1. I didn’t participate in the challenge but I can safely say that with one exception all the books I have read were from new authors as I am rather obsessed with trying new ones. I am really interested in the Atoda one you mention. I bought Endo’s The Sea and Poison last week and then I got Out, that would be two Japanese authors to discover next year. I think my favourite discovery of this year is the Irish author I just reviewed and Elizabeth Taylor (not the actress) and what I am reading just now, an Italian author, Niccolò Ammaniti. It reminds me of my childhood and the games we played outside in the summer… My mother was Italian.

    1. This Challenge has no present or whatsoever, my ontention of joining is simply because I need to challenge my self. Unlike you, I used to read in my safe zone. New Authors were a rarety for me, thank God it has changed now 🙂

      I want to try world wide authors too, but I wonder how easy can they be found here.
      Is the book you’re reading now in Italian?

      I hope you’ll enjoy Out and The Sea and Poison. I haven’t read The Sea and Poison yet. I have another Endo in TBR list, it’s his short story collection.

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