One Piece : Then and Now

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Actually, I have prepared a post about akuma no mi users for this month’s The Amazing World of One Piece, but something incredible happens last week that made me delay that post till next month.

Last Wednesday, I read One Piece Chapter 598 and I was so thrill to see the changes in Mugiwara Kaizokudan (Straw-hat Pirate Crews). They have been separated for 2 years, and within those 2 years everyone has endured great training that can increase their fighting ability. Oda-sama hasn’t told us about the changes in their fighting skill yet, but we can see differences in their appearance…and that is what I am going to talk about 🙂 they have changed from kids to adults.

(click the pictures to see it better)

This is a cover from chapter 507, I like to call it Mugiwara Kaizokudan – then

And this is a cover from chapter 598, I like to call it as Mugiwara Kaizokudan – Now

Can you see the changes in their physical appearance?

I’ll show you a closer look 😉

Monkey D Luffy (Captain)

Luffy has a new scar on his chest now.

Roronoa Zoro (Swordman)

Zoro has a new scar across his right eyes, making him looks scarier.

Oda changed Zoro's scar position 🙂

Nami (Navigator)

She becomes sexier with long wavy hair.

Usopp (Sniper)

You can’’t see it in this picture, but Usopp has shown manly muscle now, not as skinny as he used to be

Sanji (Cook)

Gyahahaha Sanji is the most hilarious one. Sanji used to cover his left eye with his hair and only shows his right eye with curly eyebrow. Now, he cover his right eye with his hair showing his left eye with curly eyebrow, however…the curly eyebrow is facing the same way ass before…now we know why he always covers one of his eyes, those eyebrows of his are asymmetry….hahaha I can’t stop laughing when I realize it. Oda-sama, you are really crazy!!!

Chopper (Doctor)

Chopper seems to look no different.  I think he is the only crew that doesn’t change.

Nico Robin (Archeologist)

Robin also doesn’t change much, she has longer hair and looks more elegant than before

Franky (shipwright)

Franky has upgraded his body. He becomes bald and fatter. He has new hands that look like robot hands

Brooke (Musician)

Brooke also doesn’t change much, what can you expect from a skeleton? The only change is in his clothes because he is a rocker now.

I’m looking forward to see their new skill. Waiting for new chapter is killing me. I’m so anxious. Only One Piece can make me this impatience. Oda-sama is an amazing story teller, things keep getting better and better and better and better…

Congratulation to Oda-sama for 190 million sales across the world \(^_^)/


    1. I’ve checked all the colored pictures from the manga, Robin’s Eyes are brown from the beginning.

      I don’t about the anime, I need to check that later.

  1. First thing first,alot of changing were wrong,n it based on only 1 poster,so imma correct the wrong here..

    1)Monkey D. Luffy
    -the scar thing is right,its a crossed scar on his chest,and dun forget,he got more muscle than before,juz look at those abs..
    -now he wears a long sleeves red shirt instead of no sleeve shirt.
    -and new yellow pirate sash that he use around his waist,its his new fashion..

    2)Roronoa Zoro
    -well,the scar at his eye makes some confusion,but its still a scar,yet its not to make him more scary,its the mark that proof he’s undergoing some intense/crazy training until he lost his right/left eye,thats why he didnt open his scar eye..
    -the outfit surely gotten alot different,now he use what in japanese said as Hakama,and its one suit green hakama,and new Red Pirate Sash around his waist too..and new GAY black boots..LoL..
    -now still the same is the green wrapping on his stomach,the black scarf that he tied around his arm,the 3piece earring,and of course his 3 colored swords..and yes,he doesnt wear Pagoda shirt(white shirt) anymore,cuz he wan to show his pride scar on his chest..

    -well,she let her hair longer n more curly than before,and yes,she dyed his hair a little bit lighter than before..
    -now she more brave to wear a swimmingsuit everywhere..cuz now she got alot of more curve,and big of those…….u know wat..and god,she looks like nico robin in black & white page..

    4)Usopp(yes,this is the right spelling of his name)
    -he now use a different outfit,and the first things easier to notice is he now wearing a white fisherman cap,so he easy to hide his face..
    -the hair is gotten alot of crampy,longer too,still an afro type..
    -and now he grows some little beard,LoL!
    -new weapons,as expected on gadgetman on the ship..

    -yes,the hair,the eyebrow,its all hillarious..but this one makes him look more serious,hopefully in his new wanted poster he got a serious face too..LoL!
    -notice on the shirt he wears inside his suit?its yellow now instead of blue old one,now matching his hair colour..
    -yes,he’s now more perverted,bleeding more than before..LoL!

    -well,first thing first,the hat now is different than before,its blue,well,he still got a cross on top of the hat,thats was good~~n now he wears stretchable shirt too~~
    -he’s more chubby,cutie than before,and he got alot fluffy fur,says sogeking,usopp..
    -his sense of stupidity still the same,and now he more brave than before,he doesnt hide his face against the wall anymore..

    7)Nico Robin..(not Olvia)
    -well,robin got change quite well too,notice the hair fashion more different than before,all push to back of the head,exept 2 thread of hair at the side of the face..and she puts up sunglasses on her head too..
    -the outfit totally different,and more sexy too..

    -the body is not fatter,but its getting bigger n buff,much more bigger size than before,and yes,the legs still the same..hes not bald,he’s kept his hair inside,pinch his nose,the hair goes out in an instance,cuz he nid to be easy to move,doesnt need to repair his hair alot..
    -the hands is fully robotic,and yes,its BIGG!!but inside the hands,got the real hand for him to do his creation easier..on the big shoulder got 3rocket launcher each too..
    -and now he got new flashlight,called Nipple Lights!! LoL,crazy franky..

    9)Brook(not brooke)
    -yeah,beside the outfit,he got a bigger mouth now,cuz he sing alot now..

    1. Hontou ni domou arigatou Roronoa Zoro-san 🙂

      First thing first,a lot of changing were wrong,n it based on only 1 poster

      this post is posted right after that poster was released, dated on October…so of course it didn’t have all the details you’ve written. And my intention to write this post is not to be detail after all. I just want to share the basic changes.

      but,nevertheless, I appreciate all the details you’ve written 🙂

      and…ups!! I made mistake on Robin and Usopp…I’ll change it right away. Thanks for pointing it out

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