Sherlock The Blind Banker

This is the second episode of Sherlock, The Blind Banker

The Blind Banker is not as strong as A Study In Pink. The case is not as intriguing as the 1st episode but the chemistry between the actors is still nice to see. They are getting closer than before. We can also see the annoyance in both John’s and Sherlock’s face. This odd couple really amuses me.

The story started with a terrified Chinese girl. This girl will come across Sherlock’s case. Sherlock was asked by his college mate to help him solved a mystery that happened in his bank. Someone had drawn gravity on a picture of an important man. Sherlock was curious with the graffiti which he thought as a cipher.

Sherlock’s observation led him to 2 curious murders. One was a man from the bank named Van Coon and the other was a reporter named Lukis. They both died inside a closed room and presumed as suicide by police. However, Sherlock didn’t see it like that. He was so sure they were all murdered and the cipher connected the murders.

They finally realized the most important missing key of the case, they needed to find the Chinese girl. Just like my review on A Study In Pink, I will not write to much of the story because spoiler will ruin a good mystery.

For this case, Sherlock and John were helped by Detective Inspector Dimmock. It was really fun to see Dimmock’s reaction, first he objects Sherlock’s help and then gradually believes in him although we can still see how he is annoyed by Sherlock’s arrogance from time to time. I really fell sorry for him in this specific scene:

Dimmock: “Anything else I could do? To assist you, I mean.”
Sherlock: “Some silence right now will be marvelous.”

Due to the lack of interest on the case, it gives me a chance to properly look at the cinematography. I really like the camera angle of this miniseries, especially when the shot was taken outside.

I almost forgot to mention the most fun part of this episode. John has a date!! Hehe, it really is fun to see Sherlock’s reaction and how he interferes the date is also amusing.

Sherlock: “We need to get some air, we’re going out tonight!”
: “Actually, I have a date.”
Sherlock: “What?”
John: “It’s when two people who like each other going out for fun.”
Sherlock: “That what I was suggesting.”
John: “No it wasn’t, at least I hope not.”

In conclusion, I really love seeing the connection between John and Sherlock even more than before but the case is not too interesting, the first episode has a much better case.

I lower my rating a bit for this episode, it becomes

Details on the miniseries:

Director: Paul McGuigan for A Study in Pink and The Great Game.  Euros Lyn for The Blind Banker.
Scriptwriter: Steven Moffat for A Study in Pink, Stephen Thomson for The Blind Banker, Mark Gatiss for The Great Game

This is a fanvid of this episode


  1. You still give it a 4 star rating… It is probably still far above the average of other TV productions. Will have to watch it soon… I also enjoy some of the old movies like The Hound of the Baskervilles… There are many versions, I can’t remember which one I saw… I liked it, it was spooky.

    1. I am very generous in giving rating 😉
      Then again, my rating is simply based on my personal taste. This one is not as amazing as the 1st one but still I really like it.
      Cumberbatch and Freeman really make a great connection there.

      You should try Reading his pretend blog, it’s very funny. But don’t read a study in pink and the blind banker because those posts contain spoilers.

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