Best Five In cinema 2010

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This is my second Top-5 post for this month. I used to post 1 top-5 post a month but there are some exception months where I ended up posting 2 top-5 post just like this month.

I love movies, but even so, I don’t go to cinema as often as other movie buffs. I choose my cinema movies carefully. These are movies don’t usually watch in cinema, I will patiently wait for it in DVD:

  • Pure drama (except if the cast is either Cillian Murphy or Keanu Reeves). Drama is fun to watch but it is often lack of visual and explosion.
  • Horror movies because I find screaming people as something very funny (My last experience watching Horror movie in cinema ended up becoming a comedy movie because I kept laughing at those people who screamed every time the ghost showed up )
  • Musical movie … this one simply because I don’t like musical movies (unless the music is from the band/musician that I like, such as The Beatles in Across The Universe and ABBA in Mamamia…even so, I watch those 2 movies in DVD)
  • Animation movie … I will reconsider if the animation is from Ghibli, unfortunately my country’s cinema doesn’t play Ghibli animation 😦 (I think Tin Tin will be my 1st animation in cinema)

I rely on trailer to choose whether I want to watch the movie in cinema or in DVD.

Here are the movies I watched in Cinema 21 throughout 2010, it’s a short list.

  1. Wolf Man on February 23
  2. Alice in Wonderland on March 10
  3. Shutter Island on March 16
  4. Clash of The Titans on April 13
  5. Ghost Writer on April 27
  6. Robin Hood on May 18
  7. The A Team on June 14 and 22
  8. Inception on July 16 and 19
  9. Red on October 25
  10. Tron on December 20

I feel so fortunate that I only got to see 10 movies in cinema, making this top-5 list becomes incredibly easy.

#5 Wolfman

I didn’t have time to review this movie because I was so busy at that time. I like the dark aura from this movie, and above all I really like the main cast; Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.


#4 The Ghost writer

My Review is here.

I like listening to Ewan McGregor’s accent. From the beginning till the end, it kept me wondering what is going on in this movie, I like this kind of movie. I like all the twist in this movie. While watching it, I kept thinking that this feels like the kind of story that comes from books…and I was right. A week later, I found the book at Times bookstore. However, I felt a bit disappointed for going to theater to watch this because drama like this is better to be watched at home.

#3 The A Team

My review is here.

I love movie with great teamwork. The A Team and Mission Impossible are my all time favorite for great teamwork TVseries. I hate the movie version of Mission Impossible but I love the movie version of The A Team. Not a brainy kind of movie but very fun to watch.


#2 Shutter Island

My review is here (I wrote it in Indonesian language)

This is one of my most anticipated movie of 2010 and I’m glad that my anticipation was paid off.

This is a truly gripping movie. The scoring has successfully made the movie has a creepy aura even though there is no ghost involve.   Watching this movie makes me want  to read the book, i will probably buy it this year.

#1 Inception

My review is here (Will update it once I have bought its DVD)

This is also one of my most anticipated movie of 2010 and I’m glad that my anticipation was paid off.

What makes this movie worth my expectation is the crazy idea of entering someone’s dream…And to make it more unbelievable is when you can create your own design of your dream…That is an awesome idea. I also like the idea of dreams within dream. The effect is also amazing, my fav is definitely when Arthur tries to fight people in free gravitation.

Now, I’d love to know your version of Best Five In cinema 2010 🙂

Ps. I didn’t mention the movies I watched from DVD because I have forgotten whether those movies were released in 2010or 2009 🙂 I could remember the ones I watched in cinema really well because I kept all my cinema ticket.  It’s a weird hobby of mine 😉   

23 thoughts on “Best Five In cinema 2010

  1. The worst year for film in the last 100 years!

    FWIW, my best 5 released theatrically in Australia.

    1. Up In The Air – The only brilliant film for the year. Reitman has now made three sensational comedies in a row. One of the best starts to a career in recent memory.

    2. Black Swan – Aronofsky’s most mature film to date. Brilliantly handled, super ambitious, visually enchanting and very original.

    3. The Hurt Locker – Tense, powerful and brilliantly realised. Interestingly Bigelow nails the male psyche better than male directors have been able to.

    4. The Ghost Writer – Just a cracking thriller. Well paced, fantastically written and extremely engrossing.

    5. Winter’s Bone – The best movies can help us understand the experiences of others, whose lifestyles are different to our own. This film takes us places we would only be willing to go in the movies. It features an unforgettable central performance and a heartrendering story.

    1. Thank you for sharing your list Michael 🙂

      I wouldn’t say 2010 as the worst because of Inception, even if I wrote this top-5 as best movies in 2010 (both in cinema and DVD), Inception is still going to be on my top list.

      I want to watch Black Swan, but Indonesian Cinema hasn’t play it yet.

      Hurt Locker got a mixed review, some said it wasn’t that good. I haven’t seen it yet…My friend owns its DVD, will probably borrow it from her later.

      The Ghost Writer is very interesting isn’t it. I couldn’t guess what really going on till the last minute. I want to read the book.

      Once again, thank you for sharing, I enjoy reading your thought on those movies.

  2. I am hardly ever watching movies at the cinema anymore as DVDs are way cheaper and the hours are so weird.
    I liked Shutter Island a lot. Will ned to watch Ghost Writer.
    Beneath Hill 60, an Australian War Movie is very good. It came out this year. I reviewed it, you know where. I still need to watch Inception. Apart from that I concur with Michael G. 2010 wasn’t such agood movie year.

    1. I still spend some times to go to cinema because some movies are best in Cinema. I don’t think watching, say Inception, will have the same impact if I watch it in DVD. Some sound effects can not be satisfied through DVD. But, just like you, I don’t go much to cinema, only certain movies.

      Have you read Shutter Island?

      I’ve seen you post, will spend time to read it later 😉

      1. I did read Shutter Island and it is much better than the film even though the film is good. I wanted to read more of Dennis Lehane’s books but didn’t so far.
        I did post a Best of after all.

        1. I won’t be surprised if the book is better than the movie. I have never seen any movie better than the book, only equally good or worse.

          I’ve read your best list 🙂 that was an interesting read. I will also do my top-5 book later, a bit more like this postt rather than yours tho.

  3. I won’t be posting my fav movie of the year yet but I can say that I really enjoyed watching Shutter Island. Inception was a bit of a deception though; didn’t like it that much. Of course I don’t often go to roller coaster movies so that plays a part. And I wasn’t bored either LOL. But I had expected MUCH more of Ellen Paige!

    The most funny thing about watching Inception was that I kept thinking of you since this was the 1st film I consciously saw with Cillian Murphy in it and Mr Gnoe and I kept guessing which one he was. 😉

    1. Since I am a sci-fi have to excuse my love for Inception 😉

      If you are looking for MUCH Ellen Paige, you better watch Peacock. I am happy Ellen didn’t talk with Cillian in Inception because that would ruin the great chemistry they have in Peacock.

      Lol, me and my Cillian obsession seemed to pass along everyone I know in the net. Another blogger told me that she thought of me when seeing Cillian in Tron.

      1. LOL that is funny indeed! I won’t be able to see Cillian Murphy ever again without thinking of you. And Peacock is going on my list of movies to see! Definitely. Have you seen Hard Candy? Awesome film! No Cillian Murphy though. 😉

        1. Hard Candy? what is it about?
          Haha don’t worry, I will watch all Cillian’s movies but that doesn’t mean I stop watching movies without him 😉
          Looking forward to know what you think of Peacock when you finally see it.

  4. miss dari top 5 miss, saya cuma nonton inception… dan emang keren….. tahun ini saya jarang bgt ke bioskop :((
    klu saya suka paranormal activity 2 he he he he

    1. Wah kirain msh suka ke bioskop.
      Jadi mahasiswa bikin ga ada waktu ya?
      Hehe kalo paranormal activity mah enakan nntn di dvd, nanti sy malah ngaka2 liat orang teriak2

  5. So….the rule is to make a list based on the movies I’ve seen in the cinema only?? That would be a bit difficult because in 2010, I didn’t go to the cinema as often as I usually do because of the student exchange thingy. I bought some of these movies below, and some others are downloaded. I hope that’s ok… 😉

    Here goes:

    #5. Kick-Ass
    You, of all people, know that I’m not a huge fan of things bloody and gory, right? But this movie is a total exception because, for me, it has everything. Smart humor, good story, cool actions, and talented actors (kudos to Chloe Moretz. That girl can act!). This movie gives a whole new meaning of super hero movies and whole lot of entertainment.

    #4. Step Up 3D
    I can’t describe how much I L.O.V.E this dance movie franchise! I watched this movie twice in the cinema when I was in Malaysia, and watched it again for the 3rd time when I arrived in Jakarta with my friends at Pejaten Village. This movie is entertainment at its finest. Sure, the story is cliche and not really well-constructed, but the dances are insane and purely entertaining that I had to literally hold on to my seat so that I didnt jump and dance and applaud! And isn’t that the whole point of making a dance flick?

    #3. The Social Network
    From the very beginning, before all the hype and Oscar buzz, I’ve wanted to watch this movie so bad! Then I got to watch it back in November and boy, I was in awe! I really have nothing to say but high praises for David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin for directing and writing this awesome piece of work, and for Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield for owning the screen from the get-go!

    #2. Inception
    Christopher Nolan can do no wrong. If The Dark Knight is not enough to make that point clear, this movie surely is. It is just so…original, twisted, crazy, intelligent, and mind blowing!!! I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the screen from the very beginning. There are so many what-the-F-just-happened-?! moments that I went speechless the second the credit roled. The ridiculously insane zero-gravity fighting scene between Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character and the ‘dream defenders’ gave me total goosebumps!!!

    #1. Toys Story 3
    This might be a surprise to you, but I really think that this is the best movie in 2010. I don’t know what it is, really. Perhaps it’s the fact that I grew up with these toys, perhaps my inner-kid got the best in me, or maybe it’s just the hype-living-up-to-its-expectation factors, I can’t decide. I do know that this movie brought so many emotions in me and some kind of…closure, which not a lot of movies can do.
    Maybe the Spanish Buzz Lightyear won me over. Who knows! 😉

    Movies that didn’t make the list but still worth mentioning:

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    (I don’t think any explanation is need here :P)

    (Loved the comedy, brought to you by the genius John Malkovich, and the chemistry between Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker.)

    How to Train Your Dragon
    (This was my very first 3D movie and it left such an impression. hahaha! Nevertheless, even if this weren’t a 3D movie, it’s still worth mentioning. Jay Baruchel was so terrific and gave such a character!)

    1. Yup…that is the rule! but I can give a little slack. I might as well edit this post to include movies from DVD…if so, Mother from Korea will be in this list.

      Auch…I have no love for Kick-Ass for this reason: .I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either…but I know I stand alone in this part,I have seen a lot of people praising this movie.
      You have seen The Social Network!! I am waiting for it in DVD. Same with Toy Story 3.
      I don’t have to say anything on Inception 😉 a lot of love for that movie.
      Thank you for your enthusiasm in all my top-5 post Wulan *hug*

  6. Oh I never go to cinema as much as in 2010. I blame you for this. Haha.

    Here is my list from bottom to top:
    5. Alice – It’s typical of Tim Burton’s work. But I love his visualisation, the rather dark version of Alice in wonderland but it is still enjoyable. The characters, especially White Queen & Red Queen, are great. Good casts.

    4. Ghost Writer – I simply love the plot. And the movie itself is simple yet intriguing. Made me curious with the previous works of Roman Polanski.

    3. Harry Potter 7 part 1 – If no one asked me to go, I have no regret not watching it in cinema. I’ll wait for the DVD. But apparently my friend did. Fortunately I enjoyed the movie. As usual, I was very entertained by the acts of Weasleys. Ron, the twins and Billy (who is surprisingly match my visualisation of him).

    2. Shrek 4 – this is also surprising me. May be at the time I was very in a good mood and a bunch of friends who watched it along with me might be in a good mood as well. It’s the funniest animation I’ve ever had. I laughed a lot.

    1. Inception
    – I love all Christopher Nolan’s movies. But Inception really blew my mind. The story. The casts. The music score. The effects. It’s great. awesome. brilliant. I don’t mind watching it over and over again. I need to rewatch it anyway, coz I didn’t fully get the story at first. hahaha. All in all, this movie makes me addict to Mr. Nolan’s works.

    1. Haha… then,this year we should go more often 😉
      not sure what to watch this year but maybe somewhere along the line, we found something worth watching.

      Agree on Alice…I was thinking about putting it in my top-5 but Wolfman defeated it.
      You were the one who asked me to watch The Ghost Writer…thank you.
      If you decide to buy Harry Potter and Shrek’s DVD…can I borrow it? 😉

      *high five* on Inception. I saw it twice already and I am still waiting for a chance to see it again. Just like you, I want to see more movies by Nolan after seeing Inception. The best movie of 2010 (both in cinema and in DVD)

      thank you for sharing Yan 🙂

  7. Sorry I missed this post somehow. Haven’t seen Shutter Island and Wolfman but I don’t care for Ghost Writer, I found that rather boring. A-Team was fun indeed and Inception, well, can’t argue with that pick 🙂

    1. No problem Ruth 🙂
      You should really check Shutter Island…it was really good. I enjoy the creepy score a lot. As for Wolfman, well it was better than the other 5 movies I watched last year.
      I’m glad to see Inception shows up in everyone’s list

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