Laputa – the Castle In The Sky

I wish I can see this anime in big screen.

This is my second time watching Laputa and it is still as fun as the first time I saw it. An anime with such an amazing art follows with a joyful story. Laputa gives us more than just an exciting story, it also gives beautiful treat to our eyes. There are scenes that I find so beautiful that I tend to forget that it is just an animation movie, in my eyes it looks like a piece of art in some gallery. The beautiful scenery in most Ghibli’s anime is the reason why I keep on praising over Studio Ghibli’s animation. Even their worst anime, Gedo Senki, still has beautiful scenery.

The story is simple but enjoyable. It starts with an attack by Dola (Kotae Hatsui), a pirate family, over a government zeppelin/airplane. Their main objective is to seize a green pendant that belongs to a girl named Sheeta (Keiko Yokozuna). While trying to avoid the pirates, Sheeta accidentally falls from the plane but something magical prevents her from free-falling, she is floating slowly to the ground. Upon seeing that, Dola becomes more eager to get the green pendant.

Laputa 1

is rescued by Pazu (Mayumi Tanaka). Pazu is an engineer’s apprentice whose dream is to find Laputa. He believes that Laputa is not just a fairy tale; that floating island really exists in the sky. His believe is based on his father’s picture. However, Pazu is not the only one who believes on the existence of Laputa. A man named Muska (Minomi Terada) also believes that Laputa is really exist somewhere in the sky. Both Pazu and Muska have different reasons in trying to find Laputa. The key to find Laputa lies on Sheeta’s green pendant. As for Dola, she only wants that magical pendant.

Laputa 2

While trying to protect Sheeta from Dola, Muska shows up and takes Sheeta away from Pazu. He keeps her in an Army Base. Pazu asks Dola to let him join Dola’s crew to save Sheeta. Meanwhile, in the army base, Sheeta unintentionally activates her green pendant. It shows the way to Laputa and activates the robot that had fallen from the sky years ago. The robot automatically protects Sheeta as the master of the pendant.

Pazu, with the help of Dola’s family, saved Sheeta. This odd group race against Muska and his army to find Laputa. What happens next is something you have to see for your self.

Laputa 3

It’s interesting to see how Pazu and Sheeta’s relationship grows strongly through their adventure. The action between Dola’s family, along with Pazu and Sheeta, against Muska’s army is the part that I wish I could have seen this anime in big screen. I have never seen any animation in cinema because most of them are just DVD material for me, but I wish at least once I can see Ghibli’s animation in the cinema. I wouldn’t mind paying the ticket to watch Laputa – The Castle in the Sky.

One of the scenes that I like so much is when Dola’s sons try to impress Sheeta by helping her with her kitchen job. And the most touching scene is when it shows a lonesome robot who doesn’t feel lonely because it has made the nature as its friends. There is a good message hidden in this anime, different people might see it differently, for me the message is ‘nature needs to be protected

Its original title in Japanese is Tenku no Shiro Ryaputa, the translated/dubbed version turns it into Castle in The Sky. It is directed by the anime master himself, Hayao Miyazaki. The story is also written by him. The producer is Ghibli’s other talented director, Isao Takahata. Joe Hisaishi fills this anime with his amazing music. Tenku no Shiro Ryaputa was released in August 2, 1986.

My rating is

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  1. These are beautiful pictures you posted. Yes, they do a great job. Watching the Grave of The Fireflies convinced me again. I would like to see this too. “Nature needs to be protected” is a message I find important. I think Avatar tried to convey this as well but I wasn’t 100% convinced.

    1. I always took extra time to take snapshots of every Ghibli’s animation that I like because of its beauty. I’m glad you like it.
      I think this movie is also telling us that technology is not something to praise about.

      Yes I think Avatar also tries to send the message to protect the nature but the story is so predictable, I enjoy the visual but not the story.

  2. Never saw this before I started preparing for the Miyazaki Madness but it quickly shot up to being one of my very favorites. Done so many years ago it is very hard to me to believe that this was done without the use of any computers. Amazing and the music is so beautiful. Can’t wait unitl this gets a Region 1 Blu Ray release!!

    1. This animation is really wonderful. I love the characters and the view.
      You are so lucky…I wish I can see all Ghibli in blue-ray. The price for Blue-ray is still freakin expensive here.

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