Akuma no Mi Users Part 1

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In the magnificent world of One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, there are a lot of people who have powers beyond ordinary people. They are like superheroes but they are not. If you read Marvels Comic, most heroes got their power from radiation, strange experiment and so on, and there are not many people with power exist.

In One Piece, there are a lot of people that possess great power, and the question is ‘where do they get their power from?’ it is from fruits called Akuma no Mi (悪魔 の み-The devil’s fruit), the one who had eaten the fruit will gain power according to the power inside the fruit. There is a price for eating that fruit, they will get the power but the sea hates those people and won’t allow them to swim, in other word they become weak once they are thrown into the water.

The fruits look like ordinary fruit with spiral around it.

There are 3 families of akuma no mi:

  • Zoan is the animal type. The eater will have the power like an animal and can also change his/her body into animal form. Zoan family is the only one that consist of sub-family (or we can call it as type)
  • Paramecia is the type that absorb into the eater’s body. His body will change into the physical properties of the fruit he/she ate.
  • Logia is the most powerful power because it can transform the body of the eater into elements of nature.

Let’s take a look at those devil’s fruit users, I will list them all one by one. They will be listed based on the order of their appearance. This list of people is from One Piece volume 1 – 23 (until the battle of Arabasta)

1. Monkey D Luffy, the center of the story in this Manga, is called Gomu Gomu no Ningen (Rubber-man) because he has eaten the gomu-gomu no mi. He can stretch his body as far as he can, just like a rubber. He can also make his body look like balloon by inflating as much air as possible. Type: Paramecia. Gomu (ごむ) means Rubber.

2. Buggy the Clown. He eats the bara-bara no mi, it makes him able to separate his body parts and control their movements freely. Type: Paramecia. Bara bara (ばらばら) means scatter.

3. Alvida. She eats the sube-sube no mi. the power that she gets is a very slippery skin. Type: Paramecia. Sube comes from suberu (滑る) means slippery

4. Captain Smoker. He is the 1st Navy that shows up with akuma no mi power and also the 1st in Logia family. He eats the moku-moku no mi. He can transform his body into smoke. Type: Logia.

5. Mr. 5. He is a member of Baroque Works. He is the bomu-bomu no mi eater, every parts of his body can be turn into bomb. Type: Paramecia

6. Miss Valentine. She is Mr. 5’s partner. She eats kiro-kiro no mi, she can changes her body weight from 1 kilo into more than 10.000 kilo. Type: Paramecia

10. Mr. 3. He is also a member of Baroque Works. He has the power to change his body into candle wax because he has eaten doru-doru no mi. Type: Logia/Paramecia (I’m not sure which one)

11. Wapol. He used to be the king of Drum Island. He has a very weird ability, he can eat anything and change his body based on what he has eaten. He can also recycle things that he has eaten. His power comes from baku-baku no mi. Type: Paramecia

12. Dalton. He used to be one of Wapol’s men but he turns side and fights Wapol. He is the 1st in Zoan family that appears in One Piece. He eats ushi-ushi no mi type bison. He can change into the shape of a bison. Type: Zoan. Ushi (牛) means cow.

13. Tony Tony Chopper. The second member of Mugiwara Kaizokudan that eats akuma no mi. Chopper is a reindeer that eats hito-hito no mi. because of that fruit, he transform into an animal that stands on two feet and able to speak. Type: Zoan. Hito (人) means human.

14. Mr. 2 Bon Clay. Another member of Baroque Works that has the ability to copy other people, he can change his body, face and voice same as the one he copied. He is a mane-mane no mi eater. Type: Paramecia. Mane (まね) means copy.

14. Mr. 0 – Crocodile. One of the Shicibukai and he is boss of Baroque Works. He eats suna-suna no mi, his power is deadly because he can transform into sand. Type: Logia. Suna (砂) means sand.

15. Portgas D Ace. Luffy’s brother. He is a fire-man, he can transform his body into fire because he has eaten mera-mera no mi. Type: Logia. Mera comes from moeru (燃える) means burn.

16. Lassu. Mr.4’s weapon, it is a weapon that has eaten inu-inu no mi type dachshund. Oda still hasn’t told us how a weapon can eat a fruit yet. Type: Zoan. Inu (犬) means dog.

17. Miss Merry Christmas. Mr.4’s partner. I forgot what she has eaten…(can anyone help me? I couldn’t remember it) Type: Zoan

18. Mr. 1. Another member of Baroque Works who is very loyal to Mr. 0. He can turn every part of his body into sword, his body is made of iron. He has eaten supa-supa no mi. Type: Paramecia

19. Miss Double Finger. She is Mr.1’s partner. She can change every part of her body into thorn because she has eaten toge-toge no mi. Type: Paramecia. Toge (刺) means thorn.

20. Miss All Sunday (Robin). Robin was Mr.0’s partner, she became member of mugiwara kaizokudan after the battle of Arabasta was over. She ate hana-hana no mi, she can grow all part of her body anywhere she wants to. Type: Paramecia. Hana (花) means flower.

22. Pell. Pell and Chaka are the elite soldier/commander of arabasta Army. Pell has the ability to change into a falcon because he has eaten tori-tori no mi type Falcon. Type: Zoan. Tori (鳥) means bird.

23. Chaka. Along with Pell, he led the Arabasta army. Chaka can change himself into a jackal because of the power from inu inu no mi type Jackal. Type: Zoan.

24. Captain Hina. She is in the same rank as Smoker in Marine corps. Her nickname is the black cage because she can turn her body into a metal cage/lock. She ate ori ori no mi. Type: Paramecia. Ori (おり) mean cage

Captain Hina is the last person who ate Akuma no Mi in the Battle of Arabasta. Akuma no Mi Users part 2 will list all the users till either the battle of thriller Bark or The battle of Shaboady Island.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone in this 1st part of Akuma no Mi users, if I did, please let me know, I’ll be very grateful :).

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