Books I Have Read in 2010

Books I Have Read in 2009

Just Like Last Year, I’m doing my round up of books I’ve read in 2010. Unlike last year, I include some Manga in my review. Last Year, I read lots of Manga but didn’t write any review, starting this year I’m going to review all manga I’ve read.

Here are the books I have Read in 2010 (you can read my reviews by clicking on the book’s cover):

The total is 32 books

I Read  7 Books by Stephen King

The Gunslinger

Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption

I Read 9 Books by Japanese Authors

I Read 10 Books by US/British Authors

I Read 4 Books by Indonesian Authors

I Reviewed 10 Manga

How many books did you read this year? I’m sure it’s more than mine coz I’m a slow reader

10 thoughts on “Books I Have Read in 2010

  1. You sure do like Stephen King. I will read some of your Japanese reviews, that is at the moment what interests me most and I am least familiar with. And some others too. I still haven’t read The Road. I was thinking about doing an end year post but I think I will not. Just don’t feel like it. I will probably do this year’s last review today. Although I still haven’t written some reviews of books I read this year…

    1. Yeah…what can I say, I’m addicted to his books.
      I hope you’ll enjoy reading my reviews and eventually enjoy reading J-Literature.they are really good.
      I still have one more post to close this year.

  2. You did a great job! I actually didn’t start my blog until April, and before that I didn’t keep track of the books I read, but since the blog, I sort of have and I got through at least 100 by year’s end (not counting children’s books, but counting middle readers that I read with my bebe boy)

    1. 100 books a year?
      Wow…that’s a lot!! I wish i can read that fast. Too many interest really slows me down in reading.

      that’s the fun of blogging,I can track down all the books I read in certain years, it’s really great filing method

  3. The Stand is my favorite book. I’ve read it three times and the last time was the expanded edition! Also, On Writing is a fantastic book on the craft. I just gave it as a Christmas gift to a friend of mine.

    1. Wow,3 times? The Stand really worth being read 3 times, I love Nick Andros character very much.
      On Writing should be read by everyone. I hope your friend love that gift.
      Thank you for commenting Colleeng 🙂

  4. WHAT? Strangers didn’t end up in your top-5? 😮
    I found it such a beautiful story — it made me cry. But it probably does make a difference whether your parents are alive or not…

    I’m relieved that you’ve only read 3 more books than I did LOL We’re in the same league! 🙂

    1. Stranger is good…but it didn’t even get into my top-3 J-literature because the other 3 are amazing. You should really read The Square Persimmon…one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.

      Hahaha you got me there 😉 well at least more than you, even though only 3.
      It’s amazing how some people able to read almost 100books o.O I could never done something like that.

  5. This year I intend to keep a list of all the new or new to me books I’m going to read, I know I read 72 for the Library Challenge, but read also a lot I bought. There’s some good books on your list & some like the Tokyo Zodiac Murders that are on my TBR thanks to your review I think for the JapLit challenge

    1. Keeping a list is really fun, it makes us easier to retrace the books we have read.
      I keep list not only for the new ones I read but all I reviewed. Some are reread books that I haven’t reviewed before.

      72? I am surrounded by fast reader 😉
      I hope you can actually keep list this year Parish.

      I’m glad my review can encourage people to read the book 🙂

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