L’Arc~en~Ciel’s 10th album: AWAKE

After the much disappointing album, SMILE, Laruku released one of the best albums in their history. As I said before, people who know Laruku in SMILE era might think that SMILE was really good but for people who had loved them before SMILE, that album is one of their weakest albums. Fortunately, they make it up by making an amazing album like AWAKE.

All 12 songs in AWAKE has its own marvel. None of the song is skip-able for me, I love all the songs in this album. The cover of the CD is also awesome, in emboss silver color, I was fortunate to get the Japanese version of this album because it is waaaay more beautiful than the Indonesian version 🙂 . Awake is released in June 22, 2005.

There are 4 PV/singles from this album, New World, Jojoushi, Killing Me and Jiyuu e no Shoutai. Only Killing Me’s PV that feels a bit weird for me, the other videos are great.

Now, let’s talk about the songs:

New Word

Lyric by Yukihiro, Music by Hyde & Yukihiro
I love New World. The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it straight away. I used this song for my mobile phone’s ring tone for several months. New world is a powerful song that can easily make me jump along the song.  Hyde sings in high note most of the time, unfortunately due to his age, he often lower it during live performances. The most dominant sound in this song is Tetsu’s bass and Yuki’s drum. I never thought that this song is made by Yuki because it is unlike his other songs.

My favorite line:

Togisumashita tsubasa hiroge
Kaze wo atsume tobidate
Abareru kodou toki wo koete hibike
I’m awakening in the new world

Lost Heaven

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Lost Heaven is used as Full Metal Alchemist soundtrack. This is a fun song with the unusualness of Ken’s song. The sound of Ken’s guitar is so thick throughout the song. This song is simple but captivating, however, there were times when I felt a bit bored with this song because I listen to it too much (Unlike Jiyuu or Link, no matter how many times I listen to them I could never find a trace of boredom toward those songs)

My favorite line:

We’ll say goodbye, lost Heaven.
How we longed for Heaven.
We’re letting go of something we never had.
Time goes so fast, Heaven is lost.


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
I love this song, it’s as beautiful as the PV (this PV is in my top5 PV from L’Arc~en~Ciel). I can’t find the meaning of the song title from my dictionary but if I translate it from each kanji, the meaning becomes ‘song that shows the feeling of love’. Jojoushi joins the list of my falling in love on the first heard songs. 2 days after I download this song (I always downloaded their song before they released their album because I couldn’t wait anymore…but I ALWAYS bought their album once it came out), I asked my friend to sing it in public. I love this song unconditionally.

My favorite line:

Kisetsu wa iro wo kaete ikudo megurou to mo
Kono kimochi wa karenai hana no you ni
Yume nara yume no mama de kamawanai ai suru
Kagayaki ni afure mune wo someru
Itsumademo kimi wo omoi


Lyric & Music by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Another beautiful song from Awake. I love the flow of this song, from slow to powerful. Powerful in sense of Hyde’s intonation rather than the beat of the music.

My favorite line:

Come into the light … sono kotoba wo shinjitemo ii no?
Come into the light …kitto yume no you na sekai
Into the light

Killing Me

Lyric & Music by Hyde
I have to admit that liking Killing Me was not easy. The first time I heard and saw the video, I was confused. It didn’t sound like laruku songs and the video was so cheesy. However, the more I listen to it the more I like the song, it has a powerful grip on my ear. But I still could not enjoy the video…it stays in my top-5 worst video by Laruku (will write about this list next year). The live performances of this song can always lift my spirit.

My favorite line:

Killing me kowaresou na kurai amaku kuchizukete
Kitto yume no samenai  kono sekai wo tomete
Itsumademo kuzurenai
Ai wo ima mitsuketa kara
Ah Broken Time

As One

Lyric & Music by Hyde
Love love love the sound of the drum in this song. Yuki-sensei had done it again!! The song itself sounds so much like Hyde’s song from his solo album 666, but with richer sound because the other 3 members also put their magic on this song. The lyric is also interesting, I’m not sure Hyde writes this by himself 😉 , someone might help him, a native most likely.

My favorite line:

Nowhere to run – we’re seeking redemption
No waiting for divine intervention
Search for the tree that overcomes death
Taking the fruit – discover a new way to breathe

My Dear

Lyric & Music by Hyde
I’m so in love with this song. Hyde sings it in his low voice and slowly turns higher. I can’t quite say why I love this song. I always sing the chorus every time I feel so bored. My Dear stuck in my head from the moment I first heard the song.

My favorite line:

Kiite  sekaichuu ga ayamachi ni kegarete itemo
Kimi e tsunaida te wa itsumademo hanasanai kara
Tatoe kono omoi sae… uso ni omowaretemo
Kimi e no kagayaki wa itsumademo furisosoideru
Sore dake wa shinjite ii yo


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
This is the rock side of L’Arc~en~Ciel 🙂 .The guitar’s intro totally caught my attention. I really like this song although I know some people find it hard to like this song.

My favorite line:

Take away their resistance
Kimi no hada ni shizumi yasashiku oborerareta nara
Hai ga afureru made mitashitai kimi de

Jiyuu e no Shoutai

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Jiyuu e no shoutai (invitation to freedom) is without a doubt will stand to the test of time. Never once I feel bored of this song. Jiyuu is one of the most entertaining songs I have ever heard. Everything about this song shouts happiness and always makes my bad days turn brighter. Laruku give a little touch of reggae in this song. Hyde’s voice is so perfect with his ups and downs falsetto, Yuki’s drum makes the song more cheerful, Tetsu’s bass is also perfect and Ken’s guitar gives the last perfect touch to this song. I recommend Jiyuu e no shoutai to anyone who is not Laruku’s fan.

My favorite line:

Aitai no ni  itsumo  umaku ikanai
Demo negau  kyou koso wa nerai wo sadame
Sukima wo nukete  egao no kanata e


Lyric & Music by Hyde
I don’t know why, but somehow Ophelia reminds me of Shinning Over You (Hyde’s song from 666), I know they don’t sound the same I just have that feeling. This is a rich song. It sounds so beautiful and rich at the same time, I can’t really explain it but that is the feeling that I get from Ophelia.

My favorite line:

My dearest Ophelia – there are things I never told you
Falling into the dream
My dearest Ophelia – can you trust in me no more?


Lyric & Music by Hyde
Hoshizora is written in star and sky characters. This is a very sad and beautiful song. Hyde talks about war in a very touching way. The music really touches my heart the moment I first heard it. Hyde once again shows his quality in singing when he easily tackle the high notes. Their performances add more sadness toward the song as Hyde always very when singing this song. In Awake Tour, he openly declared his objection toward Japan government who decided to join the war.

My favorite line:

Nobody knows, nobody cares
They just took everything I had
Nobody knows, nobody cares
I have lost everything to bombs

Twinkle Twinkle

Lyric & Music by Ken
Twinkle Twinkle is a nice song that easily loved by non-laruku fan, my brother is the example. It’s a very easy listening kind of song. In my opinion, it can easily be a single. Too bad they didn’t often sing this song on their concert, apart from Awake Tour. Twinkle twinkle is a perfect song to close the album because after listening to this song, I want to listen to the whole album all over again.

My favorite line:

Nagarete yuku  hoshi no namida wo kazoenagara
Yureru toki wo watatte
Kimi no soba de boku no me no mae ni sarasaredashita
Subete no ai de lost yourself in happiness

This is part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (See more post by clicking the picture).


9 thoughts on “L’Arc~en~Ciel’s 10th album: AWAKE

  1. A great 800th post! I’d love to learn the language, so that I could understand Jojoushi! The music of that song is quite relaxed compared to the ones that you posted on Róisín Recommends 🙂

  2. I listened to some of the songs and I do like a few, My Dear, is very nice. I don’t know why they always remind me of the Spanish group Heroes del Silencio (quite old, 80ies). Is it the voice? I listened to other songs you wrote about but I think this is the album I would prefer.

    1. Awake is a better come back album compare to their previous album, even though the actual comeback album is that previous album.

      I’m looking forward for the for their newest album after 3 years break.
      I will listen to the song you’ve posted and tell you what I thought

    1. Don’t worry Caroline, I never delete people’s comment no matter how nasty it was and I’m not going to start now 🙂 I have edited your comment instead.

      I don’t know why they always remind me of the Spanish group Heroes del Silencio (quite old, 80ies). Is it the voice?

      I don’t think their voices are similar. I’ve been listening to Hyde’s voice everyday for 9 years,and somehow I’ve become really sensitive if I heard anyone that sounds the same like him.
      I like their music, very interesting and fun. I listen to their other songs, they’re really good. Thank you for introducing them.

  3. Ini dia album jagoan sy stlah Kiss.. Album pertma kli yg buat sy jatuh hati sm Laruku..
    Mula2 dr Jiyuu E No Shotai yg bnr buat sy kpincut sm musik mereka…
    Lost Heaven yg bnr2 keren nih lagu, Killing Me yg bkin smangat, smpe Jojoushi, lagu balad yg keren abis..
    Juga ophelia, sm Hoshizora, yg bsa bikin Ken sm Hyde nangis, msng2 di L’7 tokyo dome jg awake tour.
    Pokoknya ini album lengkap bgt…

    Berharap album Laruku slnjutnya bsa sperti gabungan dari awake + kiss..
    Gk sprti lagu Bless yg trsa bgt krng Laruku-nya…

    welcome back L’Arc~en~Ciel…^^

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