In The World of Cats and Turtles

I have 3 pictures of Kame and Kroten with cats around my house…none of the cats are mine.

The pictures are quite interesting and I try to make a story out it…it’s just for fun 😉

Once upon of time when cats ruled the world, life for turtles was not easy. Turtles lived in danger of being killed by the cats. The Cat-King loved turtle’s meat and declared that killing turtles for food was not a crime at all. All turtles were living in fear.

One day, a young turtle named Kroten, who had mastered the art of ninja, decided to take an action to fight the tyranny. She set her mind to go fight the Cat-King. On her journey, she met the Cat-General. The cat-general thought that Kroten looked so delicious. He was eyeing her, thinking of the best way to eat her.

This yellow turtle looks incredibly delicious” thought Cat-General, “pour butter on her and grilled her for 2 hours is the best way to cook her”. Saliva was running out of the Cat-General Mouth and he lurched at Kroten.

Suddenly, Kroten moved sideway to avoid Cat-general’s attack. She fought the Cat-General fiercely. She used all her techniques to defeat the Cat-General who was 10 times her size. She defeated him and ordered him to take her to see the King.

The Cat-General took her to see the Cat-King. The Cat-King was a handsome cat, but he was very vicious. Kroten challenged her to a duel … the ultimate duel.

If you defeat me, you may eat me or do whatever you like with me” Said Kroten, “But…if I win, I want you to go away and never come back. I will take over this country. I will rule this country and no turtle should be eaten again.”

The Cat-King thought that Kroten was an idiot, how could a little turtle defeat a mighty king like him? He took the challenge.

The heaven seemed to choose side, the duel had turned into duel between darkness and light.

Kroten used all her power to defeat the King. The fight lasted for days. Both Cat-King and Kroten fought as hard as they could. The turtles were crossing their fingers, or should I say their nails, and the cats were cheering for their King.

On the fifth day, Kroten defeated the Cat-King. She had turned the King into a crimple cat. She kicked the king out of the city and took over the palace. However, Kroten didn’t have any desire to become a queen, she was a fighter and she will always be a fighter. Ruling a country was not her job. She gave the position to her older sister, Kame. Kroten chose to be the general of Turtles Army.

Queen Kame ruled the country nicely. She told all turtles not to treat cats badly. Because of shame, no cat dared to walk with their head up when the queen was around.

—The End—

I shared this story in my Account to received good advices to improve my writing ability.

12 thoughts on “In The World of Cats and Turtles

  1. You are quite a story-teller. Funny really. I like the pics too. In the last one it looks as if the cat wants to sniff Kroten. She has her head up high indeed. Some turtles can bite, I don’t know if yours can.

    1. Thank you Caroline 🙂
      The last pis is Kame, Kroten is yellower than her becase Kroten is a Morph turtle.

      Fortunately, both Kame and Kroten never bite anyone. Kroten sometimes bit my finger when I was hand-feeding her because she still couldn’t tell the length of the food, unlike Kame who can measure length perfectly, she can bite food in size of less than 1cm without biting my finger.

  2. haha lucu miss. jd pengen bikin cerita jg.. kyk yg bunny maze yg dulu itu udah pernah liat kan? hihi jd pengen bikin lg..

  3. This is so great! I love the story to go with the pictures. And Kame is a kind ruler. What a great story. See? I knew one of your turtles would be a ninja! Do you mind if I link to this story in your comment over at my blog?

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Just like what Kame said in your blog…She is too feminine and Kroten is better in this fighting stuff 😉
      I won’t mind a bit, you have our permission

  4. Good story, Novroz. You’re doing a good job story telling, just watch your spelling. People judge you heavily on that, although I know we have all become more relaxed and abbreviate a lot. Keep up the good work. After you write so long it will not be hard to come up with ideas. Try new things and take on challenging subjects and genres. In time you’ll be writing every day and will never have all the time you want to devote to it.


    1. Thank you for the compliment and advice, RD, it means a lot coming from you 🙂

      Spelling and grammar is a bit difficult to stay corrected..,I hope I will get used to writing in correct spelling and grammar in the future.

      You’re right, idea comes from everywhere…time seemed not enough anymore. Thank you again for reading, RD 🙂

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