170.000sq miles of desert
90 minutes of oxygen
No way out

I knew about this movie from Ronan’s blog, Filmplicity. His review on the movie is very convincing. I don’t usually fall for someone’s review till I saw the trailer, my last opinion on whether to watch a movie or not is always after seeing its trailer, but I was so eager to see this movie right after reading the review. I guess the reason for my curiosity is because I always enjoy small character movies with powerful performance and great story line. I really like Cast Away and still looking forward to see 127 hours.

I was convinced that the movie won’t be played in Indonesian cinema. I was surprised to see that it appears in the ‘coming soon’ poster. Till last week, it was still amongst those ‘coming soon’ posters. Fortunately, the DVD is already out.

The story was very simple. A man named Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) woke up in a coffin under tons of sand above him. He had nothing but a lighter and a mobile phone. He tried to remember what had happened to him. From the mobile, which is not his, he tried calling his wife and his employer. He also called FBI and other government department to help him out.

Simple isn’t it?

To make matter worse, you can only see Ryan Reynolds moving around inside a small coffin for 90 minutes!! Other actors only lent their voices. And there is a lot of heavy breathing and dark scenes.

Sounds boring, right?

Well, here’s my thought:

Yes, the story is very simple but it has depth more than most complicated movies I have seen lately. It is also more interesting than the last big budget movie I saw. Rodrigo Cortés manages to create a 90 minutes movie with only 1 man in a very limited space far from being boring.

As for Reynolds, he plays brilliantly …well, he has to!! Otherwise the movie will fail badly. The whole movie really depends on the ability of the actor to act at his best. And Reynolds flawlessly delivers it. He makes me glued to the screen wondering what will happen to him. I am as pissed-off as him when his employer calls him to tell him that he is fired. I am as tense as him when the sand starts pressing the coffin. He literally makes me believe that he is really stuck in that coffin for 90minutes.

The ending is something that will make you keep questioning while watching. the movie.  Will he be saved? Or will he died?

When the movie was finally over, I was left feeling so awed at the movie. It can be defined as ‘greatness sometime comes from something so simple

Because I really like it, I give Buried


15 thoughts on “Buried

    1. I hope so too Julian 🙂
      But don’t force your self, it is understandable if you end up disliking the movie. One of my students said it was boring and she only likes it because Reynolds is handsome, otherwise she wouldn’t watch it.

  1. I like your review Novia, you write straight from the heart which makes it very easy and enjoyable to read. Thanks for the ping back. I think I may have lost that DVD of The Heart Of Jenin, if I find it I will send you a copy.

    1. Thank you Ronan 🙂
      It is only fair to ping you back because you are the one who made me watching this movie, I’m grateful for that.
      It’s Okay Ronan, take your time 🙂

  2. My first impression of this is that it makes me claustrophobic. And I also thought, if you’re gonna use a stud like Reynolds, why confine him into a box?? But from what I’ve heard, and after reading your review, I’m now curious to check this out on dvd. I like what you said how a movie can have great depth despite a simple story and confined setting. Nice review!

    1. Thank you Ruth 🙂
      I also wondered about that, why use a stud like Reynolds for this kind of movie? I think the 1st time I read about this movie, the question is more like a sneer.
      I’m glad he deliveres it very well.

      Just like what Ronan told me, the movie is very original…the originality of the story really drawn me.

  3. I just watched it yesterday. It was literally breath-taking. ekkhh…
    Yes, I agree with you, the idea is brilliant. But with that kind of ending, huhu… in a way.. make me feel a bit upset.

    Overall, the movie is great. thumbs-up.

    1. Yaaaiiii…I”m glad you like t too Yan 🙂
      We really do have the same brainwave when it comes to movies 😉
      As for the ending…it was for the best, if the ending is the other way around I think my fascination for the movie will be lessen than what I have now.

  4. Exciting stuff. I thought this was going to be a tough film to pull off – one location, one character. But by the sounds of things the producers of the film have managed to create a taut and tense thriller. I’ll have to check this out soon.

    1. I honestly thought so too…this movie will fail big time if the director can’t bring the best out of the actor…and I have to say Cortez did a great job.I have more respect on Reynold now.
      I”m looking forward to know what you think about this movie

  5. …yeah, I’ll see it soon. When I first heard about the film I thought – the director’s going to have to have a lot of skill to pull this off, and I wasn’t sure the actor was up the task to be honest. But by the sounds of things it worked.

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