The Silent City

I found this amazing short film on youtube.

First, I’m not going to lie, I searched it because I was looking for Cillian Murphy (me and my Cillian Murphy’s obsession), but as I often said, my judgment on his movie is never clouded by the fact that he is in the film.

When I saw it, I was blown away, I didn’t really care when Cillian is going to appear the second I saw the film. It started with someone’s head being blown away to pieces with great special effect. I literally said ‘Wow!!’ and drawn completely into the film.

The story is about war and it only lasted for 7 minutes…7 amazing minutes if I may add. I don’t need to write how the story goes, just watch it for yourself…if you have the guts to watch it.

What I like about this short film is how clean the CGI is and how real it feels like. And the blood! Just look at how perfect that is. The blown away legs look real and the blood on the dead soldier is not forcing too much. Can you feel the silent? The aura really describes how silent the city is and it is supported with perfect background music. The story is well-build, only 7 minutes but you can draw the rest of the story by yourself.

The second I finished watching it, my mind started wondering “How come this is just a short film? I want it to be a 2 hours film!!” (Of course the script has to be really good)

I also want to share the making of The Silent City (which is no longer than the film itself)

My Rating:

This short film is perfect for my R.I.P Challenge V because war is one of the most perilous situations.





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