understand his reasons for playing as Cameo, he is not the kind of actor who chases after fame above the art.

Here are Cillian Murphy’s cameo performances

1. Cold Mountain (2003)

This is the only movie that I haven’t seen YET. In this movie, Cillian played as one of the soldier that was shot not long after his appearance. His character’s name was Bardolph.

It’s nice looking at him caring for a baby’s life so much. Based on what I read, in real life, he is a really good father.

I don’t know his reason  for playing cameo in this movie because I haven’t seen it yet and rarely read news about this movie.

2. The Dark Knight (2008)

Dr. Jonathan Crane in Batman Begins

Cillian regained his previous character as Dr. Jonathan Crane. He played as supporting role for the villain in Batman Begins and then reappeared for less than 3minutes in the sequel, The Dark Knight.

Some people are talking about wanting him to show up again in the next batman movie, but I wish that never happen. I think it will be a waste of his talent, he could play better characters than keep repeating the same character over and over again.

I think his reason for playing cameo in this movie is because he has a lot of respect toward Nolan (same as Nolan toward him, Nolan claimed that Cillian is one of the best actors amongst his generation). Cillian even said that, if Nolan asks him again, he would be happy to accept the job.

3. Tron: Legacy (2010)

In Tron: Legacy, Cillian played as Ed Dillinger. He was the new hot shot in the company. It seems that his character is a smart guy behind the new technologies developed by that company.

There are rumors about a possibility of him playing as villain in the sequel of this movie. If there is a sequel in the future, Cillian will be the only reason I watch the movie, unless if they can create a better story in the sequel.

I haven’t read about this yet, but I think the main reason Cillian agree to appear in this movie is  not because of the rumor that he will appear in the sequel but more because Jeff Bridges is in this movie. In one of his interviews, he said that he really want to play with bridges.

I wonder how many movies he will appear as cameo in the future. Will I still eager to follow his career by then?

Hmm … yeah I believe I will still be eager to follow his every move in entertainment world 😉

My favorite Cillian Murphy picture for January 🙂 God has given him the most gorgeous eyes in the world


  1. Are there other actors of his fame who play so often as cameos? I really wonder why he does it, just to be part of something he thinks is good without being able to participate otherwise? I can see how someone would like to play along Jeff Bridges… I love that actor. I saw Cold Mountain but tha was before I knew your blog. I even remeber the role but didn’t make the connection. Getting more Cillian sensitive these days 🙂 I thought he was also a cameo in Inception?

    1. Cillian is not an actor that has desire to become famous, I guess that’s the reason why he doesn’t mind showing up as cameo. For Cold Mountain, I can only guess that Cillian likes the book and for that reason he didn’t mind playing as cameo…but,this is pure guessing work because I haven’t read any interview about this matter.

      I bet you didn’t know that Cillian’s appearance in The Wind That Shakes The Barley was because Cillian wanted to be in the part so bad,not because the Director chose him. Loach wanted to have all casts from non-famous actors. He came to the audition and treated just like any other actors.

      As for Inception, he was not a cameo,he played supporting role. He was asked by Nolan to choose whichever character he liked and he chose the one he never played before, as a very rich spoiled man. He could easily chose characters in Leonardo’s team which can give him more coverage but he didn’t do that.

  2. I didn’t know Nolan asked him to choose whichever character Cillian liked! What an honor!

    Btw, did you know that Cillian was considered a front runner for the role in 127 hours but in the end it went to Franco?? I read it in IMDB(dot)com.

    1. He was given the script during the production of Batman Begins. Nolan had set for the leading role and let Cillian chose whichever he wanted to be…but somehow Nolan knew which one Cillian wanted to be because when Cillian said he wanted to be Fischer, Nolan said ‘I knew you would choose that one’.
      Some part of me wish he had chosen JGL’s character therefore I could see him more 😉 but I knew he wouldn’t choose that character because there is nothing special about that character.

      Hehehe…of course I knew! What I didn’t know is why it didn’t land on his lap. Btw, I really want to watch that movie!! Our cinema is really late.

  3. Nice topic for your Monthly Murpy section, Nov. You probably already know this but I think Cillian auditioned for Batman but even though he didn’t get it, Nolan liked him so much that he cast him as Crane. It takes a brilliant director to recognize a brilliant actor and it makes me like Cillian more that he’s still willing to do cameos despite his rising fame. He kinda reminds me of Chris Bale who is more concerned about the work and working people he respects than for the money and fame.

    1. Thank you Ruth.
      Yup I know about that…the funny thing is, Nolan had a;ready set his mind on someone else for Crane but when he saw Cillian,he scratched that someone from his list and cast Cillian instead.
      I agree!! Christian and Cillian are few actors that act more for the art of acting rather than money and fame. We also rarely heard the personals affair of both actors.

  4. This post is fun! ha! I love your post completely dedicated to CM. It is fun to learn little facts about him that you wrote and even more fun to see just HOW much you love Murphy! (Much like my love for Scarlett Johansson!)
    You should watch Cold Mountain! (If it interests you). Aside from a great cameo from CM, this film very accurately portrays what the South in the United States was truly like during the U.S. Civil War. (As opposed to the glamorized version in films like Gone With The Wind). It also contains cameos by Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Donald Sutherland, Philip Seymour Hoffman….and great main performances by the main cast! If you lived in my town I would let you borrow it for sure!

    Great post!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Scarlett…ah so that’s where you got yor nickname 😉

      I’m planning to watch Cold Mountain one day, the problem is finding it. It’s not easy to find old movies.
      Wow, I didn’t know there are so many great cameos in that movie. Thank you for sharing that info Scarlett

      1. Oh!! Did you see Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes!! Soo Gorgeous!! (need a napkin to clean up the drool from my face! haha)

        Glad I could provide the info for you on Cold Mountain. I enjoy it so much, as I studied history in college. I found the film to be a very accurate depiction of the South during the war. Here’s a link that may work for you to watch it online. I usually use the website from time to time if I can’t find a movie to watch any other way.

        1. No I didn’t, my localTV didn’t show it 😦 and I don’t have cable.
          Usually, they will air it tonight, but I haven’t seen the ads yet, probably they will not show it.

          Thank you for the link,I will try watching it…not sure it’ll work due to the speed and I have used all my internet quota to download Sherlock.

          Talking about Scarlett,have you seen The Girl with a pearl earring? I probably asking a rhetoric question here 😉

          1. Oh, I hope you get to see her..i mean…the show! heehee!

            Believe it or not, I never finished Girl with a Pearl Earring and am waiting to finish it. That’s actually one of the main reasons I haven’t finished my post dedicated to her like your post for CM! (I have to try to convince Ruth that Scarlett Johansson is a worthy actress!) 😉

          2. I know imdb will post the show…but I like reading people”s opinion on it too, that’s why I am waiting for any blogger to post it.

            Ow she’s not nominated, I read the nomination in several blogs and yet I still couldn’t remember all the nominees.
            Hehe good luck in changing her mind.

  5. It took me a few seconds to recognise him in Tron – He’s pretty good at visual transformations for his roles! Have you watched the Green Hornet? Did you notice Edward Furlong in it – He was practically unrecognisable…in a bad way!

    1. Hehe lucky I spotted him the moment he showed up 🙂
      He is always good in transformation, Peacock was his best so far…have you seen it?
      I haven’t seen the green hornets yet…what do you mean in a bad way?

  6. Oh, I so love your CM monthly posts:) And thank you so much for the youtube vid on Tron. Last time I tried to find the scene, there was nothing, and actually, I didnt feel like watching that movie (of course, in the end, for CM I would have don, we all know that:D)

    BTW, where did you get that Montly favorite picture? It is awesome, absolutely gorgeous but I dont think I’ve ever seen it.

    And I didnt know he had the chance to get the role in 127 hours… Oh my, a whole movie only with him, yayness:( Right now I’m in complete insatiability, there had been too long time since he was in a movie where he had the lead and I could watch him for 100 minutes! Agh.

    1. Thank you Miraxterrik 🙂
      Hehehe I watch Tron for a single purpose…to see Cillian 2 minutes performance. I will also watch NOW for that single purpose as I hate the main actor.

      I found that picture somewhere in tumblr, I believe that was taken from Sunshine, you can tell from the color and the way he does his hair.

      We could see a whole lot of him in The Retreat 🙂 There are only 3 actors in that movie. The Retreat is one of my most anticipated movies of 2011 (and right now, I only have few anticipated movies)

  7. I didn’t realise Cillian Murphy had appeared in so many cameo roles. He’s a good actor though – I have really enjoyed his performances in Red Eye and Batman, as well as 28 Days Later.

    1. He is an idealistic actor…he would appear in any project he likes even though it won’t make him famous or gain big money.
      He is good in Red Eye, Batman and 28 Days Later, but he was great in other not so famous movies such as Breakfast on Pluto, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Peacock.

    1. Yeaaa…glad to know you think he was amazing there \(^^)/ He was 2 completely different people…I love his movies more when he played brilliantly like that.

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