Hollywood Fantasy Draft II – My Pick

Castor of anomalous Material has done it again 🙂

He once again created this fun game called Hollywood Fantasy Draft, this is the second HFD.

You can read his 1st post to start this fun game allover again here.  The rules are basically the same as before…BUT there is one deadly rule for everyone who had joined the game before

You cannot pick anyone you selected in the first Hollywood Fantasy Draft until the 4th round

Gyaaaaa…..How could I pick Cillian again? << this is my 1st reaction when i read that new rule!!

The only way to get him is by making deal with other participants.

This second game has  29 participants (the plan was to accept 32 participants), they are: Ripley, Movie Guy Steve, Rich, John Parker, Rob Carraher, Andrew R, Candice, Marc, Robert, Marya, Andy, Lacie, Scarlet_Sp1der, Joel, Ruth, Amy W, Anna, Sebastian, Richard, Castor, Michael, Andrew Kendall, Red, Travis, Nick, Clara, Nicholas, and CS.

As far as I can remember, 3 of them were after Cillian Murphy. Fortunately, I made a deal with Castor. I gave him my 1st round pick and he gave me his 2nd round pick. For my 1st round pick, I chose Rachel McAdams and gave her to him.On his 2nd round pick,he chose Cillian Murphy and gave him to me…it was a wonderful trade. Thank you Castor 🙂

This time,  I only need 2 actors  for the leading roles and some cameo here and  there. I will be making a 2 characters movie. It’s going to be a comedy, so I chose the best in the area, Edgar Wright as the director and will be teaming up with Simon Pegg to write the script. Pegg will also appears as cameo. I finally decided to add one more actor for supporting role. I chose a Japanese, my movie without Asian is like eating without rice.

I know you will think that I am obsess with Cillian Murphy…well, I won’t deny it 🙂

Here are my draft:


Round 2 (From Castor) “Cillian Murphy: As a producer (be it a real one or just a fantasy) I can assure you that this man will always be in my movie, whether as the leading role or supporting role or even just a cameo (a credited one unlike in tron where he was uncredited).
Cillian Murphy is an actor that has both gorgeous face and great talent in acting. Whatever role I’m going to give him, I am sure he can pull it off easily. He has done his share as a split personality person (one is a shy man and the other is a woman), a transvestite, a disturbed teenager, a psychopath, and many more. A comedy movie will be an easy task for him.”
Round 2 “For my second pick, I choose Edgar Wright.
Edgar Wright has done a great job in Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. He is the perfect director to direct my movie because I’ll be making a movie with the same atmosphere as those movies (with less blood).”
Round 3 “My 3rd pick is Danny DeVito. My second leading man is this funny little guy that seems to have lost his charm lately but he hasn’t lost it on me. Danny has a wonderful way to make people laugh. When Castor announced this 2nd Fantasy draft, his name is the 1st one to pop in my head.” Danny DeVito
Round 4 “Hiroshi Abe is a funny man with serious face. I love the way he makes me laugh without changing his face expression. He is the perfect cast for a disaster-maker.”
Round 5 “For my 5th and my last pick, I choose Simon Pegg to accompany Edgar Wright as scriptwriter. The combination of those two in writing script is awesomely funny. He will also appear as Cameo. 

I know we don’t have to pick a script writer but Simon Pegg is one packet with Wright 😉 … However, if anyone want to take him, I’ll let him go and I will mention him in my pitch later. He might have a better spot in someone else’s movie.”


You can see all the participant draft here. So far, the one that I like the most is Nick’s cast…Brilliant cast. i also Like  Ripley’s,  he chose John Woo and cast 4 Asians as his cast (so far). Looking forward to know what he is up to.

My draft from the 1st HFD is here.

On the 1st HFD, I couldn’t write my movie pitch as good as others. Learning from that mistake, I will try to write a better pitch this time. you can read the other  participants’ pitch in here.

It’s been fun choosing  my  cast and looking forward to read everyone’s pitch (as well as writing my own pitch)

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Fantasy Draft II – My Pick

    1. Castor really knows how to create fun 😉
      Looking forward to read yours too Joel.
      Last year, I didn’t have time to highlight the other participants’ pitch…this year I will try my best to that.

    1. Thank you T 🙂
      I’m glad I got him too…but, I have been thinking, if Castor makes the 3rd HFD I think I will let Cillian go. I believe I will be ready to let him go at that time.

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