New Bookmarks :)

After using the same old bookmarks for years, I finally make new ones. That poor bookmark’s edge is not fun to see anymore.  Look at the picture on the left!. That curly edge is the right sign to start making a new one.

I have said it in my BTT-post that I love using bookmark made of pictures of my 2 lovely turtles, I also like using One Piece pictures. My old bookmark has2 sides, one is a collection of Kame’s pictures (Kroten hasn’t come into my life yet) and the other side is from One Piece poster. I used to mark which side of book-page I’m currently reading with Kame’s picture facing to the right page.

About a month ago, I made more than one bookmarks because making only 1 bookmark is not effective at all. I made 2 One Piece bookmarks and 3 Kame-Kroten Bookmarks. I probably use the Kame-Kroten  more than the One Piece one because carrying Kame-Kroten pictures inside the book I’m currently reading make me feel like they are always near me.

This is how they look on a book.

And here are the original files:



  1. Luar biasaaaaaa pembatas buku buatan sendiriii! 😀 😀
    Saya pun make pembatas buku buatan sendiri. Kalo di novel gak ada pembatas buku bawaan, saya cari kertas bekas yang gak kepake, saya lipet, saya pake itu. :mrgreen: Polosan aja, simpel! 🙂

    1. Dulu juga suka asal ambil kertas buat pembatas, yang pasti ga pernah ngelipat buku itu sendiri, tapi semenjak punya Kame saya jadi ingin membawa Kamekemanapun sy pergi 🙂

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