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Sherlock – A study in Pink

I have just seen a marvelous miniseries, I am still mesmerized by it.

A British mini series about Sherlock Holmes but it was made in modern world. It totally intrigued me because it was exactly how I imagine if Sherlock ever live in this time. Remember Robert Downey’s version of Sherlock Holmes? I like Downey but I haven’t seen the movie because all my brain’s nerves are screaming ‘That’s not Sherlock!!’ just by looking at the trailer.

As for Sherlock, I haven’t seen any trailer yet and my friend lent me this mini-series few days ago. I was curious but couldn’t see it till weekend. The minute I saw Sherlock I knew straight away that HE IS A BETTER SHERLOCK than anyone I have ever seen. In fact, he is the most perfect Sherlock Holmes that represents how I imagine Sherlock  whenever I  read the book. He is annoying, obnoxious, a pain in the butt, rude, self-absorbed, cold, & arrogant smart ass. He ignores women. And last but not least, he is annoying…ow, I’ve said that already! However pain in the butt he is…I LOVE THAT MAN!!!

Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes!! He is brilliant!! I wonder how he can memorize all that lines, he speaks without stopping and the lines are so complicated. I love listening to his voice, his deep and sexy voice makes all his deductions sound interesting to hear….well they are interesting but his deep voice make it more interesting.

Not that I don’t like Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson, but I have to admit that it took time for me to accept him as Dr. Watson. He was not how I imagine Dr. Watson would be but somewhere along the line I grew to like him more and more. Martin Freeman’s version of Watson is a perfect accessory to accompany the oddity of Sherlock.

Now, let’s talk about the story.

In this 1st episode, it highlighted more on Dr. Watson rather than Holmes. Watson was having problem accepting his retirement from war. He met a friend who introduced him to Holmes. Watson felt so annoyed with Holmes, he started analyzing Watson and said everything about him. I could understand Watson’s feeling because it will annoy me too if I was in his position. But despite his annoyance, Watson still came to Holmes’s house to consider being his Flat-mate. As soon as Watson stepped into Holmes’s house at 221B Baker Street, he was dragged into Holmes unusual way of thinking. The more he tried to avoid him the more he was drawn into him.

The case in this first episode is about a series of suicide. Holmes believed that it wasn’t a suicide, he was so sure that all those suicide was done by a killer. The first lead came from the fourth victim, she left a message. From that message, Holmes developed a series of deduction. I’m not going to share the story more than this because it would spoil the fun. It’s a mystery mini series after all 🙂

The reason I like this mini series so much is because the adaptation to modern life was perfect. An introvert person would indeed love texting more than calling. And I found my self laughing so loud now and then because of its hilarious moment and Sherlock’s sarcastic words.

I am 100% sure that my amazement toward this movie is because of Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant act, he has this straight face that I always imagine every time I read (or re-read) Sherlock Holmes books. In fact, He made me want to read the books again. His posture is also the way I imagine Holmes would be.

I want to watch the rest of the episodes as soon as I finished this episode. Unfortunately, the file my friend lent me is broken 😦 I’m now trying to download it myself, I couldn’t  wait for another meeting with my friend which can never be guessed when will it be.

Before you say anything!! Yes I download the movie…there’s nothing I can do but doing a piracy. The reason is so simple, the original is not available for sale (well, at least not here) and ordering from Amazon is also out of the question.

One of my favorite quotes from this episode 🙂

Sherlock: “Shut up”
Lestrade: “I wasn’t saying anything”
Sherlock: “you were thinking, its annoying”

The next episodes are The Blind Banker and The Great game. I want to watch it A.S.A.P!!

My rating: without any slightest doubt,

Details on the miniseries:

Director: Paul McGuigan for A Study in Pink and The Great Game.  Euros Lyn for The Blind Banker.
Scriptwriter: Steven Moffat for A Study in Pink, Stephen Thomson for The Blind Banker, Mark Gatiss for The Great Game

A fanvid trailer


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8 comments on “Sherlock – A study in Pink

  1. Yana
    December 26, 2010

    hihihi… I knew you gonna like it, but not this so much admiration. This Sherlock’s great, eh?
    So many sarcastic lines of Mr. Holmes that really make me ‘lol’ dan ‘rofl’. That quote you picked is one of my favourite. And I remember the other one when he told Anderson to keep silent:
    More or less he said, “Don’t speak! You lower the IQ of the whole building” huahahaha…
    Get ready for the other two episodes. The third is the best script.

    • Novroz
      December 26, 2010

      Honestly, I didn’t know I’m going to have that much admiration my self.
      This Sherlock is AMAZING!! It’s like seeing the character walks out of the book and goes inside the TVscreen.

      hahaha…yeah that was freaking hilarious, he was so sarcastic with Anderson. I have to wait at least till next month to watch the third 😦 hoping so much I can finish downloading the second one by the end of this month.

      PS. it’s not the whole building but THE WHOLE STREET…haha cruel words

  2. Caroline
    December 27, 2010

    Oh, this sounds great. I always loved the Sherlock Holmes novels… I didn’t want to watch the version with Robert Downey JR, even though I like him but I do NOT like Jude Law and he does not look like I imagne Holmes. Freeman as Watson would need some getting used to… He is the Life on Mars guy, right? All in all I will watch it, probably I coud watch on British TV?

    • Novroz
      December 27, 2010

      Now, I am rereading the book 🙂
      This miniseries really has big impact on me. The last time I read the book was in 2003, unfortunately I only have 1 book, I used to borrow the other books.

      I believe you’ll like this miniseries too. After writting this, I surfed around and read many good reviews about it and Cumberbatch got an award for his performance. I surfed on youtube too and saw how differrent he was when he was not playing Sherlock. He really really really represents how I imagine Sherlock.

      I’ve never seen Freeman before, well at least as far as I can remember it. But if I’m not mistaken, he will become Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbits.

      I don’t know if British TV still airs it or not, but I read somewhere that you can stream it in a website (unfortunately, I forgot its URL) till Dec 27.

      As for Robert Downey’s version of Holmes….whuaaa I couldn’t believe that Holmes can turn into such a womanizer. I haven’t seen it either, the trailler gave all the hints I needed to know. That Sherlock Holmes is NOT Sherlock Holmes that I knew since high school.

      • Caroline
        December 27, 2010

        I relized after I posted my comment that it was on TV last night but due to the time difference it was too late for me and I don’t like it when I can’t watch from the start. British TV has done alot of good mini series recently. Whitechapel is great. A modern-day Jack the Ripper Story. You would like it.

        • Novroz
          December 28, 2010

          Lucky you can see it on your own TV. I have to DL it and it takes forever. I wish my friend’s file isn’t corrupted.
          I’ve heard of that miniseries, I want to watch it too…but British miniseries is difficult to find here 😦

  3. Mezz
    December 31, 2010

    Miss, ini series baru yaa? Saya fans sherlock soalnya and i really agreed that Robert Downey’s Holmes is not Holmes at all, it’s not even a mystery movie -_-.
    Download dimana miss?

    • Novroz
      December 31, 2010

      Ini miniseri, jadi cuma ada 3 episode. Sy br ja selesai nntn episode 2.
      Saya sih dipinjemin sama teman, tapi kalo mau DL (yg ke3 sy terpaksa DL) cari aja lewat google.

      I will write my review on the second episode soon, if you are interested to read it 😉
      Trust me that this Sherlock is AMAZING.

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