To Be The Fastest

This is my second turtle story. After writing the first one, The World of Cats and Turtles, I becomes addicted in writing this kind of short story that put heavy emphasize on SHORT, because it is really short 😉

I like writing my story with pictures, it’ll give a smile on the reader’s face. (at least, I hope it’ll make someone smiles)

Here goes the story:

After winning the All-Turtles Championship as the fastest turtle alive, Kame started behave as if she was the fastest living creature in this world. No turtles dared to challenge her. She started challenging anyone, or should I say any creature, around her. She defeated the fastest snail easily. She sneered at the leech that she had left miles away. Even the legendary fastest worm had to eat his tail when Kame humiliated him in front of his adorer. Her head became bigger than she could handle.

One day, while having her beauty sunbath she saw her next opponent. A young boy by the name of Iqbal. He was crawling around and seemed like an easy pray. Kame challenged him and he took the challenge. The race was done at the same day, without giving any chance for the boy to learn more about being the fastest. Kame thought that this creature called human was as easy as other creatures because he walked on 4 legs just like her.

To her surprise, the boy crawled faster than any creature she had met. Kame forced all her energy to run as fast as she could, her great name was on jeopardy. She had to win. She ran and ran and ran. The boy kept on crawling because he loved crawling even without a race to think about. On the finish line, the boy won only by a few seconds. Kame was devastated. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

However devastated she was, she was not the type of turtle that will let sorrow took over her life. She needed more research on that creature called human. She decided to visit human’s library. She had to find out what made human faster than turtles, faster than her to be exact. She read biology books to know human’s anatomy. She read physic books to know what makes human that fast. And finally she read astronomy books to know whether the stars affected human’s movement. To make matter short, she did one hell of a literally research.

From the newspaper she found out about the fastest man alive. The man had won many racing championship. She was totally awed with him. She read more about his career and how he could be the fastest. She needed to learn from him. She had to absorb his talent. She had to learn from the best to be the best. She needed to learn all his tricks to be able to defeat that troublesome boy who had humiliated her.

After her great discovery, she watched all MotoGP race to learn from the fastest man alive, Valentino Rossi.

Note: the second race never took place because the boy has finally walked on his two legs 😉

This is Valentino Rossi, 7 times world champion (although he is not the champion for this year)

9 thoughts on “To Be The Fastest

  1. Funny, funny, funny. I liked it. I am all too familiar with Valentino Rossi as my boyfriend is a fan of him and used to try to beat his record on his bike. Go Kame go.

    1. Thank you Caroline.
      Tell your boyfriend to be careful because he is not Valentino Rossi 😉
      Kame is still looking for another crawling human, I think she is waiting for my nephew to start crawling. She has been eyeing him everytime my brother brings him to my house.

        1. Good for him 🙂
          Here in my country, millions of people are using bike to go everywhere…traffic jam in here is awful, they usse bike so that they squeeze their way out

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