Halloween Densetsu

It’s time for another Chie Watari’s manga review.

This is the second Manga that features Wanihiko Fudoh. The first Manga that features the charismatic Fudoh-san is in Onryo no Densetsu (The legend of the scroll paintings). In Halloween Densetsu, we got to see a glimpse of Fudoh’s past. Although Halloween Densetsu was released after Onryo no Densetsu, but the time of the story was before Onryo. In this manga, Fudoh was still in college.

I remember how scary this manga was when I first read it. The artwork was seriously scary and I was still in my high school age. One of the reasons I love Watari’s manga is because or her great artwork, the other reason is, of course, the story itself.

The story started 13 years ago when little Wanihiko found his oldest sister, Makiko, who was possessed killed his parents and his littler brother. Wanihiko and Sentaro (Wanihiko’s older brother, Makiko’s younger brother) tried to save themselves but Makiko killed Sentaro. When she tried to kill Wanihiko, something inside Wanihiko shielded him from danger and released the spirit that possessed Makiko. Out of frustration, Makiko killed herself by jumping out of the window.Wanihiko was saved by a policeman named Fudoh.

13 years later, Wanihiko is already in college. One morning, he read news about a family being murdered cruelly. Both parents and eldest daughter were murdered and the youngest daughter was missing. Wanihiko went to that house and found the little missing girl, Himeko. Himeko lost her voice because off trauma but Wanihiko had his own way to communicate. She told him that she was afraid of a new painting bought by her father and one night she saw a ghost coming out of the painting. Minutes later, her eldest sister started killing everyone in the house. Himeko ran and hid herself. When she couldn’t find Himeko, she killed herself.

Suddenly, police came and assumed that Wanihiko was the murderer, he was brought to the police station. When the police that brought him, Sherizawa, found out that Wanihiko was the son of Shozou Fudo, he released him and wanted to help him. Together with Sherizawa, Wanihiko traced back the origin of the painting and learnt that the problem is not in the painting but in the frame of that painting. It was made from the same wood that was used in Wanihiko’s house 13 years ago.


Anna's Ghost

They tried to find the mystery behind that black wood. The truth was shocking. The wood was used to crucify a woman named Anna. She was burnt on that crucifix. Anna was a devoted Satan worshiper and had killed a lot of people as sacrifice. Before she died, she swore that she will come back and took her revenge. She was burnt but the crucifix remained unburn. The one who burnt her is Genryu and Himeko was Genryu’s descendent.

Anna used young girls’ body to return to this world but those girls weren’t strong enough and ended up killing themselves. Anna finally found a strong body and kidnapped Himeko, she wanted Genryu’s blood as her first sacrifice.

Wanihiko had to find Himeko as soon as possible.

That’s all I can write for now, I don’t want to spoil it. I tried finding Halloween Desentsu’s mangascan so that other people can read it too but the luck is against me.

This manga was published in 1990 and translated into Indonesian language in 1998. This manga will be shared as my 9th manga for Manga Challenge 2010.



4 thoughts on “Halloween Densetsu

  1. uwoo i never succeed to read any horor manga 😀 the pictures would haunt me into my sleep :p better not to read it deh miss

  2. cuteee…………bring back my childhood memories….
    this is actually my favorite comic series back then when i was still in fourth grade elementary school….actually i think anna portrayal was pretty cool….:D
    its been about 14 years n the comic now’s lost without a trace….but i’ll try to find the online version n download it. 😀

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