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The Healthiest One: Tetsuya

On the previous months, I have been talking about Hyde, Yukihiro and Ken, let’s wrap this thing by talking about the man who start it all, the man that forms the best band in the world, L’Arc~en~Ciel. He is the leader of this band, he is the one that keeps the band running, he is Tetsuya Ogawa (used to be know as Tetsu Ogawa or Tetchan). In Larukuizu, I heard how Hyde still refers to him as Tetchan in spite of the fact that both of them are already above 40 years old.

Tetsuya was born in October 3, 1969 and that’s why I choose to talk about him this month (a week after his birthday). He is Laruku’s Bassist. His blood type is A. His height is about 165 cm.

Tetchan is a very talented bassist, the way he plays his bass is quite difficult to follow and I can finally differentiate the sound of bass after I fell in love with this band. Before listening to Laruku, I honestly didn’t know how to find the sound of bass among the other instrument’s sounds. Tetsu’s bass is so clear and easy to distinguish. Tetsu puts all his ability in every Laruku’s song. He looks so calm but he is very strict. He always lead the group to say something like a pray, but it’s not exactly a pray, it’s more like the last thing to talk about before going to the stage and perform.

In the beginning, Tetchan wanted to be the lead singer of the band he was going to form, but when he saw Hyde singing in his bad, Jerusalem Road, he changed his mind. He said ‘wow…I want him to be the vocalist in my band’. Tetchan kidnapped Hyde from his band (thank you Tetchan). Tetchan is the one who picked the name L’Arc~en~Ciel which means Rainbow in French, Japanese can’t pronounce it clearly and become Laruku an Shieru (Laruku for short).

Tetchan is a Kawai Man (cute), just look at his picture….he looks so Kawai. He is actually wearing glasses, but he never uses it while performing or in Laruku’s PV…maybe he wears contact lens. At first, his style is like Hyde, dressed like a woman and then he changed his style into sporty and recently becomes colorful. He really like colorful outfit and hair accessories.

This leader has an interesting gimmick, he likes to throw bananas to the audience. While touring to Asia, Paris and US, he practice to say ‘俺 のバナナ 食べたいか? – Ore no banana tabetai ka?’ (Do you want to eat my banana?). he even names his banana as Mukimpo. He is the only member in Laruku that doesn’t smoke. That’s why I call him as the healthiest one.

In my eyes, Tetsuya is a great leader because he is able to keep the band together for so long. Unlike most Japanese Rock band that keeps breaking up one by one, Laruku has managed to juggle between band’s work and personal’s work. They have been around for almost 20 years now, and I pray they will stay together or at least another 20 years or even more…Amen. During their break, Tetsu didn’t make any band, he was doing solo and called himself as Tetsu69. Most of his songs are as sweet as him.

Someone had reminded me that I forgot to mention what Tetchan did during laruku’s 2nd and 3rd break. I finally got a chance to fix it…thanks. On their second break Tetsu joined in a band called Creature-Creature and on their 3rd break He does another solo by the name TETSUYA.

New Update (Oct 20, 2010)

This Update is added too all post about Laruku’s members (Hyde, Yuki, Ken, Tetsuya) (^_^)v

I have posted my thought on Real. Before I post my thought on Smile, there will be a bridge post that connects both albums. Just like when I wrote about Laruku no Singuru (Laruku’s singles), I will fill the gap between Real and Smile with a post on their solo projects during their break.

Laruku’s 1st Break (Between Real and Smile)
Laruku’s 2nd Break (Between Awake and Kiss)
Laruku’s 3rd Break (Between Kiss and the upcoming new album)

This is also part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel


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22 comments on “The Healthiest One: Tetsuya

  1. Ferdinand
    October 10, 2010

    Wah…ini jagoan sy nih, jagoan sgla-galanya.. Dr mulai gaya pkaian yg bnr2 khas bgt (pgn ikutin, tp tkut malah bkin malu sndiri…hehe), kepimpinan dy di Laruku, smpe yg terpenting ttp prmainan bass dy..
    Dlu sy awal main bass, krn band sy kkrangan bass.. Tp stlah 2005 sy dgrn Jiyuu E No Shotai di Mtv, sy bnr2 jatuh cinta sm suara bass.. Itu semua krn abang sy yg 1 ini, abang Tetsuya Ogawa..
    Pokoknya dia tuh 1 alsan sy pgn pntar main bass..

    Tp bru tau sy klo dy itu pke kacamata, abrrti sm kyk sy dong..
    mdh2n aja sy bsa kyk abang tetsu nantinya… Amin 🙂

    Maksh ya mba atas post tntng tetsunya..
    Sy jg pgn nulis tntng tetsuya, tp gk bsa, ssh bwt kta2nya.. Hehe..

    Good Job Mba Novroz…

    • Novroz
      October 11, 2010

      Hahaha ayo PD aja pake gaya Tetsu!! palingan diliatin org 😉 Tapi kalo ada acara cosplay seru juga loh dandan ala tetchan.

      Eh masa sih br tau? Kan kalo lg dibelakang panggung sering terlihat dia pake kacamata.

      Arigatou Ferdinand…I love writing about all member of Laruku

  2. Ferdinand
    October 11, 2010

    Dimakassar msh jrng ada acra jejepangan, gk kyk dijakarta mba..
    (atau mgkn sy aja yg gk tau :p)
    cielers makassarnya aja bru brp orng yg ditau, gath yg direncanakan blm jd2.. 😦

    soal kacamata, sy kira itu kacamata biasa aja, kcmata gaya gitu,,
    itu kacamata min ya??

    Oya 1 lg persamaan sy sm tetsu, sm2 gk merokok..
    Bangga deh bnyk samanya sm idola..

    • Novroz
      October 11, 2010

      Hmm…mengerti, emang sih masih di pulau Jawa aja yg Jejepangannya heboh (itu pun dah mulai kesaing ma korea2an). Ayo jd pelopor Ferdinand 😉

      Kalo kacamata gaya harusnya pas lafi dipanggung donk. Sy juga ga ada referensi itu kacamata min atau bukan, tp insting sy bilang itu kacamata min.

      Haha pak ketu emang ga ngerokok…tp abang Yuki juga oke, ga minum alkohol.

  3. Ferdinand
    October 12, 2010

    Mdh2n jd sabtu ini gath pertama cielers makassar.. Buat kumpul2 dlu aja sih, tp sbg awal yg baik..

    Knp sih mba novroz lbh suka yuki??
    Drpd prmpuan lain yg lbh “mengilai” hyde…
    Sy sih jg slain tetsuya, plng sng aja ngliat ken yg sll snyum sm pnnton klo konser, dia tuh mmang the smiling guitarist, dan kyknya personality baik..
    Tp yg prokok beratnya gk blh ditiru sih…
    Drpd hyde, sy lbh ska ken..
    Tp tetsuya ttp nmr 1..

    • Novroz
      October 12, 2010

      Semoga terlaksana 🙂

      Hahaha sapa bilang sy ga menggilai Hyde? Baca ini>> http://t.co/Nj0wbk5

      Kalo secara wajah sy ga bs berpaling dr Hyde, tp secara musisi sy suka bgt Yuki karena stlh dia masuk brlah Larc lebih variatif musiknya dan gebukan drumnya TOP ABIS.
      Kalo di rangking jadinya begini: Yuki> Hyde> Ken> Tetsu.
      Makanya sy bersyukur bgt atas keluarnya Sakura yg digantikan oleh drummer yg jauh lbh baik.

  4. AnDo
    October 14, 2010

    During their break, Tetsu didn’t make any band, he was doing solo and called himself as Tetsu69.

    Wrong information and please do some surveys before publish your post.
    As well I know, Tetsu did join a band called Creature Creature with DEAD END vocalist Morrie and ex-The Mad Capsule Markets guitarist Minoru. They made 1 album Light and Lust (2006) during Tetsu’s Laruku break time although after that Tetsu has back to Laruku and solo activities and never continue his membership in Creature Creature until now.
    Here are some of their PVs:
    1. Paradise
    2. Red
    3. Kaze no Tou

    and then, since 2009 he used TETSUYA (capital letter) as his solo project’s stage name. He never use TETSU69 since 2006.

    • Novroz
      October 14, 2010

      Survey? don’t you mean research?

      Thanks for the add up…I completely forgot about Creature-creature because I don’t like that band.
      Gomen ne Tetchan 🙂 Creature2 wa ma ma bando desu yo.

      I know he used Tetsuya now…but I still prefer calling him Tetchan.

      • AnDo
        October 15, 2010

        Sorry, my bad. Yes, I mean research.
        Creature Creature’s music has sound like L’arc en Ciel in their early years and that’s the reason why Tetsu want to join this band (He even called him self as DEAD END’s big fan). So that’s mean you don’t like Dune and Tierra?

        I know he used Tetsuya now…but I still prefer calling him Tetchan.

        My point isn’t about your prefer, but your statement about Tetsu solo project’s name.

        • Novroz
          October 15, 2010

          Okay okay…jeez you make such a big deal of it. Just share what you know and get over it.

          • AnDo
            October 16, 2010

            As I saw from comments in this post, some Cielers read your post and did you expect they got misinformed and tell another new Cielers about these wrong info from your post? Is that not a big deal for you?
            Sorry for my rudeness, but wrong information about L’arc en ciel is a big deal for me.

          • AnDo
            October 16, 2010

            Just found that you are a teacher. I wish you know what I mean about “sharing wrong information”, and I just can’t get over it.

  5. Asop
    October 15, 2010

    Eh eh eh, benarkah ada yang mengatakan bahwa… keempat personil Laruku itu pendek-pendek? 🙂 Saya pernah baca di majalah katanya tingginya cuman 160 cm, bahkan ga sampe… Benakah? 😀

    • Novroz
      October 15, 2010

      Ga semuanya, Ken yg paling tinggi, 178cm. Hyde yg paling pendek 158…tp Hyde itu dah terlalu sempurna secara fisik jd Allah memberikan dia kekurangan di tinggi badan hehehe.

      • Asop
        October 15, 2010

        Serius ada yang sampe 178 cm?
        Seingat saya dulu pernah baca di majalah apaaaa gitu lupa, semua personilnya ga ada yang sampe 170-an. 😦
        Ken itu…. drummer bukan? 😀

        Wah, yang terakhir itu pembelaan dari sang fans setia.. :mrgreen:

        • Novroz
          October 16, 2010

          Yup ada yg 178, begitu yg ditulis di larcenciel.com. Selain itu juga keliatan kok kalo Kenchan itu tinggi.
          Ken itu gitaris

  6. purisuka
    October 15, 2010

    aaaaa Tet-chan. sampai sekarang masih bingung, mana yg lebih saya suka, Hyde apa Tetsu? *gak penting*. abis suka dua-duanya *maruk*. gemes banget sama tetsu, apalagi kalo udah lempar-lempar segala jenis buah ke penonton. untung aja dia belum pernah ngelempar duren 😀

    • Novroz
      October 15, 2010

      Dia belum tau duren kali…sapa tau kl ke Indonesia dia doyan duren trus mulai lempar2 duren deh hahaha.

      Tapi kata2nya Tetchan kalo lagi lempar2 pisang suka rancu deh…jd mikir yg ‘iya-iya’ haha

  7. Kathleen
    November 20, 2012

    Dang this pretty man! I have faith in tetsu’s leadership. Despite the scary hiatuses he still keeps the band intact.
    I also love his sense of style- very colorful and as I guess very tetsuya. He’s so kawaii.. very very cute and pretty. Though until now I am having a hard time finding his bass in most Laruku songs, but his solos drives me crazy.

    And he joined creature creature? Isn’t it the band where Sakura is the drummer? Or is it a different one…

    • Novroz
      November 20, 2012

      I agree!! he is a very good leader even though a bit moody 😉

      I don’t know anything about Creature-creature. I heard their song once and I didn’t feel like listening to more of their songs let alone reading about who’s in the band.
      I love Larc very very very much but never really care with their side-band. I don’t even follow VAMPS

      • Kathleen
        November 21, 2012

        I listen to their side projects, but I could not swear to it because it’s really different when they’re together.

        • Novroz
          November 22, 2012

          Totally agree!!! Them as individual is great, I like some of their solo/side-project’s songs (but I only listen to the songs, don’t really what’s going on with their solo/side-project) but nothing can beat them as Laruku. They are the best band in the world when they are together as one ❤

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