Invasion of The British Bands
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It’s time for my Top-5 post of this month (November)

I have just realized that I haven’t done any music related top-5 before (except for Muse and Laruku). So…I have decided to do it this month and I will start it from the country that has produced a lot of great bands over the century. That country is England!!! England has been producing one great band after another since The Beatles shocked the world. No other country in this world has more amazing bands than England.

As far as I can remember, the first band that I listened to came from the Great Britain. My father used to love that band and played their songs from time to time and I grew to like that band too. Now, I play their songs more often than my father. That unforgettable band is The Beatles. For me, The Beatles remains as the number one greatest band ever produced on earth.


I’m not talking about the greatest British band in the world, the greatest doesn’t mean the one we like the most. Take example of Elvis Presley, I regard him as one of the best iconic rocker, but I don’t like his music, out of all his songs I only listen to less than 20 songs. I know my example is not from England, but I couldn’t think of any other example that I admit as a great musician but I only like few off their songs. Back to the topic, this top 5 British Bands is talking about Bands from The Great Britain that I like the most.

I hope whomever stumble upon this post will also share their version of British Bands they like the most.

So…without any more delay, here are my Top -5 list:

Favorite #5: Radiohead

This is a difficult choice… really difficult!! I am struggling between The Rolling Stone and Radiohead. My love toward these 2 bands is equally the same. I finally choose Radiohead because the other 3 bands that made in into my list are bands as old as (more or less) The Rolling Stone, I need another recent band to feel this list 😉

Radiohead is an extremely unique band, I know that not many people can easily accept their concept of music. They are incredible brilliant. They mixed unimaginable sounds into their songs. Listening to In Rainbow is both enjoyable and bizarre. People accepted Creep easily because it was such an easy listening song, but as Radiohead get older their music become more difficult to handle. Their uniqueness is the reason why I like this band. My current favorite song is 15 Steps.

Favorite #4: Led Zeppelin

The grandfather of metal is really difficult to be ignored. I found this band when I was still in high school but I liked them when I was in college. For a band that was established way before I was born, I was quite surprised to hear such a rich music coming from them. The more I listen to them the more fascinated I become. When I fist listened to Dazed and Confused, I was mesmerized by it, Robert Plant’s voice and Jimmy Page’s guitar were such a killer combination. Nowadays, they don’t make this kind of band anymore.

Liking Led Zeppelin is really difficult, not many people my age know Led Zeppelin let along like them 😦 I can not talk much about them because they will give me this blank look on their face as if I’m talking about alien from another planet. My current favorite song is Good Times Bad Times.

Favorite #3: Queen

QueenI always find it difficult to comprehend when someone said I don’t like Queen…I couldn’t even imagine which part of their music is bad? Their music is enchanting and powerful. Their music is timeless. I’m glad to know that many of students (the young generation that was born after death of Freddie Mercury) like Queen even though they only like their hit songs.

I never get tired of Queen’s songs no matter how many times I have listened to them. I like both their music and their lyric. Mercury and May (mostly these two) really know how to make enchanting songs. My current favorite song is Spread Your Wing and Fly Away.

Favorite #2: The Beatles

The BeatlesI have a feeling that I don’t need to write anything about this band 😉 the greatest band that ever exist on earth, the pioneer and the legend. Everyone who loves music knows the Beatles even though they never heard of their songs before. The Name has stood the test of time. They keep gaining fans from all generation of life.

Their songs might sound simple to people of this century, but at their time, their songs are ahead of their time. Just listen to Lucy in The Sky With Diamond, that song doesn’t belong in 1970s, it sounds more like music from the 80s. My current favorite song is The Fool on The Hill.

Favorite #1: Muse

MuseI think those who know me well can guess this one easily 😉 One of my most favorite bands in the world is Muse. In the early 2000, I stopped listening to new bands from the western world because they bored me to death…they all sound the same, my attention shifted to Japanese Music. But in 2005, Muse took me back to western music, they made me listen to British bands again (I’m still on strike with New American Bands, I only listen to the old ones). Their music sounds different in my ear. The first album that I listened to was Absolution and it awed me…I like their music straight away. But it took 2 more years to turn me into a fan.

In 2007, I have converted my self into a MuseHolic. I saw their amazing performance lived in front of my eyes. I was totally hypnotized. My love for them hasn’t faltered ever since. The reason why I like their music is because they have rich music, just like the other 4 bands I’d mentioned earlier. Their music stretch in wide range, they are not afraid to explore new sound. Their musicality talents are amazing. I want to see them again badly. My current favorite song is Stockholm Syndrome.


Well… those are my top -5 favorite British band at the moment. Although I write my current favorite song on every band, that doesn’t mean those are my number one favorite songs.

Honorable mention: The Rolling Stones, Suede, Blur, The Police, The Cure, Placebo, Cold Play, etc
Non band: Sting, Mika

My taste of music is old isn’t it? I don’t why, but I find old music richer than the new ones, only few of nowadays bands are worthy.

I’m looking forward to know your list…and please don’t mock other people’s favorite bands.


  1. Muse is number 5 for me
    Iron Maiden got number 4
    Led Zeppelin is number 3
    Radiohead is number 2
    The Beatles jelas nomor 1

    sebenernya ini saya ngeliatnya objektif miss hahaha soalnya rata2 saya sukanya New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sama Post Hardcore udah dan rata2 dari America hahah inggrisnya dikit tapi takut ketuker2 hahahaha

    1. Eh..Iron Maiden British ya? ga ngeh selama ini

      Wah ternyata pengemar band amrik ya, sy malah dah ga dengerin band amrik lagi kecuali g muncul di tahun sebelum tahun 2000.

      Makasih Vian dah berbagi 🙂

      1. rata2 yg jadi dedengkot New Wave Of British Heavy Metal itu ya dari British hehehe. miss miss aku mau ngasih top 5 aku tapi kurang banyak nih bahannya hehehe

          1. nih ada yg udah aku simpen dari lama miss, ntar sisanya menyusul hehehe miss tambahin gambar2 dong yaaaa hahaha
            aku kirim kemana nih? ke email aja?

  2. I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of British bands….I know! Kill me now! Run me off a cliff! I think I’m the only person that I know that isn’t a huge fan of British music. My husband thinks I’m crazy too! Now, I will say that bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin have had a huge influence on music and I will rightly agree that they have an important place in musical history, but I just can’t get into their music! Man, I feel so bad that I’m saying this because surely you and everyone else is going to give me a virtual beat down for saying this! I’m so embarrassed! *hides in a corner*

    I am going to freely admit that I like Canadian and American bands a lot more than British bands. I can’t lie! It might be where I grew up and that my family listened more to Motown and Atlantic artists than British artists. I also grew up with a lot of more traditional music like mariachi and ranchera music so I think I may have just missed out on the whole British invasion era! So please don’t kill me! I swear that I am already alone in my corner sulking when people talk about all the British invasion bands that they like! *runs away and hides* hehehehehehe

    1. Hehehe don’t worry Carin, I won’t kill you and you can come out from the corner now. Everyone has their own preference of music. I won’t be surprised if you can not get into their music, especially Led Zeppelin…I only know a few people that like Led Zeppelin as much as I am. Some people called me that I am old fashion.

      Motown and Atlantic usually produced R&B, right? or am I wrong?
      I guess the way we were brought up plays major part to our music preferance 😉 I’ve been listening to rock music since childhood and the best rock bands in the world come from Britain.

  3. Hmm, I’m not really sure who would be on my list…I like a lot of Aussie bands. I think The Beatles and The Rolling Stones should be on there, but as for modern bands I don’t know! I must be getting old 🙂

    1. I haven’t heard much Aussie Bands…it’s a shame because Indonesia is so near to Australia. I should pay more attention to Aussie music in the future. Haha me too Sam, I don’t listen much off the modern bands…only few of the modern bands can capture my attention.

      I used to like Supergrass, they are from Australia if I’m not mistaken

  4. David Gray (non band)
    Depeche Mode
    Snow Patrol
    The Frames
    The Frames are Irish but that should count too, no?
    But these are not all my favourite bands, but my favourite British bands. Some of my favourite bands are not British but from Sweden , Canada, Germany + US

    1. I’ve heard The Frame from my friend but haven’t heard their songs yet. Some of my favorite bands come from Japan. I like a lot of US bands before year 2000, the recent ones hasn’t capture my attention yet.

      Thank you for sharing your list Caroline 🙂

  5. Mine is:
    5. Radiohead
    4. Snow Patrol
    3. Keane
    2. Muse
    1. Coldplay

    Muse and coldplay are racing on my toppest list. But in the end I choose Coldplay. Coldplay’s music is just like resemblance to my feeling, my thought, my personality, at any time. That’s why 🙂

    1. Hehehe your list is filled with youngsters Yan 😉
      If Radiohead comes…let’s watch them together…I want to watch their eccentric songs LIVE.

      Thank you for sharing your list Yan

    1. Is that your blog too Caroline?
      I’ve heard 30STM but I wasn’t impressed. I will, next year, make a list of top-5 US Bands…you’ll find my list full of old people 😉

      I like That Sweden guy.

        1. Why do you give up singing? I assume you gave up because you use ‘used to’… you could still sing without playing guitar, right? 😉

          I’ll check the link later 🙂

          1. The only reason is, I have not enough time. I didn’t really give up but I don’t sing with a band. I tend to write a lot these days. Short stories and a novel. I work full time, take writing courses… Blogging. Had to cut down somewhere.

          2. I didn’t see a reply button, so this prob. goes to the wrong comment. Thank you for your interest. Yes, I do write. I think thriller/crime is what I dod best. Chandler’s books were sort of my what I aim for. And I am impresed with the idea of Dexter. I like memoir writing too. I had some experiences would like to hera about. At present I write about the murders in Ciudad the Juárez. Will post something shortly.

          3. Don’t worry 🙂 it goes to the right place, I don’t use too many replies because it will cause the comment’s box becomes smaller an irritating to read. By controlling it like this, the box is still big enough to be comfortable.

            Thriller and Mystery are my favorite genres, I’ll be sure to read your story if you published them, either in blog or real book.

  6. I LOVE British bands too, I grew up with 80s music and I like Duran Duran, Queen, Pet Shop Boys, Spandau Ballet, The Police, Wham!, etc. Now I enjoy Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol… my hubby listens to Muse a lot with his iPhone. I do agree that musics from a few decades ago seems a lot richer, but that’s probably just a matter of personal taste.

    1. I think British have a great regeneration bands, I like those you’ve mentioned. In each decade Brit always have some bands that stood out above the other.
      Your husband like Muse too? say hi from a fellow muse fan 😉

      Yup, it is a matter of personal taste. I have an old personal taste, maybe it is because of my age but my preference goes back to the year before I was born…not only the 80s (my teenage era)

  7. Okaay here’s my list:

    5. Depeche Mode
    4. Led Zeppelin
    3. Coldplay
    2. Muse
    1. The Beatles

    It could be a draw between Muse and Beatles, but since my father often sang me many beatles songs as my lullaby so I guess their songs have more meaning for me 😀

  8. OK. First of all, I must say that I’m definitely NOT a british band encyclopedia. Meaning that I have no deep knowledge about them. So I will just mention some brit bands whose songs have captured my attention, alrighty? Which means the numbers assigned to them dont always mean the ranks.

    1. Snow Patrol
    Chasing Cars really caught my attention. The lyrics are simple, yet touched my heart. Then I heard Signal Fire and fell head over heels for them! I mean, how can you NOT smile everytime you hear: “The perfect words never crossed my mind coz there was nothing in there but you…”
    All together now: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw…..~~

    2. Keane
    I haven’t heard from them in a long time, but their song: Somewhere Only We Know tends to pop in my head every now and then 🙂

    3. Coldplay
    Lots of their songs are in my playlist. Yellow, In My Place, and Fix you are my all time favorites. I not only love their songs, but also adore their vocalist. Whats his name? Chris Martin?? I forgot! 😛 But I LOVE him! He has that…that authentic British look that is so adorable! 😀

    4. The Ting Tings
    They always manage to create catchy songs that -whether you like it or not -will get stuck in your head.

    5. GORILLAZ!!!!!
    Of all the other brit bands i’ve mentioned here, this band is probably the one i love the most, despite the fact that I mentioned earlier that this is not really a rank 😛
    I LOVE the concept of having cartoon characters as the band members, and their music videos are always unique! Loooooooove them!!!

    This is probably by far the most difficult list you’ve ever given me 🙂

    1. As always, you show high enthusiasm in my top 5 post… thanks 🙂

      That is a nice list. I also like somewhere only we know, it’s a beautiful song.

      I have interesting story related to Coldplay. When I was watching JavaRockin’ Land last year, I was waiting impatiently for Mr. Big, before Mr.Big is a US band that I have forgotten their name (they sound so much like Simple Plan)…I didn’t enjoy their performance at all…but then they sang ‘Fix You’, huahaha I instantly sang along with the band that made me bored because they sang Cold Play’s song.

      The Gorillaz is interesting, but I like Blur more. Gorillaz’ vocalist used to be Blur’s vocalist.

      BTW, in December, there will be more than 1 top 5 list and I think you’ll enjoy all the list 😉 but all the list will be published on the last week.

  9. Great top 5 list Novroz. I’ve liked Rdaiohead every since I heard Creep and eventually learnt to play it on guitar. I’m not a huge fan of Muse to be honest but telling that to a Muse fan is like telling a Priest that God doesn’t exist…or at least that’s what I’ve found with Muse-loving friends who are all adamant the band is the greatest thing in the world.

    I’m a fan of The Beatles of course and The Rolling Stones. Led Zep are up there with The Who in my favourites group.

    Have you heard/like Oasis or Blur?

    Top 5:
    5. The Rolling Stones
    4. Oasis
    3. The Cure
    2. Placebo
    1. Radiohead

    1. Thank you Dan 🙂
      Hahaha… I have to admit that you’re right!! as Muse-lover, no matter what people said Muse is still the best for me (well, actually the 2nd best because my 1st best is a band from Japan).

      Blur is already in my honorable mention, I really like them…too bad they are no longer exist. I forget to mention The Who in my honorable list, I really like their music too. I’ve heard Oasis but I didn’t like their music, I only like 2 or 3 songs.

      Have you seen Radiohead live performance?

      Thank you for sharing your great list Dan.

  10. In terms of bands, probably these…..It’s hard to choose though!:
    1. The Beatles
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Queen
    5.Pink Floyd

    The Beatles will always come in at no. 1 for me!

    1. Oh my…I complitely forgot about Pink Floyd, there are so many British Bands that I like and I sometime forgot about them till I listen to their songs. Pink Floyd is a harmonious band, I really like their songs.

      Thank you for sharing your list Roisin 🙂

  11. Hmm…. di honorable mention ada Coldplay, tapi kenapa di kelima daftar itu gak ada? 😆

    Saya udah ngebela-belain donlot banyak albumnya Elvis P., berharap banyak mendengar lagu rock dengan beat cepat di sana. Tapi ternyata kebanyakan lagunya bertempo lambat. Tapi, nadanya (iramanya) catchy banget. Saya langsung rada apal nada2nya (tanpa lirik tentunya). 😀

  12. English bands are, and have been always about one thing : Pioneers. There are a lot of bands these days trying to imitate the fragile of Thom Yorke’s voice, the gentle yet sweet voice from Chris Martin’s throat, or from Mathew Bellamy’s tenor voice lol. Well, here’s my 5 Favorite british bands

    5. The Verve
    This band used to be my favorite band when i was in elementary school, along with Queen. I don’t know the meaning of their lyrics back then *i found out that the lyrics are quite deep* Their Urban Hymns album are probably one of my favourite album of all time.

    Recommended songs : Drugs don’t Work, Bittersweet Symphony

    4. Coldplay

    “Look at the stars….look how they shine for you…”
    Coldplay – Yellow

    Remember back then where it seemed that this song is THE perfect song *well…beside Oasis’s Wonderwall* to express your feeling to the girl that you secretly admire? What’s interesting about Coldplay is they make some romantic, yet masculine kind of song. I think this is the reason why they took the world by storm, beside their musical talent of course.

    Recommended songs : Yellow, In My Place, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Violet Hill

    3. Bloc Party
    The spiky guitars, The Cure-like vocals, On and Off bassline, Catchy songs, songs to dance to, and AMAZING DRUM BEAT. Combine all of those elements then you will have…Bloc Party. Their songs makes you want to move your feet. A special credit to Matt Tong, the drummer who i think is one of the most amazing drummer in 21st Century. Try to imitate the drumming of “Helicopter” I bet you couldn’t even last half of the song

    Recommended Songs : Banquet, Helicopter, Like Eating Glass, Positive Tension, The Prayer

    2. Oasis

    1. Shit kepencet 😛

      2. Oasis
      Oasis are prolly one of the best rock bands of all time. They are the pioneers for Brit Rock. Until this day i believe Noel’s lyrics and Liam’s voice > McCartney – Lennon

      Recommended Songs : Wonderwall, Slide Away, Champagne Supernova, Stand By Me, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Lyla

      1. Queen AND Radiohead
      I just can’t decide who’s better. And none of this band deserves to be #2.


      I knew Queen from my Dad, he used to play the VCD of Queen’s Greatest Hits. I remembered watching Bohemian Rhapsody. The piano, the lyrics just stuck in my 5 year old brain. I just love Freddy Mercury’s voice, Brian May’s guitar, John Deacon’s wicked bassline, and Roger Taylor’s drum beat. And they can play EVERY genre of music i thing, even trash metal! Their song “Stone Cold Crazy” is the song that influenced a lot of now metal musician, Metallica even covered the song as a tribute to them. It’s a shame Freddy had to left the building earlier, as i believe they could still make good music *why does the good always die young?!*

      Recommended Songs : Bohemian Rhapsody, You’re my best friend, Don’t Stop Me Now, Spread Your Wings, Show Must Go On, Under Pressure, actually, ALL of their songs!


      Damn i could talk allllll day about this band. Radiohead produced one of the most emotional music ever, if you don’t want to call it depressing. Thom Yorke’s voice are IMO the most beautiful voice ever. When he sings, it’s like he’s taking us to our darker, gloomy side. Like Dementor, he can take your happiness away in an instant. That’s how amazing he is. And Jonny Greenwood, one of my favourite guitarist, always comes up with something to remind us that Radiohead is not all about Thom. *listen to the guitar solo in “Just” “My Iron Lung” , “Paranoid Android” , or the screech sound in “Creep”* But i warn you, this band is difficult to listen to lol. One of the things that makes me so amaze is they change their style every album. Grunge, brit pop/brit rock, Alt/Prog rock, Electronica, Art rock, rock *in order of the albums* and in their most recent album, it’s even had a dub reggae in it! So yeah, I love Radiohead cause they have such infinite musical talent. Oh, You HAVE to listen to Fake Plastic Trees.

      Recommended Songs : Creep, High And Dry, Fake Plastic Trees, Just, My Iron Lung, Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Lucky, No Surprises, Everything In It’s Right Place, Idioteque, How To Dissappear Completely, Knives Out, There There, 2+2=5, 15 Steps, Bodysnatchers, All I Need, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Street Spirit

    2. Whoa thank you for this long comment Nuzul 🙂 I really appreciate this.

      You are so damn right! British Bands are the pioneers of rock music!

      Ah…I forgot to mention The Verve in my honorable mention. The vocalist has a special voice character that I like. Too bad they didn’t last long.

      Cold Play is an awesome mellow band 🙂 I remembered getting bored watching Secondhand Serenade and when they sang Fix You, I sang along and became less bored.

      I never heard of Bloc Party, will look it up soon.

      I’ve said enough about Queen….their songs are SO timeless.

      Fake Plastic Tree is great but I like Street Spirit more. Nuzul, let’s watch Radiohead together if they finally decide to play here 🙂
      I really want to see them one day. It breaks my heart that most Indonesian promotors invites more American bands than British bands 😦

  13. His name is Richard Ashcroft. Yeahhhh they broke up after the Urban Hymns album but on 2007/2008 they reunited and released another album. Haven’t heard of it though, i’ve always skeptical with the idea of broke up bands-reunite-and-then-release-another-album

    Yes they are. But i think Coldplay matured on each of their albums. Since X&Y they haven’t made another mellow song (Fix You IMO is uplifting, the part when the guitar just come in and finish the song in a climax kind of way is epic)

    You should hear them!

    Hahahah remember when you play “Jealousy” and i was the only kid who knew the song? lol

    YESSS let’s watch it together! I watch their live performances via youtube and it’s mind blowing. I would sell my soul just to see Radiohead live! ….figuratively

    1. Ah yes I remember that day. Too bad, nowadays generation missed an amazing band.

      I know!! I’ve seen their lives in youtube too and they were always impressive. Tom always seemed like he has his own word to think about.

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