1. This is really a fun idea. Too bad I missed the last one, I think it would have been easier for me. I got a few with plant and music terms on my TBR pile. Maybe I will join it but I am also thinking abot the Book Chick City one. Or do my own (Novels about war, what a surprise, I got the Endo and a few others). Crime around the world is also a challenge I would like to orgaize or just reading around the world. I just have no clue how to create buttons. The Mr. Linky is easy.

    1. You may join both challenges like me 😉

      Your own challenges sound really interesting…I have read few war books in the past. Reading around the world will be a bit difficult, but Judith of Leeswammes has created similar challenge for next year. Crime around the world will be a fun challenge.

      Ah…the button is indeed difficult. You could ask someone who is good in design, I have no creativity is that area.

  2. Hi Novroz, such fun that you have joined again too! 🙂 I hope you’ll have better luck (?) this year. I still need to write my wrap-up post for WiaN #3: I did finish all categories (yay!) but hardly reviewed any… 2010 is not a good year for book blogposts on Graasland :/ Nor Hello Japan. Which reminds me, have you received your special prize yet? I’m curious!

    BTW I wanted to ask you whether that Persimmon book evolves around food? If so I could use it for the foodie’s reading challenge. 😉

    Now I’m off to sign up for the new JLit challenge too!

    1. Haha yeah I can see that…but you still have so much spirit in writing about those delicious foods. Maybe I’ll do a food post too one day, Indonesia Banget will talk about food in the future.

      I’d love to read your wrap-up post, I wonder what books have you found this year. One of the stories does revolve around food, The Square Persimmon consists of 11 short stories and the last story has the same title as the book and it is about a cake in shape of square persimmon.

      Ah…that reminds me, I need to read more J-lit, I have been so busy and found it difficult to visit JF Library.

      I haven’t received my surprise gift yet 🙂 I am as curious as you are. I will post about it once it arrived.

  3. I forgot to say: I’m going to read Wilkie Collins’ book The Moonstone for the jewel category. It’s the prototype of modern mysteries, so you could overlap it with your other challenge!

    1. Moonstone sounds interesting, I will try to look it up…but maybe later, will finish what I already have first.

      By the way, I wonder why all your comments went to spam 😦 lucky I never emptied my spam box without checking it first.

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