L’Arc~en~Ciel’s First Break

Laruku had their 1st break between Real to Smile. Real was released in 2000 and Smile was released in 2004. People started thinking that they had disbanded themselves…fortunately those people were wrong 🙂

During their 1st break, everyone seemed to take the time to produce something that defined their individual taste. Hyde and Tetsu were going solo while Ken and Yuki created a new band.


Hyde released his first solo single, Evergreen in 0ctober 21, 2001. Not long after that, he released two more singles, Angel’s Tale and Shallow Sleep. In March 27, 2002, Hyde released his first album titled Roentgen. He made 2 versions, English and Japanese. The album is filled with slow songs. I love how Hyde sings in this album. Roentgen is my favorite album by Hyde. My favorite PV from Roentgen is Secret Letters because it reminds me of Akabane. Secret Letters is also one of my most favorite songs on this album.

A year later, he released 2 more singles, Hello in June 2003 and Horizon in November 2003. He released his second album called 666 in December 3, 2003. I don’t really like this album because Hyde is forcing his voice, it ruins his beautiful voice. My favorite PV is Hello because Hyde looks like a female rocker, but my favorite song is not Hello, it’s Horizon.

Hyde also played in 2 movies, as a vampire in Moon child and as a ghost in Kagen no Tsuki. Moonchild was released in 2003 and Kagen No Tsuki was in 2004. Hyde is the main cast in Moonchild along with Gackt, but in Kagen no Tsuki he only played as supporting Role. I like Kagen no Tsuki more than Moonchild for 2 reasons; The story is better and Hyde is gorgeous.


Just like Hyde, Tetchan also made a solo album. He called himself as Tetsu69. He released 4 singles; Wonderful Word and Tightrope in July 18, 2001; Shinkirou in August 28, 2002; 15 ½ in October 23, 2002; and White Out in February 13, 2003. His album was titled Suite November, it was released in November 20, 2002.

My favorite PV is Tightrope because Tetsu looks really cute, but my favorite song is Shinkirou.


I didn’t really follow Ken’s project…gomen ne KenChan. He created a band called Son Of All Pussy, S.O.A.P for short. S.O.A.P consists of Ken, Sakura (laruku’s ex-member) and Ein. They released 3 mini albums: Grace, Gimme a Guitar and Help; and a single: Paradise. I haven’t heard any of their songs.


Just like Kenchan, Yuki-Nichan didn’t do solo act, he created a new band called Acid Android. I’ve heard their music but didn’t like it…too techno for me. Although yuki-Nichan is myy favorite member of laruku, but that didn’t guarantee that I will like is own project…gomen ne nichan.

Acid Android consists of Yuki in vocal and guitar, Tomo, antz and Kishi in guitars and Yasuo in Drum. The released 2 albums: Acid Android in September 25, 2002 and Faults in March 12, 2003. Their single Ring The Noise was released in September 27, 2001.

In late 2003, they got back together again to prepare their newest album, SMILE.

This is also part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (Click the picture to see more posts)


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