Guinness Arthur’s Day

Writing this post gave me a bit of dilemma, I was torn between writing it in Indonesian Language or in English … In the end, and I took extra time to write in both languages. Versi Indonesianya disini .

Before I talk about the concert, I want to share a little story that will always be remembered by me and my friend.

A day before the event.

On November 17, my friend, Yana, send me a facebook message asking whether I want to watch Lifehouse or not. Their live performance takes place on December 4, on the other hand, my Japanese Proficiency test will be on December 5 … Should I go or shouldn’t I go? I decided to go after all because I desperately need something to cheer my boring days.

I had a small misunderstanding regarding Lifehouse.
I asked her ‘Lifehouse is the band with a black man as the vocalist, right?
She answered me ‘No, he is white
and then sent me a link to this video (click on the link). I was using my mobile-phone at that time, I can only read the title ‘You and Me’.
I answered her back ‘Yeah I know that song…Hmm I thought the singer was black

It didn’t matter, maybe they have changed the singer was my thought at that time. I still wanted to watch it, especially when Yana told me that Rivermaya is also performing as the opening act. Although I don’t know the title of their songs, but I quite like some of their songs.

On Friday (2 days ago), I realized my mistake…my friend was right, the singer is indeed white!! I became curious about this band. I opened the link given by my friend and was very surprised that it wasn’t the band I have in mind all this time. After doing a bit searching job in youtube, I found out that the band I was thinking of was Lighthouse … hehehe I couldn’t help not to laugh at my own stupidity, I thought the title you and me is for this song (click on the link). I texted my friend immediately telling her about my misunderstanding and the fact that I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about Lifehouse, I have never heard their name let along their songs. But I didn’t cancel it, I still want to go because they might be good, even if they aren’t good I still can enjoy Superman Is Dead and Rivermaya.

Before the Gate.

We got there at 6.30 pm. We spent almost 30minutes outside the gate because of our doubts…should we go in or not? We looked at people who went in first. We needed an accomplish. Yana and I are wearing Muslim scarf and we carry our religion with our cloth. We are under impression that the event will be a bit improper for us because it is sponsored by Guinness and my coworker made it worse by saying Epicentrum (the place where the event takes place) is a kind of bar.

We were in total panic, we want to see the bands but we don’t want to get involve with bar-business. We lingered outside the gate…we needed to sure that we are not the only one wearing scarf. If there is no one else but us, we won’t go in. The way we lingered were so funny, we look like a total idiot, moving here and there with no clear direction. Finally, another woman wearing scarf with no hesitation at all went inside the gate…we followed right behind them 🙂 … and thank God, it wasn’t a bar at all and not so many people drinking beer. We can finally enjoy the concert without any burden on our shoulder 🙂

The Live Performances

When we got inside, a local band was about to perform. I didn’t know them, I didn’t want to know them either. A band with female vocalist followed next. Both this small bands had terrible sound. Their vocal was drowned beneath the sound of the instruments. We were sitting about 10 meters from the stage.

Then the first featuring band showed up, a band from my country, Indonesia. It was Pure Saturday, I was expecting to hear better sound from this featuring band. My hope completely fell down the drain. They were no better than the previous small bands. I was so disappointed. I decided to sit again. To make matter worse, the vocalist was soooo not fun to see, so boring. While sitting, I kept hoping they would finish their performance soon and get on to the next band. I clapped the loudest when the vocalist finally said ‘this is our last song’

The next band was amazing!! Superman Is Dead, another Indonesian Band, was Amazing!! They make me addicted, I want to see them again. I’ve heard their music and seen them in TV before and I quite like their songs…but seeing their Live Performance was beyond my expectation. They were really great. Their sound was very clear and loud. It’s like heaven and earth compare to the previous band. Superman Is Dead consist of 3 members, Bobby on Vocal and guitar, Eka on Bass, and JRX on drum.

Both of us really like the bassist, he is not handsome but his way of playing his bass is so cool to look at. Too bad I don’t remember all their song titles, I do remember they played Lady Rose, Kuta Rock City and Jika Kami Bersama (If We Are Together), these are songs that should be loved by everyone 🙂

SID you rocks man!! I would love to see your performance again one day.

Another featuring band before the main band showed up was Rivermaya, a band from Philippine. Just like SID, I have heard some of their songs and I really enjoy their music. However, I don’t follow the ups and downs of this band. When they showed up on the stage, we were a bit confused…as far as I can dig my memory, that man is not the vocalist of Rivermaya. I remembered that he was not as good looking as the man standing on the stage. We discussed about it and finally my friend asked her friend…he is the new vocalist.

I really like this new vocalist, he mastered the stage really well. He moved here and there, stole all the attention toward him. A very confident vocalist, I like this kind of vocalist. Rivermaya consist of Jayson Fernandez on vocal, Japs Sergio on bass, Mike Elgar on guitar, and Mark Escueta on drum. They were really nice and attractive. Jayson often used some Indonesian words to say something to us. They are such a lovely neighbor 🙂

They sang 14 songs from their 10 albums. Some of them were Nice To, Monopoly, Faithless, Bali Song, Shattered like, Mrs. Estatic and of course You’ll be safe here (the song that makes me like them) as their  closing act. They sang few lines from 21 Guns by Greenday before singing You’ll Be Safe Here.

The closing act was, of course, Lifehouse, the band that I have never heard before 😉 I have prepared my self to get bored like when I was watching Secondhand Serenade (a band that performed before Mr.Big in Java Rockin’ Land 09) tho I was also expecting to be blown away by them. Fortunately, they were awesome!! I enjoyed their performance A LOT!!

I didn’t know any of their songs, so I have to search their song list through Google. They sang: Hello There, All In, Here tomorrow, Spin, Nerve Damage, and You and Me (this one was sung by almost everyone). They continued with Whatever it, Wrecking ball, Sick From the End, Wash, Blind, Falling In, Hanging, Take Me Away, First Time, Broken, Half Way Gone and they closed it with Everything.

Bryse SoderbergThe audience was amazing, they remembered all their songs. I didn’t know they have that many fans in Indonesia. I jumped along with the fans not because I was following them, but truly because I enjoyed their songs. For now on, I will pay more attention to Lifehouse.

Lifehouse consist of Jason wade on Vocal, Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. on Drum, Ben on Guitar and the one who captured my whole attention Bryce Soderberg on Bass. Every fans of Lifehouse kept on shouting ‘Jason…Jason’…but for me, he is not interesting, he has great body, that much I admit! But the coolest man on the stage was Bryce, the moment I saw him, my eyes were all over him. He was soooo cool!! Is he more handsome than Jason? Definitely NOT!! Is he cooler than Jason? Totally!! I have more pictures of him than Jason.

This is another live performance that I won’t easily forget 🙂

You can see more pictures and videos in here.

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