Doubt by Yoshiki Tonogai

I bought this manga 4 or 5 months ago, I was checking the manga shelf to find One Piece (as always) but there wasn’t any new volume for One Piece yet. I decided to buy something anyway, I didn’t bother to look in the same area as they put One Piece because ONLY One Piece is worth buying. The other mangas are not into my liking, I headed straight to Level Comic area. Level Comic is a branch of Elex Media Computindo (the publisher that publishes most manga in Indonesia) that specialized in adult manga. Adult here doesn’t mean that it contains ‘adult scene’, they labeled it adult because of its complicated story.

I saw Doubt volume 4, the cover was very intriguing. I bought it right away without ever reading any review on it before. This volume is the last volume in the series, I needed to find the previous 3 volumes. I found the 2nd Manga in the same place. I had to go to another mall, which is quite far from my house, to find the 3rd one. I searched the 1st volume EVERYWHERE but couldn’t find it. This manga is a mystery manga, it won’t be fun to read it straight to 2nd volume…I needed the 1st volume badly. Because I couldn’t find it, I had to use the illegal way to read it, I downloaded the 1st volume from internet.

I have written my reason to buy this book and how hard it is to find it, now let me share the story to you. I’ll give my comment after this.

Doubt 1

Doubt 1 consist of 4 chapters; Player, Game Start, Key Item and Go On. In this volume, we are introduced to 6 characters that will be the center of the story. Yu Aikawa was waiting for his online friends when out of nowhere Mitsuki Hoyama came and surprised him. Yu and Mitsuki were really close, they’ve been friends since childhood. Not long after that, Haruka Akechi, Eiji Hoshi, and Rei Hazama showed up. Yu, Haruka, Eiji and Rei met in an online game named Rabbit Doubt. (Click the words to see what is Rabbit Doubt)

The six of them went to a Karaoke Club. Rei told them that she used to be Saimin Shoujo (the hypnosis Girl – a famous TV show) but she had been hiding since people accused her of lying. They were having fun in the karaoke club.  But the fun didn’t last long, all of them were drugged and brought into an abandon building.

When Yu woke up, he met the last person in their online friend, Hajime Kobama. They found out that Rei Hazama had died, she was hung on the wall with 2 spikes through her hand and heart. They were now inside the real-life game of Rabbit Doubt. They needed to find the wolf among them.

Doubt 2

Doubt 2 consists of 5 chapters; File, Restraint, Traitor, Disappear, and Incoming. In this 2nd book, the tension between players had risen to its peak. No one believed anyone anymore. They even tied one of the players because they were so sure he was the wolf. Their first plan was to stick together so the wolf couldn’t kill anymore, but in this book they walked their own path. Trust was no longer exist among them.

I’m not going to write much about the next two books because it will give too many spoilers. To make it simple, in the last two books, Tonogai makes us keep on guessing and try to find the wolf. I really love the thrill that keep on rising on the last two books and the reason why the game exist is being told little by little.

There are 5 chapters in Doubt 3; they are Compulsion, Parting, Solution, An end, and Reason.

There are 6 chapters in Doubt 4; they are Last Chance, Avenger, Photo, Lost, Truth, and Ending.

Yoshiki Tonogai can make me glued and thrilled to read what’ll happen next to this group. He can also force my brain to try finding out who is the wolf. It was an engaging story. I am glad that my guess on the wolf was half right half wrong, Tonogai made a good twist at the end…a very good twist if I may add.

However, there are some parts that don’t fit together. I keep trying to find if I have misread it somehow. But I couldn’t find any missing information no matter how many times I read it. I’m going to write my thought in the second page because it contains spoiler. If you want to read this manga one day, you don’t have to click the second page of this post

As for the art work, I really like it. I enjoy every panel in this Manga. Each panel is drawn with all the necessary details to fill the story. This is one of the reasons why I like Shounen Manga (Manga for boys) or mystery manga more than Shoujo Manga (manga for girls), the panels are always detail, not just a blank panel which fills only with the chara without taking care of the details in the surrounding background. And a big thank you to Level Comic for keeping the colored pages, I love those colored pages.

These little rabbits are so cute, they appeared in the empty paper (last page of each chapter). I recommend everyone to read this Manga, of course, if they like mystery.



There are 5 challenges involve in reading this Manga, as my 2nd post for Hello Japan! Mini challenge for October, my 6th book for R.I.P. Challenge V, my 12th book for New Author Challenge 2010, my 8th manga for Manga Challenge, and my first manga review for Japanese Literature Challenge 4.

Click the second page if you don’t mind reading spoiler 🙂

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