This week’s Movies: Tron, Antique, Kick-Ass

I haven’t written any movie review lately because my DVD player is broken 😦 watching in computer is really not fun. I miss my DVD player a lot. However,i can’t stay away from movies for long. Last week and this week, I managed to watch 3 movies, 2 in DVD and 1 in cinema. I am going to write the latest first. 2 days ago, I went to the cinema to watch one of the biggest budget movies in history, Tron: Legacy. On Wednesday (Dec 15), I found a time to watch Antique, a Korean movie based on Japanese  Manga, my friend lent me this movie. On Sunday (Dec 12), I finally made my self watching Kick-Ass.

I know that I tend to have different opinion compare to other people, and that’s why my rating is based on whether I like it or not…NOT based on whether people should watch it or not.

So….here are  the movies I have watched lately.

TRON: Legacy

This movie is something that changed from I might see into I must see because of 1 man who only appears less than 5minutes 🙂

I haven’t watched the 1982 version of Tron yet, so I have no idea what this movie is about. And then I read somewhere that there were talks about TRON being a colossal movie, I love colossal movies so I thought ‘this is something I might see’. The word ‘might’ means that if I have time and friend to go with, I will watch it. Then, one night I read that my number one actor that I adore so much is going to appear as cameo in Tron legacy…that moment has changed Tron Legacy position into a MUST see movie.

Who am I talking about? Of course, Cillian Murphy! I’m glad to inform you that my Cillian-radar was still working perfectly, I spotted him straight away when he first appear within few seconds. I automatically said ‘ah…that’s him!’ After his appearance, I can enjoy the movie more relax because I didn’t have to do another ‘where’s Waldo Cillian game’ anymore.

Okay…now, let’s get back to the movie. Tron Legacy is released in December 16, 2010. It is directed by Joseph Kosinski. Jeff Bridges keeps his roles as Kevin Flynn and Clu. Bruce Boxleitner also keeps his role as Alan Bradley, Sam’s guardian. Garrett Hedlund portrays Flynn’s now-adult son, Sam. The other cast are Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, and Michael Sheen. My Cillian Murphy was uncredited cameo, he plays as Edward Dillinger Jr.

The story is about Sam Flynn who was left as orphan after his Dad went missing inside digital world. Sam inadvertently found away to get inside the digital world. He was soon faced with things beyond his imagination. He had to fight the programs to keep himself alive. He was brought upon Clu, the program his father had created to keep the digital world in order. While Clu tried to kill Sam, a female program named Corra came to the rescue. Corra brought Sam to meet his father,  Kevin Flynn, the creator of that digital world.

Clu wanted the disc that was attached on  Kevin’s back to find out the way to get into human’s world. For that reason, Kevin kept him self low in his hiding place. The chase and fight  begun when Sam decided to find a way to go back to the world to shut down Clu.

My thought on the movie:

I think this movie is not as bad as I thought it will be, I kinda like it. The visual is the one that I like the most, tho it was less 3D than I expected.  The glowing suit is very interesting and the motor cycle is amazing, it makes me want to ride that kind of motorcycle in the middle of the night. I also like the fighting scenes, tho I wouldn’t say it was the best fighting scenes I’ve ever seen. The best part of this movie is when Kevin Flynn comes to rescue Sam from Zuze, when he touches the floor and turns all the light off…that was so cool!! The ending is also to my liking, it was a happy ending but not 100% happy ending (I won’t say how  it actually ends because it  will spoil the fun). However, i was a bit disappointed because there wasn’t any colossal scene in the movie,thousands of programs lining up is not something I would call as Colossal.

Overall, it is a good movie but not a great movie. it’s a movie for me.

Here is a better review on  FlixChatter and CTCMR 🙂

Here  is my gorgeous and talented Cillian Murphy 🙂


Antique is a movie from Korea, it is based upon a Japanese Manga written by Fumi Yoshinaga. I have seen the Dorama (Japanese TV Series) years ago but it was said that the dorama had changed a lot of things, especially the gay-part. I really like that dorama, it was a fun dorama, I need to rewatch it and review it one day.

The one that I watched this week is a remake by Korean and it is said to be more like the manga (I haven’t read the manga yet). This Korean adaptation is directed by Min Gyu Dong and released in November 13, 2008. The cast are Joo Ji Hoon as Kim Jin Hyeok, Kim Jae Wook as Min Seon Woo, Yoo Ah In as Yang ki Beom and Choi Ji Ho as Nam Soo Yeong.

The story is about a man named Kim Jin Hyeok (original name is Tachibana) who decided to open a cake shop named Antique despite the fact that he hates sweet food. He told his family that his purpose to open the shop was because women love sweet cakes, but in truth his real purpose was to find the man who kidnapped him when he was little. The kidnapper always fed him with sweet cakes. When he interviewed chef for his shop, one of the applicants was a man from his high school named Min Seon Woo (original name is Ono), this man had told Hyeok that he loved him. Although at first Hyeok reluctant to accept Seon Woo, because he was a normal man and Seon Woo still had a heart for him, but he thought better of it and accepted him.

While searching for more employees, a former talented boxer came and became a member of antique family. Yang Ki Beom (original name is Eiji) wanted to learn how to make cakes from Seon Woo. Along the way, Nam Soo Yeong (original name is Chikage) also joined this little family. Soo Yeong was a dedicated servant in Hyeok family, he was careless bodyguard. Funny moments, sad story and intense crime started to happen in this little cake shop.

My thought on the movie:

To my surprise, I kinda like this movie. At first, I thought I am going to hate it because I loved the dorama version a lot. And when my friend told me that Naohito’s character becomes gay in this movie, I was so prejudice toward this movie. The movie is funny and enjoyable. I really like the way they keep the exaggerate parts just like most manga did, for example: when the customer eats the cake and feel like in heaven….and let me tell you that those cakes look very delicious. I don’t have much to say about this movie other than I enjoy watching it 🙂

It’s a  movie for me 🙂


I finally had time and will to watch Kick-Ass, one of most talk about movies. I’ve heard a lot of good praise on this movie, but it still takes months for me to watch it even though I have had the movie since 5 months ago. I think the superhero idea is the one that makes me reluctant to start playing the movie.

The movie is not a really about superhero, it is about someone who tries to act like superhero. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and released in 26 March 2010. A geek named Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) was wondering why no one ever tried to be a superhero. When he spotted a green wetsuit on sale, he bought it and made himself a real life superhero named Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass was not the only superhero wannabe around the area. There are also Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) who were much more professional than Kick-Ass. Somewhere along the way, the two met and Kick-Ass learnt that being a superhero was not easy.

My thought on the movie:

It was a fun movie with great fighting/shooting scene. I enjoyed the action part a lot. However, I felt so uncomfortable seeing a little girl doing a killing spree as if that won’t affect her personality in the future. I know it’s just a movie, but still, it really annoyed me…a cold blooded killer (even though she only killed the bad guys) who was still under 13 years old was way beyond my comprehension. The story was also easy to guess, where there is a superhero, there is also a rich super villain around.

Overall, this is just a  movie for me. I’ll give 3 if Hit-girl is not that young.

Those are the movies I have watched this week. I have just bought more DVDs from different countries…looking forward to watch them all this weekend.  I am eager to write my second Across The World post (The first was when I write about Pandemic from Japan, Ondine from Ireland, Mother from Korea and The Fourth Kind from US).

What have you watched this week?

10 thoughts on “This week’s Movies: Tron, Antique, Kick-Ass

  1. I didn’t know there was a Tron remake. I think I watched the first one but wasn’t keen on it. This one doesn’t sound too bad. I know someone who would like the bike bit too :). I will try to watch it. The other two sound like easy entertainment. I share your reservations about underage girls killing people… Not everything is acceptable. Little details like this can spoil movies for me. Antique intrigued me most. I have a little collection of Korean movies and although this isn’t exactly like those I have (Lady Vengeance, Oldboy…) I am always interested in their flms.

    1. Some people think that Tron Legacy will flop because of its big budget. I kinda agree with them too, it’s good but I don’t think it will surpass the income from movies like Inception. If you are not too keen with the story, at least you can enjoy the visual 😉 (it happened to me when I watched Avatar, i didn’t enjoy the story, it was too predictable but the visual is breathtaking)

      Yeah, the other 2 are light movie. I have just bought Restrepo, I guess you’ll know this movie because it is your specialty 😉

    1. Huahaha…that term is really over the top lol
      I will watch it as soon as my holiday comes. I also have one Japanese Dorama and 5 movies in my waiting list…it will be a busy holiday 😉

    1. You thought of me? … wow, I didn’t know I was that famous with my CM obession lol

      My friend who didn’t know Cillian was in it thought that I was eager to see Legacy because I love the 1982 version, when I told her it was because Cillian is in it for 5 minutes, she laughed and understood clearly that 5 minutes is more than enough for someone like me to watch the movie 😉

  2. Ha..ha.. I knew you’d see this only for Cillian. He’s so terribly underused though, but maybe in the sequel he’d have a much bigger role. That’d be the only reason for me to see it as the plot is so weak.

    I like Kick-Ass (I’ve become a fan of Aaron Johnson!) but I know what you mean about the young girl. It’s too violent to involve such a minor. But Aaron was all kinds of awesome!

    1. Same with me Ruth,if there is a sequel I don’t think I will see it…but if Cillian is in it, I will definitely see it.

      I like Aaron too…I should have mentioned that. He is great. But the girl really disturbed me.You know how I like bloody movies, but that kind of violent by a little girl is really not my thing, I guess the teacher side of me is the one doing the talking here. It”s a different case with movies such as Omen,the kid is cruel but he was possessed, he didn’t do all the cruelty under conscious mind.

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