Suspense and Thriller Challenge 2010 – Wrap Up

I finally finished one of my many challenges for this year, 2010. I didn’t even realize that I have finished it because I got too carried away. I love this genre so much. The rule is just to read 12 books that have the element of suspense and/or thriller. When I was about to put the link into Mr.linky, I realized that I have read 15 books whereas the challenge is only to read 12 books. There’ll be 2 extra books for this challenge 🙂

This challenge is held by book chick city. In my opinion, she hosts this challenge better than other challenges I’m joining in this year. I’m not saying that the challenge is better than others, I like all the challenges equally. What I meant by better is more like more neat, she posts different links for different months, so that all the reviews won’t be too crowded in 1 Mr.Linky. She is a really well organized host.

In my introduction post (I always write an introduction to all the challenges that I have joined) I had written 11 books I was planning to read, but in the end, I didn’t read all of them because other books looked better than the ones I was planning to read.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King and Crossfire by Miyabe Miyuki were finished before 2010.

I still haven’t finished Insomnia by Stephen King and Dark House by Gary Crew.

I still have Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz and Night Shift by Stephen King on my bookshelf, waiting for their turn to be read. The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul is the book I’m currently read, won’t be included in my suspense and thriller challenge.

I did manage to read and review 4 books from the list, they are Strangers by Taichi Yamada, Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris, The Dark Tower 1- The gunslinger by Stephen King, and Alice in Jeopardy by Ed McCain.

As far as I know, making a list in the beginning of a challenge never works…well, at least for me. It is because I kept borrowing or buying books that somehow look better than what I already have on my bookshelf.

Here are the books I read for this challenge:

  1. Strangers by Taichi Yamada, this book is about ghost.
  2. The Gunslinger by Stephen King, The fantasy world created by the greatest man in horror book.
  3. Cage by Kenzo Kitakata, a man who had stayed away from the dark side of life but forced to come back to that life again.
  4. The Shining by Stephen King, the haunted hotel is a pretty scary story.
  5. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, combining sci-fi and thriller is definitely Crichton’s best area.
  6. The Stand by Stephen King, a nice tale of good versus evil.
  7. Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris, it tells how Hannibal becomes who he is in the silence of the lamb.
  8. Shiryo no Hanayome by Chie Watari, I put 1 manga for this challenge to let people know that manga can be suspenseful and thrilling too.
  9. Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, another ghost book, I really like it. He will be the next Stephen King.
  10. The X Files – I Want To Believe by Max Allan Collins, a modern-day Frankenstein.
  11. Alice in Jeopardy by Ed McBain, a kidnapping story.
  12. The Road by Cormac McCarthy, my second post-apocalypse books for this challenge.

Let’s consider these 2 books as extra books because I can’t stop reading suspense and Thriller 🙂

  1. Cujo by Stephen King, beware of a rabid dog!
  2. Shadow Family by Miyuki Miyabe it tells the story of a murder related to pretend family in internet.

When you look at my list, you can easily tell that I’m Stephen King’s fan 🙂 there are 4 books by him and 1 by his son, Joe Hill. I am also a fan of Japanese Literature, both novel and Manga. I read many mystery manga this year but I only included 1 manga for this challenge.

Thank you for hosting this great challenge Book Chick City 🙂 I’ll be joining in again next year if you are planning to keep this challenge going on.


4 thoughts on “Suspense and Thriller Challenge 2010 – Wrap Up

  1. I like what you write about this challenge. Especially the part about it being organized. That is a good thing. I feel tempted to join next year since I read a lot of thrillers anyway.

    1. I haven’t read any by James Patterson yet. I need someone to lend me 1st….I only read new authors if I can borrow it or buy it with high discount. I have terrible experience once when buying new author I know nothing about, so I tend to be selective now.

      I read lots of John Grisham in college, way before I have this blog…therefore, you can’t find any review on his books.

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