1. I should join. I have at least four books on my TBR pile. I need to stop buying books next year… It is pointless… I can’t read them all so I can only join challenges for which I don’t have to buy anything. I read South of the Border and like it so much that I didn’t read another one. Two I really want to read are Norwegina Wood and Sputnik Sweetheart. Thanks for sahring this challenge. I do want to read a lot of Japanese authors anyway next year ( I ordered the Persimmon book). Do you like Banana Yoshimoto?

    1. Haha all book worms are the same, all of us are such a book gluton 😉

      My reason of joining many book challenges is for thhe reason you have just mentioned, To read what I alreaddy have on my shelf, otherwise I can easily be tempted to buy new books (although if there is book fair near me, I still ended up buying more books again)

      I like Sputnik Sweetheart more than South of The Border. I hope you’ll enjoy that one as well.
      I’m looking forward to know what you think of The Persimmon book…I told 2 of my friend to read it and happy to say that both of them liked it.

      I’ve heard about Banana Yoshimoto but haven’t read it yet…I will try her one day. Have you read her books?

      1. i read a fair amount of Banana Yoshimoto’s books and still prefer Kitchen. And her short stories. I am organizing a Literature and war read along. Endo is on it and one Irish book :). I will post the list on Monday 27, trying to tempt you…

  2. I’m so glad you’re joining in the challenge, and thanks for posting about it!
    I’m not sure which Murakami books I’m going to read myself yet but would like to finally read South of the Border, West of the Sun and of course I can’t wait for 1Q84. Plus a few rereads hopefully.

    @Caroline – I hope you WILL join! 🙂

    1. Thank you Nat 🙂 it’s hard not to join this challenge, beside I need to force my self to go to library…I haven’t gone there in months.

      I want to search for 1Q84 as soon as I finish 1984.

    2. I guess I will, it sounds pressure free, I like that. I didn’t have the time to do an introductory post yet and will have to wait until January… Thanks for organizing and thanks Novroz for raising the awareness…

      1. Caroline, you don’t have to write introductory post. You can simply put your link in Mr.Linky.
        it’s my habit to write introductory post even though the host didn’t ask me to do it

    1. Not sure which one to reread? wow, can I assume that you have read them all?

      Yeah, I posted my review first because I need to find time to write my sign-up post. I know Nat didn’t ask for sign-up post but I like writing this kind of post before joining any challenge.

  3. I thought I had, until I saw this list, & realised have I had never heard of “A steamwhistle in the middle of the night” So I’m handing back my Haruki-superfan badge with my head held low with shame, until I can rectify this embarrassing situation.

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