Cillian Murphy’s Next Project – Updated in 2010/12/1

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It’s December, the last month of every year. Although the first plan was to write a review of On The Edge for this month’s Monthly Murphy, but something came up. So much news needed to be updated since my last Cillian Murphy’s next projects post. I had already mentioned that he will appear in At Swim Two Bird, and The Retreat.

After reading a lot of news on his upcoming movies for the past few months, and with the help of The Cillian Site to refresh everything that I have read, I wrote this post. There might be some mistakes here and there because I’m not a good researcher, feel free to correct my mistake anytime 🙂

At Swim Two Bird, one of my anticipated movies, is still in pre-production. I really am eager to see this movie because it’ll be Brendan Gleeson’s debut in directing. He is a multi-talented and I’d love to see any movie he directs. The actors are also interesting, apart from Cillian Murphy, there are Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Collin Farrell (not too excited on him tho). As I often said, any movies based on novels are worth to see.

The Retreat is already on post-production stage…yaiii. The Retreat is also one of my anticipated movies because the story is the kind of movie I would totally enjoy. I have already talked about The Retreat before, however I think a little refreshment wouldn’t hurt. Cillian Murphy will play as Thandie Newton’s husband. Their marriage is in the edge of ruin. To save their marriage, they go to an island. A man in biohazard suit, played by Jamie Bell, shows up and tells them that a new breed of virus has wiped out everyone but them. The psychological thriller starts from that point on.  I really love a good psychological thriller and this one sounds like a good story. The fact that there are only few actors involved also intrigued me. The Retreat is directed by Carl Tibbeetts. Unfortunately, based on BBC, The Retreat will be released in December 2011…too long to wait.

I found this interesting blog post through twitter: Robert Beames of Beames on Film was so fortunate to have a chance to visit the set. He kindly shares it for us in his blog.  All Things Foe, a blog that focuses on Jamie Bell also has very interesting post. He shares The Retreat Storyboard that makes me more eager to see the movie.

News I got right after I posted my 1st Cillian Murphy’s next project post was something of a mixed feeling. I don’t like the main actor and the story is a bit uninteresting…but it is Cillian Murphy’s movie after all…I’m apt to see it whether I like the story or not. The movie I’m talking about is I’m Mortal, which somehow changed into NOW. The main casts are Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Cillian Murphy is going to play as a Raymond Leon, he is an officer from an organization called Timekeepers. Leon is as precise as the time he keeps. Now is directed by Andrew Niccol

I don’t like seeing Justin Timberlake for just few minutes of his music video, can you imagine seeing him for 2 hours in that movie? Aaarrrghhh … Maybe I should grow up and think of him as an actor rather than just stuck at his image as a boyband singer, but even so, I can’t escape from his annoying face. Just think of Cillian Murphy, Novi!! Just think of him!! << Self encouragement 😉

NOW is a sci-fi movie with uninteresting story, at least for me. The story is about a future where only the rich can live longer because they can buy the anti-aging gene or something like that. When Timberlake’s character comes into a sudden fortune, he was framed for murder and run away.he kidnaps Seyfield on his run. What a typical kind of story!! I have no anticipation or whatsoever toward this movie. Honestly, I won’t even pay attention at this movie if Cillian is not one of the cast, the only reason I’m walking to the cinema is to watched Cillian Murphy in the biggest screen I can find 🙂

The latest news I read really really really made excited, I literally jumped off my bed out of surprise when I read the news from twitter (one of the reason why I like searching twits related to Cillian Murphy is because people often share link of his newest news).

Why was I so excited about his upcoming movie titled Red Lights?

Just LOOK AT THE CAST!!! Rodrigo Cortez who previously directed Buried is going to direct the great Robert De Niro and the amazing Sigourney Weaver…and then they add my Cillian Murphy as one of the casts…SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE!! Three great actors in 1 movie…wow!! I don’t even care what the story is about when I first read the news, I just want to see the three of them in one movie frame. So excited!

Then, I finally read the basic story of Red Lights, I quote this excerpt from Movie Muser. The poster comes from ShopTillYouDrop.

Quite who he’ll play isn’t known, as the main thrust of the movie is supposedly about a para-psychologist who attempts to debunk a very reputable psychic who has just returned to the limelight after 30 years. Sigourney Weaver has been attached to the flick for a while now, playing the woman who, along with her assistant, plans to debunk a world-renowned psychic, played by De Niro.

Presumably Murphy will play the assistant, although that hasn’t been officially announced. Last we heard, the movie was set to start shooting in Spain and Canada next February.

The story excites me the same way as the cast. Of all Cillian Murphy’s movies that will come out soon… Red Lights is My Most Anticipated One!! I wish it won’t be too long. De Niro, Weaver and Murhpy in a phychic movie…movie heaven for me 🙂

I got the news of his next movie from the Cillian Site

Cillian is to play the lead in Wayfaring Strangers, a World War II film set in German-occupied France. With financing from the Irish Film Board and the backing of several production companies, the film is also supposed to star Michael Gambon and Robert Sheahan.

In the story, British soldiers are being held prisoner of war by the German Army. The twist is that our heroes are being held on a farm owned by a French family who is hiding a Jewish couple on the premises. Sounds like this one could be quite intense.

It’s not clear yet whether this is going to shoot this year as reported.

I’m looking forward to read more about this movie. Cillian has proven himself as great actor in war movie when he played as Damien in The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

His movie with Sienna Miller, titled Hippie Hippie Shake, is still unclear. Looking at the pictures during the shoot-out, Cillian will not look like himself again…long hair with hippie clothes…But I still would to see it.

The rumor that excited me since few months back is Dali and I: the Surreal Story. Cillian will play with his idol, Al Pacino. I read an interview somewhere, Cillian told the reporter that the movie depends entirely on Pacino. I wish it’ll come true, it’ll be amazing to see Cillian and Al Pacino together.

Extra news:

Cillian  joins Celebrity Doodle Auction and Exhibition

Many celebrities from the worlds of television, sport, politics and the arts have very kindly taken the time to draw a Doodle for Cork ARC.

Doodles will be exhibited in AIB, 66 South Mall Cork from the 18th November to the 2nd December.

Auction will take place at 6.00 p.m. on the 2nd December in the Clarion Hotel Cork.  All are welcome.

Take a look at the Doodles below.  Advance bids can be made by emailing karen@corkcancersupport.i.e

Cillian's Drawing

I’m sharing my favorite picture of Cillian from Flaunt Magazine, you can see the video here.


  1. Awesome updates, Nov! I’m really curious about Red Lights, too. I love Sigourney! I’m not a fan of war films but I might check out Wayfaring Strangers if Cillian is in it, and Michael Gambon is indeed a great actor.

    Btw, that photo of Cillian in a black shirt REALLY looks like my co-worker (well he’s my client now as he’s switched jobs). In fact, he was just outside my cubicle talking about a project and I thought, man does this guy look like Cillian! I should take a picture of him one of these days and show it to you 😀

    1. Thanks Ruth 🙂
      Red Lights is really intriguing, isn’t it? I hope the script is good, what a waste of talent if it turns out to be bad.

      Please do take his picture Ruth…you had succesfully made me very curious.
      I’m working in an informal school in a mall that often visited by foreigners, I keep on hoping that one day I might bump into a guy who look like him 😉

  2. There are some genuinely great sounding movies on that list. I am of course especially interested in Wayfaring Stranger. But Red Lights has potential as well.
    Oh, I am not into Justin Timberlake… That would be hard to watch. In any case it looks as if Cillian was really busy and you have a lot to look forward to. I still haven’t watched Peacock…

    1. Wayfaring does sound like a war movie with heart, that is how I call war movie that doesn’t focus on the war, but more into human feeling.

      I know… I’m glad his fame is kicking in next year (seen from how much movies he’ll be next year), I just hope he won’t change his character as he is getting more famous now.

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