L’Arc~en~Ciel’s 8th Album: REAL

We finally reached to Laruku’s last album…well, at least that was what people thought at that time. Real was released in August 30, 2000. After they have done their tour, they went quiet for about 3 years. Each member has their own personal projects (I will write about their personal projects before Smile). They released 4 best albums and people started thinking that they have broken up. Thank God they were wrong 🙂 it was just the beginning of their first long break.

In my opinion (others might think differently), Real sounds darker then the other albums in Yukihiro’s era. The songs are not easy to grip, only a couple of songs can easily be liked by non-Laruku fans.

There are 4 PVs from this album; Love Flies, Neo Universe, Finale and Stay Away (see the PV on the second page).

Now, let’s talk about the songs:

Get Out From The Shell

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Yukihiro

Get Out From The Shell sounds a bit unusual for Laruku, almost all Yuki’s songs are different with Laruku’s other songs. This song might not easy to accept by non-Laruku fans, but for me this song is very interesting. I love the beat, especially in the refrain part, but I wouldn’t say this song as my favorite Yukihiro’s song. There are 2 versions of this song, the Japanese and the English ones.

My favorite line:

get rid of your notions
haven’t you realized yet? [do it]
get feel of your passion
haven’t you realized yet? [go for it]
you get out from the shell

The Nepenthes

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken

The Nepenthes is my least favorite song in this album. No matter how many times I heard it, it never could increase my feeling toward the song. Maybe the way Hyde sings it is the one that makes me not too fond of the song.

My favorite line:

atama no naka wa sore bakari
ai nanka ja shibararenai
risei to usotsuki wa kamihitoe
buchikowashitara saa ikou

Neo Universe

Lyric by Hyde , Music by Ken

A very cheerful song. I really like Neo Universe. They still sing this song in their recent performances, but Hyde always lowers his voice a bit, he couldn’t sing this song as high as it used to be. The most dominant sound in this song is Tetchan’s bass.

My favorite line:

hibiwaresoudemo toumei na mama de
kinou nemurazu matteitanda ne
yume o miteita kiseki wa mou konaikedo
tooi sora ga michibiite


Lyric & Music by Tetsu

I don’t know what is it about the song that makes me love it so much. From the 1st time I heard it, I fell in love instantly. I consider this song as sweet rock because in my ear, it sounds so sweet. The song might sound sweet but the lyric is not sweet at all. They wrote this song as a cynical song for their fans who had abandoned them during Sakura’s incident. I have only seen them perform this song once, it was in Realive.

My favorite line:

mukashi wa yokatta nante iwanaide
ano kirameku toki no naka no nani o shitteru tte iu no sa
ijiwaru na koto bakari mou iwanaide
bokura ga eranda michi ga ayamachi nara… mou inai
you have no bravery to know the truth

Love Flies

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken

I can’t tell you for sure what makes this song interesting. I like Love Flies but I can’t tell you why. I just like it.

My favorite line:

Right side of the soul
Left side of the life
Show me the way


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu

I freaking LOVE this song. This is the song that makes me adore Laruku. When I first heard it in Ring 0 (I have to review this movie one day), I was so amazed with its mysterious aura. The song is very powerful and it reached deep into my heart, I was completely blown away. Everything about this song is perfect, Hyde’s voice, Yuki’s drum, Ken’s guitar and Tetchan’s bass are all in 1 great unison. I never get tired of this song. I’ve heard 4th avenue café and Stay Away before I heard this song, when I listened to those 2 songs I thought that Laruku is not bad….but then I heard Finale, and it changed my perspective completely, I feel deeply in love with this band and started looking for more songs by the great L’Arc~en~Ciel. For me, finale is a historical song. I wish they sing this song more often.

My favorite line:

shuumaku e mukau hizashi no naka
mabushisugite ashita ga mienai
furimuita kimi wa toki o koete mitsumeteiru
adoKenai shoujo no mama

Stay Away

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu

Stay Away is one of Laruku’s iconic songs. This is my 1st Laruku’s song, and as far as I can remember Stay Away’s PV is Laruku’s 1st PV in Indonesia. The concept of Stay Away’s PV is very interesting, it’s included in my top-5 Laruku’s PV. This song is often played in many Japanese Events in my country. It’s a fun rock song. In Awake Live, they sang this song differently.

My favorite line:

ukabu kumo no youni
dare mo boku wo tsukamenai
nani mo kamo wo kowashi jiyuu no moto ni umareta

Route 666

Lyric & Lyric by Hyde

At first, Route 666 felt as weird as The Nepenthes, but when I listen to it the second time, I started to like it. What I like the most is the combination of the bass and the drum. The P’unk en Ciel version of this song is one of my favorites PeC’s songs.

My favorite line:

asu e mukete maware
yume ni odore sabaku de
the roses! fall down! then crush!
It’s an usual thing

Time Slip

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken

My friend once told me that the melody in Time Slip is a bit weird, and the music and the voice don’t match up. In my ear, it sounds fine. This is one of my favorite songs in Real. I love the ups and downs in Hyde’s voice. The guitar’s melody is also nice to hear. I love listening to this song while closing my eyes and move my body following the melody of the song, closing my eyes makes the song sipped into me better.

My favorite line:

Passing by Passing by real world
awai honoo o tayasanu you
Passing by Passing by sweet times
kyou mo ashita e mukaou

A Silent Letter

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken

A silent letter is the slowest song in this album. At first, I don’t really like the song, I tend to skip it…but…after watching their live performance I changed my mind, I begin to like the song more and more. It’s better to listen to this song using earphone because we can hear a nice combination of Hyde and Tetsu’s voice in the last half of the song. Hyde’s voice is on the right earplug and Tetchan’s voice is in the left earplug. I didn’t pay attention to Tetsu’s voice while listening with speaker. The perfect moment to listen to this song is before bedtime, it’s a peaceful song

My favorite line:

Dear my Love tooi unabara mo
watatteku yo kono ude de
arashi no hi mo nido to mou osore wa shinai
Are you feeling namima ni miageta
hoshi no uzu ga kirei dayo
maigo ni natta osanai toki no you dane
… sayonara wa


All Year Around Falling In Love

Lyric & Music by Hyde

The title is very cheesy, isn’t it? I think this song has the cheesiest title in all Laruku’s songs 😉 but I like the song. I like the way Hyde sings this song, he uses his high voice a lot. I’ve seen this song being sung in one of the concert, but I forgot which one.

My favorite line:

takaku hane o hiroge kaze o atsumete
doko e demo yukeru sa kimi to itanara

This is part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (See more post by clicking the picture).



  1. Wow, u know their songs so well. I only think about “I like this song” or “I’m not sure about this song” when I listen to L’arc. Thanks for sharing and supplying info, like the story behind Bravery.

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